This, That, The Other

This: Saturday, May 3rd @ 5pm some of us Seattle-based bloggers will be meeting up for eats and treats at Stellar Pizza in Georgetown. Melted cheese, brewskies and bloggers = good times. Since we can’t bring Philly and the renowned Tequila Con to us, Kaply and I decided we’d have a mini-Con, renegade & impromptu gathering here in the Emerald City. If you’d like to join us, please do. Kaply promised to watch her mouth if any kids were going to be there but it turns out, none of the parental units can make the bash so, have at it Kap! I, on the other hand, hope there won’t be any dinner mints around. I joke. Kind of. I know that many of you are out of town this weekend so boo on you, going to the likes of Memphis and Vancouver, or having a birthday (Yay!) but next time- and there will be a next time- we’ll give you plenty of notice so you can join in on the extravaganza.

That: I didn’t mean to tease you about the new blog design but there has been a fabulous twist to the awesomeness. Hopefully sometime late next week we might have the big reveal but I don’t want to jump the gun. It won’t be launched until all the details are just so. But seriously, don’t wear socks that day cuz they will be knocked off fer sure.

The Other: One of my BFFs, The Tomato, has landed a dream gig hosting his own talk show on a new website. Think Oprah but whiter and gayer. It’s The View-esque but what do I know? I don’t watch daytime TV. What I do know is The Tomato and based on that knowledge, the show is bound to be funny. He’s been making me laugh since I was 17 and we worked at Baskin-Robbins together. You can even sign in and do a live chat with them. Just, do me a favor, don’t ask him about the time he attempted to crawl sexily along the floor to Madonna’s “Justify My Love” hoping to get lucky with me or about The Big O. And definitely not about that time he followed me in the car blaring “This Used To Be My Playground” while I walked home in a huff after we had one of our weekly love spats attempting in vain to ignore him. Tomato, aka Baub, is hard to ignore. 7pm tonight! The Baub Show. Don’t miss it.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I took today off as a personal day so I can attempt to reclaim my sanity.


26 thoughts on “This, That, The Other

  1. I WANT to wear socks that day, just so they CAN get knocked off. Because that’s never happened to me before.

  2. I agree with Jess…I want my socks knocked off. All else will be left up to the hubby. heh-heh.

    Take it easy, have fun and enjoy your day off. =)

  3. Hmmm Saturday in Seattle sounds perfect! (Let me just check my schedule….ahh…sorry….small matter of being in a DIFFERENT COUNTRY! Wahhhh!) Have a drink, or 4 for me please ;o)
    Glad you took the personal day – I hope it’s helping?

  4. Oooh, girl, you have so much going on it’s not funny. No wonder you needed a personal day. I need one, too, now that it’s been two nights in a row my pup has awoken me because she has an upset stomach. Boo! Anyway, have a great day catching up and an even greater weekend!

  5. Really wish we could make it to mini-Con. Have a brewskie for us–well not Andrea, she’s just have two for me.

    Looking forward to the new design!

  6. I wish I could make it to either Tequila Con or Mini Con. Sadly no.
    And I will put socks back on just to have you kncok them off Sizz, that’s how committed I am to the new design:)
    Enjoy your week end with friends and your day off.

  7. Can’t wait to see the new design! Hurry up with it already šŸ˜‰
    Too bad I won’t be in Seattle until next weekend!
    Enjoy your day off, I hope you did something good just for you.

  8. One of these days I hope to meet up with a few a few of my fellow bloggers. maybe I’ll meet some when I sell that novel and go on a whirl-wind world book signing tour.

  9. I can’t wait to move back to Seattle this summer and meet some bloggers. I would’ve definitely been at Stellar this weekend if I were there. Oh well.

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