Worth Today’s Fatigue

My eyeballs hurt; I am so tired.

I arrived home yesterday to two messages from tenants wondering why they couldn’t get their keys to work in the front door. With 15 minutes to spare, I managed to get the locksmith over before they closed for the day. Some genius had broken the wrong key off in the lock. I’m hoping it wasn’t any of my tenants because wouldn’t you hope they’d have the wherewith all to report such an occurrence to me? Trying to believe the best in others can sometimes be a major stretch.

I was rushing around trying to cook a chicken before its expiration date and before my ride arrived when my buzzer rang. I picked up the receiver, curious as to who it was. A random stranger saw the studio for rent sign out front and wanted to look at the unit right then. When I told him that wasn’t possible, he asked me a bunch of questions about rent and whatnot then asked again, “Can’t I just peek at it really quick?” Um, no. Same answer as before. He then asked if we’d lower the rent by $40. Um, what? Who are you and why are you wasting my time?! Some days I kinda hate that my buzzer has “Manager” under my last name. Can’t a girl cook a chicken in peace?

We managed to arrive in time for the last part of the opening act. Man, front row is really close! While I did strain my neck, I don’t much care because the show was phenomenal. I mean, seriously, from start to finish I loved it. There’s something about the way Glen sings and plays guitar that just rivets you. He’s pure emotion when he is performing. And Marketa, with her shy confidence and hauntingly delicate voice, is the perfect counter to Glen’s intense strumming and powerful vocals. (Shout out to the fantastic violinist, Colin.) I loved every minute of it all the way to the final encore when Liam and Ronan (the openers) joined the band in singing “Forever Young.”

The show ended right before 11 and as we made our back to our car, recounting the concert and floating on the high that comes from watching such a good show, we arrived at the parking garage to find the gates down and it solidly locked.

Well, shit.

Apparently, the garage closed at 11pm. It was 11:03pm. A really nice couple informed us that they were in the same boat and that we’d have to go to a different parking structure to pay $25 to get our car out (so said the sign they read). Awesome. So much for cheap $5 parking! Luckily, when we got to the other parking place the couple had already paid the $25 and just told us to give them half because they got a key card that would let them into the structure. Sweet!

See? Humanity isn’t all bad after all.

“We made a plan that was subject to change/So whatever was it works out we both get the blame/In the arms of this low/And you took the wind right out of my sails/By sweating me out on all the little details/In the arms of this low/In the arms of this low/So thread the light/So thread the light. . .” – This Low, The Swell Season


40 thoughts on “Worth Today’s Fatigue

  1. Glad you had such a good time at the show (except for the parking situation?!). Hopefully you can catch up on some rest this weekend!

  2. I’m glad those people were nice. How frustrating to close the garage at eleven and charge people to get their cars back! Ugh.

  3. Did they do “Into the Mystic”?! Sounds like maybe not, since you didn’t mention it. Glad it was a phenomenal show anyway! πŸ™‚

  4. Always so nice to bump into people who are not jerks. Times like these just remind us that there still are caring people in this world.

    Glad you had a blast at the show!

  5. i have never heard of a parking garage closing and leaving you stuck before. that is crazy and seems oddly … illegal or something. although it’s probably not, but still.

  6. I love when people do things like that couple did to show that people are truly good most of the time. I’m glad you had a good time, minus the yucky parts that happened in your day.

  7. Crap about being “on call” constantly.
    Yayyy for the great concert!
    Crap about the parking.
    Yayyy for lovely people!
    I think you’re all square ;o)

  8. Another day in the life of Sizzle. Never a dull moment with you is there? Glad the show rocked! Hope the chicken turned out ok too.


  9. I’m pretty sure we parked in the same garage. We rushed out of there as they were saying their g’byes and made it out in time–$5.

    It was a fantastic show! our only complaint was that we were sitting next to the entrance to the balcony and the security guards–bored out of their freakin’ minds–were chattering outside of the theater..probably comparing their ‘guns’. I eventually got up and went out and asked them to go somewhere else. They just glared at me like they were going to squash my skull, at which point I briskly walked back into the dark crowded theater.

  10. I would have mugged them, stolen the key card and made them pay me to let their car out. I’m a big-hearted guy like that.

  11. Glad you had a good evening – despite the buzzer guy – and that you encountered some really nice strangers.

  12. Sounds … exhausting! But, fun! Maybe next time you go out straight from work to avoid all those at-home nuisances. (Kinda sad to think home is inconvenient at times).

  13. I guess it was just ‘one of those days’…at least it had a few nice moments! It is nice when people do something to restore your faith in humanity! πŸ˜‰

  14. Yikes, lows, highs, cheap ass potential renters, broken keys, great concert, get bent over to get your car back. Did I just watch a movie in this post? Let’s just focus on the great music.

  15. I love when random strangers are nice… someone gave me their parking spot next to the UW Campus… so I didn’t have to pay.

  16. We had the same thing happen to us once when we lived in Vancouver! We got to the parkade minutes after it had closed.

    We could not get in until the next day. The bonus? The car had been broken into. One of the items stolen? Matthew’s BIBLE.

    I guess they needed it more than we did…

    Sounds like you guys saw a great show, and hooray for the kindness of strangers!

  17. well i’m glad the show was good after all that nonsense with the keys and wannabe tenants. i’d hate people to be able to contact me so easily. i sometimes have to hide from the phone when it rings πŸ˜‰

  18. A Happy Ending, after all. πŸ™‚
    Sounds like it was a nice night, and– you got to have the side benefit of humanity’s redemption. Being a “super” has got to be tough on even YOUR optimism!

  19. Parking in Seattle can be so exasperating at times! I try to remember to check for parking garage closing times ever since my brother got his car locked in a parking garage overnight near pike place market years ago, then had to pay an outrageous fee the next day. Still, I’ve narrowly escaped the same situation myself on more than one occasion. It sucks every single time.

  20. I’ve had a huge crush on Glen Hansard since back when he was in The Commitments. Love him even more now after Once. And Marketa’s no slouch, either. πŸ™‚

  21. Dude, can you believe Marketa is only 19? Wow. I can’t believe Ronan totally gave me the secret handshake! Good vibes…

    Matthew Mark, Luke and John
    Bless this bed that I lay on
    and if I dream before I wake
    let them to good places me take…

  22. We saw them last November and we were in the upper upper deck of The Moore and they were so tiny down on stage, it was kind of funny. We debated on whether to go again but since their ticket prices doubled since November and we saw The Frames at Bumbershoot, we passed. Glad you loved the show — it was one of my favorites I’ve been to.

  23. I am so jealous. I am sitting here with the movie permanently IN my dvd player. And all Glen Hansard’s music IN my car cd player. And the ipod. Ah man. Glen Hansard. Sigh.

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