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I almost entitled this post “Worth the Neck Strain” but knowing some of you (cough, nudge, wink), you might have taken that the wrong way. Which is one of the reasons I like you. So you can stay.

I have faltered in my commitment to the Grassroots Blogger Campaign. I had grandiose ideas and many topics I wanted to cover but alas, my life outside of blogging got hectic and frankly, my thoughts are all over the place. I’ve been having crazy dreams too. I even remember them and that rarely happens to me. I won’t bore you with the dream details but suffice it to say I think my psyche is under some pressure based on the bizarre and startling shit it’s conjuring up in my sleep. I am not waking up feeling rested and this makes the days feel very long. Plus that whole having to go to work thing.


But tonight, TONIGHT!, I have the amazing opportunity to see The Swell Season’s sold out show at The Moore. It turns out someone I know had an extra front row ticket and it’s worth every penny of the $50 to me to be able to see them front and center. Bonus, my fellow Seattleites over at Alphababy said they’d throw things at to me from their balcony seats. I’ve requested chocolates.

Here are Glen and Marketa singing one of my all-time, top five, favorite songs ever. . .Van Morrison’s “Into the Mystic.”


33 thoughts on “Front & Center

  1. See – you’re figuring out ways to do nice things for yourself. OK, so maybe it’s not moments alone, but surely hearing favorite musicians play is music to the soul!

  2. I was SO sad that I dilly dallied in purchasing in tickets to the Portland show, cause they sold out. Hope it was awesome, though!

  3. Siizzzzzzle! I LOVE Into the Mystic. Also, one of my most favorite songs EVER. And, I love this version. I’ve never heard of The Swell Season… I’m liking them (him?). Enjoy the show! You deserve a little treat my dear!

  4. You will have an amazing time, for sure. When I saw them in November, it was seriously the best concert experience I’ve ever had. Goosebumps and chills, cheers and tears. So, so good. We would’ve gone again, but the tickets were so expensive this time, compared to last – almost double. But $50 for a front row seat? I woudn’t blink at that, either. Can’t wait to hear how about it tomorrow!

  5. Lucky girl!

    I have to agree on the dream thing. I sadly can’t even blame the full moon this time… maybe it is something in the water? *Yawn* …stop that. It’s catching. 😉

  6. But if we could talk about dreams for a minute… I had triplets last night. I don’t even know where to start on that one.

    Enjoy the show! 🙂

  7. I can’t remember the last time I woke up rested. I woke us this morning after having a dream that one of my TV show ideas was picked up and turned into a discovery channel series. Sadly, I woke up right at the point I was telling my coworkers ‘see, I told ya so.’

    Have a great time and I hope you get pelted with lots of chocolate. Wait, I’m not sure that came out right…

  8. Can I just say that I could not be more jealous right now? And also, what do you think the odds are of Glen Hansard leaving her for me?

  9. What we throw may resemble chocolate…but I don’t recommend eating it. harr harr..

    I’m guessing most people HAVE heard of them..that is if they watched the Academy Awards. They won an Oscar this year for a song from the movie Once. And they performed the song at the awards. Great movie, by the way.

    See you there Sizzle.

  10. Did you find it really hard to talk about sex on your blog? I sure as hell did, which is why I made all of two posts. I guess I’m just not *that girl*…on the blog anyway.

  11. “Into the Mystic” gets me every time. Thanks for posting that video, it made my day!

    It reminds me of something we might have heard on KMTT’s Sunday Morning Brunch during the Chris Mays era. Ah, the good old days…

  12. Wow! (How is it, that I’m older than you and don’t know that song??)
    That sounded great! I bet they will be terrific tonite. Have a great time, because some things in life really ARE worth the little bit extra! 🙂

  13. Pockets full of chocolate ready to be tossed your way.

    Trying not to be jealous of your last minute, first row tickets but it is pretty damn hard.

  14. Can you believe I have had this movie from Netflix on my dresser for a month and have yet to watch it? One could guess I was having too much sex to watch little love stories.:)

  15. 1. Weird dreams — I’m so there with you. I’m not remembering whole dreams these days, but scenes/ideas/feelings are staying with me. I feel like I have a separate life. (Wait, wasn’t that a movie?)

    2. Swell Season — Weeee! I’m sure the show was great. We saw them in Portland last time around and the venue sucked. We wanted to see them again, but the cheap tickets sold out fast. So jealous, but happy for you too. I love the song “If you love me…” (Although I’m bummed it gets no more car play, I’m happy that my four-year-old daughter won’t get the chance to finish memorizing the line, “If you love me, satisfy me.” She was on her way and, well, it’s just not time for that.)

  16. I’m so jealous…we were supposed to go to see them, but the date was the same as a wedding of a good friend. I hope is was a great night!

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