The Birth of Baby Sizzle

My Mom originally was going to arrive tomorrow morning to spend the weekend celebrating my birthday with me. Sadly, she’s fighting off a nasty cold with a vicious cough and can’t travel. While I completely support her decision to stay home and get healthy, I am also sad. I was looking forward to some one-on-one time with my Mom. The bright side is she is rescheduling her trip for next month and we will have another cake. Any excuse for Grandma Cake. (For those new to the blog, this is our family’s from scratch cake that we have at every birthday.) The Sizzle Clan takes this cake business very seriously.

I asked my Mom to write the story of my birth in commemoration of birthday and when I first read her account of giving birth to me, I will be honest, I was surprised. I mean, I was there but you know I don’t really recall the details of being born. Heh. Apparently, I arrived two weeks late. I swear that’s the first and only time I have been late in my life. As my Mom recounts:

“She came into the world during an emergency c-section. It was discovered after several hours of labor that I could not deliver the baby naturally because she had turned during labor and was breech. She had both elbows sticking out to the side like a line backer would hold his arms when charging the on-coming line. She was my line backer, my Bubba. At the time there was a famous football player named Bubba Smith so for a while she was called that. The nickname didn’t stick because her Grandma nicknamed her ‘Pumpkin’ from the saying ‘Pumpkin Pie Oh My’ that was popular back in the day.”

baby sizzle and momI didn’t realize my Mom, at the tender age of 25, after being in labor and then rushed to emergency surgery, suffered from a bad staph infection that kept her and I in the hospital for over a week. During that time, my Mom was too sick to feed and hold me and my Dad was only able to see me through the glass of the hospital nursery. I guess back in 1973 things were very different. Finally, 9 days after I was born, we were all able to go home.

As my Mom puts it:

“She changed our life forever. This little bundle of joy that came into the world in such a tumultuous way gave us new meaning to life, love, joy and purpose. It is still true today. She brings my life all of those things still and to the end of my life she will always be my “Pumpkin Pie Oh My” (and secretly my Bubba).”me and mom

I’m lucky to have a fantastic Mom and a loving relationship with her. Thanks for carrying me around for 9 months and two weeks, going through all that pain, suffering for over a week in the hospital and generally putting up with me for 34 years, Mom. And for giving me your nose. But the early gray hair, I could have done without.

It seems I came into this world pushing past barriers and. . . not much in that sense has changed. Except now I am on time.

Don’t miss out on tomorrow’s birthday festivities led by none other than my love, The Fella. He will take the reigns of a long-held tradition started by my dear friend, Bird. And there will be a chance for you to chime in! Last year there were over 80 comments. Think we can top that this year? I double dog dare ya! I know it is on a Friday and the blogisphere is too busy with happy hour and pre-happy hour and dreaming of the weekend but it’d be wonderful to see you at the “party.”

“I would buy you a house in Discovery Bay/With a deck, a boat, and a child/I would buy you back the blood you’ve lost/I’d buy us a little while/There’s a park outside behind the freeway/I take a little ride/What we borrow comes from somewhere/No matter how we hide. . .” -The Money’s Gone, Coyote Grace


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44 thoughts on “The Birth of Baby Sizzle

  1. This is really cool, I never would have thought to do it. It makes me want to call my mom right now.


    I’m gonna.

  2. I’ll be traveling to Boston tomorrow, and won’t have a chance to check in, so I just wanted to wish you the happiest happy birthday, ever! (I was also two weeks late in 1974! I think that’s unheard of nowadays!)

  3. You are not alone with the nickname pumpkin. My dad started calling me that when I was younger and to this day he calls me that except it’s a shortened version…. now he calls me “punk” or “punkin”

  4. Awe, I want to hug little Baby Sizzle. She sounds sweet.

    I was a c-section baby too. Now reason, though. The doctor just told my mom to show up to the hospital the morning of my birthday, and off they went. I was also kept in an incubator in a nursery, for like a week! I think they wheeled me in once or twice a day to say hi to my mom. The only people who got to interact with me were the nurses and my dad. Ahhh, 1974. Now babies stay with the parents the entire time.

    Oh, and my parents’ pet name for me inn utero was “Bozo,” like the clown. So endearing 😉

  5. Happy Birthday Eve! Reading your mom’s account of your birth made me cry… I’m such a wimp about things like that now that I have a daughter. 🙂

  6. I hate crying at work! Such a great story – moms are totally the best. I was born a week early in 1974 and that is me all the time. Hate being late.

    Totally love your hat in the 2nd pic.

    Can’t wait for the festivities tomorrow!

  7. Your mom looks lovely. I bet I’d love meeting her just as much as I’d love meeting you! FYI, I already drafted my post for tomorrow and it already included giving you birthday props. So, hopefully, you’ll get a little love from some of my bloggy friends. 🙂

  8. Awww that is so sweet! We put our mothers through so much don’t we? Love your hat by the way in the second picture!

    Hope your mom feels better soon and I’ll check in tomorrow for festivities!

  9. That is a great story to know from your own history.

    Happy (early) Birthday! Though we both know this counts as birthday week!

  10. My fella is in town this weekend and I doubt I’ll have time to log on tomorrow. Just wanted to say have a fantastic birthday!!
    I love when people are so grateful and happy on their birthday. It’s not just another day! Doggonit!!

    And make sure you report back with loads of pictures!!

  11. So sweet. I really don’t know the details of my own birth, now I want to email my Mom. Happy day before your birthday Sizz!

  12. What a good idea to have your mom write out your birth story! Mine has told it to me over the years, but to have it in writing would be even better.

  13. Oh that is too cute! Your Mum sounds gorgeous!
    I was an emergency c-section too, but mostly because I was a blimp and my Mum is 4’10 and tiny, I just couldn’t get out – heh!
    Happy (early) Birthday (again) you fabulous Aries woman!!

  14. I LOVE the photo of your mom and you as a toddler. Your mom was a babe, by the way.

    As the mother of two breech babies, I so relate to her. And I happen to think you line backers are worth the trouble!

    Mayberry Magpie

  15. I remember that Grandma Cake from your Sis’s birthday post a while back and man it looks delish!

    Way to be a breech baby!! I came into the world ass first too.

  16. That is too sweet. I love birthdays- mine and everyone else’s, so I’m getting pretty hyped for you tomorrow!

  17. I love how your mother described your birth for you. Isn’t it interesting to realize things didn’t occur how we’d always thought? xoxo

  18. Awwwww….

    I love this. Your mom is so sweet for doing that. I’m pretty close to my mom too. I hope to make it to the party tomorrow.

    My 35th b-day is next month and I’m gonna milk it for all its’ worth. Bring on the fun, gifts and good food.


  19. Awww…that’s really sweet. I sometimes wonder if I were my mom’s biological daughter, would we be closer?

    Nahhh, she frustrates me sister too:)

    Here’s to having a great birthday tomorrow!

  20. Such a sweet story! I hope your mom feels better soon, and that you will have an awesome birthday! I will be back tomorrow (hopefully) to wish you a happy borthday, but just in case, I want to say it today too! Plus, don’t aries girls make their birthdays last at least a week anyway? I know that is what I am doing…the other day was my “pre-birthday”, today is my “post-birthday”, and I’m not sure what tomorrow will be for me…post post birthday?

    Happy birthday if I don’t make it over here tomorrow! I’ll be thinking happy thoughts for you!

  21. Awww, that was soooo nice! Cheers to cool moms! I hope you have a happy sizzling birthday!
    What are you gonna do with out the sizzle cake tomorrow? Can Carvel fill in for now?

    BYW, I hope you win the site. I clicked the site from two different computers now! Uhuh! yup!

  22. What a very cool post!!! Ah, 1973, I have to say it was a great year. I was born on the last week of that same fine year. What a great vintage! Your mom is so cool to write that for you. If I have to write 10 comments myself, we’ll get you to your comment goal 😉

    Unless of course my fingers start to cramp up. That’s what she said…

  23. What a sweet mom you have : ) And hip-hip-hooray for the Fella (a little cheering to let him know we’re rooting for him, he’ll make it awesome for sure!). Happy Pre-Birthday Sizz!

  24. Happy Birthday! Thanks for stopping by my whipping post (get it? whipping? post? har) I tried to respond to your comment, but sizzlesaysATgmailDOTcom delivery failed. I feel rejected and will go eat cake now. Have a great bday!

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