When I asked you last week about cutting and coloring my hair, many of you were encouraging to go short, go bold, do it! Others were more cautious, suggesting I wait until the PMS and the hormonal freak out had passed. I took all of your suggestions to heart and I think, came up with a very fair compromise.

This is what I looked like yesterday:

face front, yesterdayside view, yesterdayside view, yesterdayshowing length, yesterday

This is what I look like today:

hair today, face frontside view, todayside view, todayhair today, length

Just a smidge different, wouldn’t you say? I’m still adjusting…I’ve had my hair like this before, sort of, a long time ago. It’s not that I don’t like it. It is just short. Like really fucking short! When Streets (my pal and my hair stylist) asked me how short I wanted the sides I replied, “Maybe just to the bottom of my earlobes.” Wow, I didn’t realize that’s where my earlobe is cuz um that’s short.

Hair grows. Change is good.

*Also, I am totally not wearing a bra in today’s photos. Scandalous!

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77 thoughts on “Hair-apy

  1. Love the new do and dig the red streaks.

    Bra or no bra….you are super faboo/cute/adorable all rolled into one.

    Am I seeing you with freckles? cuz now I have to call you freckle face which are cute too.


  2. I love it love it love it! The red is kick ass, and totally suits you- I’m glad you went for it!

  3. Aw, looks great! I know that “oh crap, it’s short!” feeling, but that’s just a day or two. And it really seems to suit you and your personality.

  4. Your hair is SUPER cute, and I’m finding it dangerously tempting! I have this tendency to spend a few years growing my hair out, then a year or two of way-too-long hair that I’m not sure what to do with, then in a fit of boredom I go from super long (currently it is about bra strap length, and that is if I don’t straighten it) to super, super short. I’m fighting the temptation right this very moment!

  5. Very cool cut. I have had the trauma before, like when you are going to shampoo and there is nothing there… I’m sure you’ll get used to it soon.

  6. Your hair looks fantastic! I wish I could pull something like that off.

    P.S. New reader here (from Whoorl). Your blog rocks the casbah!

  7. It’s lovely, and I’m jealous you can rock that hair. Is the upkeep going to be hard? I, for one, am way too lazy for anything which involves brushing, let alone actual styling.

  8. The new ‘do ROCKS! Do kids still say that? Well if they don’t (because I didn’t FEEL relevant when I said it), then just let me say how much I like your new hairstyle. Really!

  9. Perfect!! Love the new look. Hair is the one thing you can change and know you can change it again in a month.
    Love the highlights!!

  10. Sizzle! I love it! Esp the way the back part is shaped, nice and close-cropped! Short looks great on you!(the ruby highlights are fun too! 🙂

    Good for you girly.

  11. Very nice, and scandalous! I saw a woman yesterday that made me think of you. (she had nice boobs too, but she had a bra on but that’s not what made you come to mind) She had a similar hairstyle and facial construction. I thought to myself, wow she could be Siz’s sis. 🙂

  12. I love the color and the short cut looks great on you! Some of us can’t pull it off due to ginormous baby heads, but you work it well!

  13. I dig the new cut, and I like the bit of red.

    Going quite short is tempting, but I keep reminding myself I’d need to get it cut more often. Also, on good days I kind of like the shaggy mop I’ve got going.

    now to hit that link again. 🙂

  14. I’m a little late to the game and playing some catch up after a week away and a week of mayhem, but I did want to say… awesome hair. It really suits you!

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