35 Is The New 21

My 35th birthday weekend was, in a word, spectacular. From start to finish.

brunchFriday was brunch with my sister and nephew then some solo shopping wherein I scored two new dresses, a top, two new skirts and some great jewelry. After getting gussied up, The Fella arrived to whisk me off to a delicious dinner at a highly recommended restaurant, Chez Gaudy. Walking through the snow to dinner, it was so bizarre to think “It’s my birthday” because it has never snowed on my birthday. (Well, to be clear, it hasn’t snowed where I was at on my birthday.) We entered the restaurant only to be informed that they hadn’t had water all day and quite possibly we wouldn’t be able to eat there. We waited 10 minutes, drank some Malbec from plastic cups and then the word came through that water had been restored- hurrah! Birthday girl luck!

It turned out to be delicious and cozy and we definitely will be going there again. Afterwards, we went to a comedy show where we felt like we were surrounded by club bunnies and former frat boys. It felt strange and awkward. I don’t usually feel like a hipster but I did then and it felt so weird. The first two comics were pretty sucky. I was sitting there thinking, “this does not bode well” but the headliner was funny and inappropriate and we liked him. Phew!

Saturday was spent with my family at my apartment. My sis sewed curtains for my living room while my brother-in-law hung shelves and lighting. Finn was a non-stop source of merriment and The Fella did a good job keeping him occupied with peek-a-boo and tormenting the cats, not to mention loaning Finn his cell phone and teaching him to text. Come to think of it, what did I do while everyone was working? Oh right, I was there bossing everyone around. We took a break to have Grandma Cake made special by my sis and decorated with the help of Finn. It was delicious!

Later, we all met up with my friends at The Melting Pot where they made us wait for 30 minutes even though we had a reservation then shoved us into a table that was too small for our group. After Kitten talked to the host about our poor seating arrangement, they proceeded to bring some bubbly to our table and then gave me two shots of something apple-y to keep me from being annoyed that they didn’t have a larger table for us. I think I had six drinks? Damn, Manhattans are strong! No wonder I don’t remember much of the night. Kaply tells me that I was asking her if she uses lube for anal sex after I had just over-shared about my threesome when she promptly changed the subject by announcing she once dated a clown. (Dude, thanks for saving me from myself.)

Fondue and drinking don’t really mix. They tell you how long to cook the items but when you are 4 drinks in, you don’t pay attention to such details. You may feign attentiveness but really you are just trying to keep upright. I ended up with over-cooked meat that resembled an unchewable pellet and chocolate sauce all over the front of my yellow sweater. Let this be a lesson, kids. Don’t drink & dip.

I got home and stripped down to my birthday suit only to have mints fall from my bra. You know it’s been some kind of night when treats are falling from your bra. Or is that just me? The Fella claims I was out as soon as my head hit the pillow. I am so sexy when I am drunk. (Not.)

So it was grand- I got gifts and cards and egreetings and all your bloggy love. Thanks for being there. Thanks for making it special. And THANKS for winning me the free blog redesign!

I think I’m going to like this being 35 business.


57 thoughts on “35 Is The New 21

  1. That right there sounds like a birthday! It also seems like the complete opposite of mine! Not that mine wasn’t fun, but a very different kind of fun!

  2. And THAT is how you should always celebrate a birthday – family, friends, love, drinks, food, and treats in your bra. *sigh* So glad it was a great b-day for you – here’s to many more!

  3. That just sounds awesome! And perfect! I’m still trying to figure out what to do for my birthday (next month), but I’ll definitely make sure not to mix drinks and dip!

    P.S. Again, your nephew is just so adorable! Do you constantly pinch his cheeks?

  4. That sounds like my kind of weekend! How fun and funny (the random statements that come out, threesome, mints!!!) Now I’m craving the cheese fondue from Melting Pot. That’s my favorite course there. YUM. Glad you had such a great start to year 35. 😀

  5. Yeah for good birthdays! I lose my filter and start asking questions of that nature after drinking…. I answer them also. Good thing Tracy was there to save you, friends like that are wonderful. I once found a skittle in my undies. I have to investigate Chez Gaudy.

  6. Once again…happy, happy birthday! Sounds like you had a blast. The Melting Pot image cracks me up…I do believe I’ve been there and done that! 😉

  7. Sounds like a truly FABULOUS birthday weekend. All kinds of self-love going on! Let the birthday celebrations continue this week when my package arrives (sent on Saturday). Wheeeeee!

  8. Your nephew is soooo cute! Look at those cheeks!

    It snowed on your birthday? Whoa! That is pretty neat!

    Cheers Cheers Cheers!
    35 is definately the new 21! Much freedom with out the hassle of not knowing where you are going to live after college. Freedom of knowing!

    Did you get your sizzle cake?!

  9. That picture of you with the cocktail glass? SOOO happy! Looks like it was spectacular – cake, fondue, lingerie candy an’ all.

  10. Yay! What fun. 🙂 Ohhh, the Melting Pot is soooo good. Went there for a friend’s b-day last year. And hey, overcooked meat is definitely better than undercooked–that could have really ruined the celebration!

  11. Glad it went so well!!! And glad 35 suits ya. I’ve been practicing telling people that I’m 35 since I only have 8 months left.

    I guess mints in the bra is better than curdled cheese, right??

  12. Happy belated birthday Sizz! Can I just say that I am incredibly excited that you are HAPPY this year? You are definitely the type that should be happy. Congrats on a great birthday.

  13. Oh I have SOOO much to look forward to when I turn 35 next month! Wohooo!!

    Great pics. Glad you had fun.
    Sorry you may not remember much .
    Also glad that you don’t remember much. ha. ha.

    You totally deserved to rock the house like you did. Rock on girlfriend!!

  14. So happy you had a fantastic birthday weekend and love that picture of you and Finn.

    The mints falling out of your bra – hilarious!

  15. Did I flippin’ miss your birthday post? I’m a terrible blog friend if I did.

    What a GREAT birthday weekend!! You have so many people around you who love you!

    (And I dig you new hairdo!)

    We need to get you down here for BlogWhore in June. I know, you’re already going to BlogHer. But think of it… VEGAS, Gorillabuns, 180/360 and ME! And whoever else we can gather. I’m gunning for Neil, too.

  16. So, all that clicking worked! YAY on winning the new blog design.

    AND, now I want a can of that kick-ass birthday weekend you had, with a mint on top!

  17. Oh that sounds like such fun. 🙂

    I love Manhattans… I love them until they hit my head then I want to curl up in the fetal position and cry.

    Glad you had a blast.

  18. I’m always saying “that Sizzle, she’s such a hipster!”

    I’m glad you had such a good weekend!

  19. hahaha – mints falling from your bra – sounds like my kind of night.

    you are so beautiful!! and photogenic, my god. happy birthday 🙂

  20. Hey little girl! happy birthday! I had no idea you were that age! I thought you were in your mid to late twenties! lol

    I am going to read back and see what I have been missing. I have been uber busy and without a good internet connection for awhile! have missed you!

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  22. Hee! I’m glad you had such a fantastic birthday weekend! Also, am I the only one who is fascinated that you know someone who once dated a clown?

  23. I’m late, but it sounds like your birthday was absolutely brilliant. I’m glad, you my dear- deserve the very best. All the best wishes this year!

  24. So glad to hear that you had such a fun birthday weekend — you deserve it. Popcorn is the big violator for me in the cleavage trough. Everytime I go to the movies, I come home and it comes right off me when I take my bra off.

    Yum on The Melting Pot. I’ve only been there once but had a great time.

  25. Glad you had a great birthday celebration!!! Sounds way better than any b-day I have ever had.
    I’ve been to the melting pot and I agree, it is not a good place to be drinking too much, ha! It is damn pricey too but it is fun for a special occasion. Not sure about all that cheese and chocolate the morning after….girgle, girle…maybe that’s just me?

  26. What a wonderful way to turn 35. Also? Rad that you don’t downplay it or make it seem like 35 is a bad thing. Would you call it your best birthday yet?

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