I Totally Know What You Can Get Me For My Birthday

A blog’s design can tell you a lot about a person, don’t you think?

I’ve mentioned before that I switched my layout to the current one out of desperation but I’m looking to redecorate these here digs. I’ve been blogging almost three years and it seems high time I have a page that is truly reflective of me. One that, when you click on it, gives you a better idea of just who you are dealing with. Because right now when you visit here, I feel sort of like when I have an unannounced visitor at my apartment door- I am caught disheveled in my mismatched pjs with bedhead and no bra (ok, to some of you that’s a bonus)- except here, I know you are coming to visit. There’s something to be said for letting it “all hang out” but not quite like this, ya know?

Many of you were quick to offer help or point me in the direction of talented designers when I posted about wanting to remodel Sizzle Says. Thank you for that! I poked around and checked out sites and found one particular designer that I think can put the ideas in my head onto the (web)page with her gifted design talents. That is none other than:

Delicious Design Studio

Low and behold, she’s holding a contest to give away a free blog design package. How generous and awesome of her is that? I want to win it! And guess what? YOU can help me!

Lest you have forgotten, my birthday is Friday, April 18th. (That’s a mere three days away!) What’s that? You didn’t get me anything and now you feel bad? Don’t! You can totally make my birthday spectacular by clicking THIS LINK to her site and helping me win this free redesign. She’s tracking who brings the most traffic to her site. So click. That’s all you have to do. Just click this.

If I win, everyone wins. The way I see it, I get a website reflective of me and you, dear reader, get to look at a better web page every time you visit. See? Win/Win.

That’ll be like the best birthday present ever!

*Possibly upcoming this week: a post from my Mom about birthing me (and why she called me a “line backer”), before and after pictures of my new ‘do, and a birthday celebration led by none other than The Fella himself.


47 thoughts on “I Totally Know What You Can Get Me For My Birthday

  1. I just clicked like three times. Hope you get it! I would love to see a little more of “you” in your blog design.

    I’m actually working on upgrading my blog presence, too, with my own URL (squeeee!) and a new look. Hoping it will debut in a couple months. It’s very exciting, because it’s like I’m branding myself a bit. After more than three years, I think it’s time.

    Can’t wait to see your new look!

    (Also, as an aside, thanks for saying I’m fascinating. I oft wonder if I am. Glad to hear you think it true. 🙂

  2. I swear I’ve seen like 14 posts about this in the last day. Everyone’s trying to get a free design. Miss Jess has the blog world in a frenzy!

  3. I clicked it but there was nothing special about the link or the page I was taken to. You sure you have the URL correct or do they have another way of knowing that I came from here? Stats, perhaps?

  4. I clicked for you! Love her stuff – I think you made a great choice. It will suit you. Can’t wait to see the new design.

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  6. Seeing that my *real* birthday present may not arrive at your house in time for your *real* birthday, the least I could do is click. I do hope you win!

  7. Very cute designs… I can’t wait to see what you might come up with. I hope you win.. I will click and click and click.

  8. Clickedy Click click click. Totally clicked for you beeotch! I want your birthday vibes sent my way…totally want to have this baby on Friday, so not only will I get my own OB, my baby Bennett will be Sizzle b-day buddies for life. Hope you win and happy early b-day in case I am pushing a baby out my vagina that day. Nice thought huh…almost as sexy as you without a bra. Hilarious!

  9. Done! I’ll do it again from work later too, and a few more times for luck hehe.
    Is it too soon to start saying Happy (early) Birthday? ;o)

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