Seven Up

I’ve been tagged with this meme a couple of times and since I have a seriously vicious case of Spring Fever and possibly I drank one too many cervezas in celebration of Cinco de Mayo, this is all I can muster today.

1) I will not eat Jello. Pudding, yes. Jello itself? No. I blame the hospital when I got my tonsils and adenoids out at ten. I was forced to eat it. Then I threw it up. Along with some blood. Ew.

2) When I have to discard something, say when I am cooking spinach and there are some leaf pieces that are turning bad, in my mind I hear them saying, “I want to stay!” as I throw them in the sink. Personalizing food is probably not a good idea.

3) I don’t like soda unless it is root beer or ginger ale. Otherwise, all my pop has to have booze in it to be drinkable by me.

4) I love eggs in all their glorious forms EXCEPT for omeletes. I can’t seem to get past the texture the eggs take on when cooked that way.

5) I live in the coffee capital of America and yet I can’t drink coffee. It makes me sleepy so I avoid it. I used to be a coffee junkie and then after college, quit the stuff. Now it is strictly black tea or the occasional decaf latte. It’s sad because I really do like the way coffee tastes.

6) The smell of peanut butter on a wet sponge when I am doing the dishes is enough to make me gag.

7) I am a spice wimp. I can only handle wasabi. I blame my geographic tongue and my Irish heritage.

What’s a weird food quirk you have?


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  1. Ooh, here’s where my crazy comes alive and kicking. If I’m eating food that is different colors, generally candy, like, say, M&M’s, I have to eat them in even numbers and I won’t eat different colors together at the same time.

    Um, yah, there are more, but maybe I should just stop here.


  2. Geographic tongue?

    Food quirks? TONS. Scents are big with me…And I will only eat certain things in certain forms…

    Soda? None aside form ginger ale. And I can’t stomach tapioca pudding or applesauce after having my wisdom teeth removed and eating those two things, mixed with the taste of blood, for days on end, then throwing up the mix. UGH.

    And a friend of mine has a four-year-old who has taken to eating a mix of ketchup and yogurt…Even the thought gives me a little urp in the throat. I am very physically reactive to stories about food.

  3. It cracks me up that you say peanut butter on a wet sponge makes you want to gag. That’s such a strange combination!

    I can’t really eat jello or applesauce easily because of the goosebump factor it gives me.

    And besides just being a very picky eater in general, I can’t really think of any food quirks I have.

  4. Hmmmm….

    Peanut Butter and Mayo sandwiches – Love ‘Em

    Stewed Tomatoes – Hate ‘Em

    Milk Chocolate – Hate It
    Dark Chocolate – Sell my soul for it.

    Raw Oysters – Love ‘Em
    Clams – Love ‘Em

    When pregnant, it was Peanut Brittle, all day every day.
    Now, it makes me wanna hurl.

    Parsley – Hate it.
    Celantro – Hate it.

    Over-Oregonoed (yes, I made it up) in Italian food – HATE it.

    Vidalia Onions – LOVE ‘Em.

    Any other onions? Hate, Hate, Hate ’em.

  5. Well, I don’t like spicy foods either, although I do enjoy a good mild curry chicken. I like the smell and taste of coconut but gag at the site of shredded coconut, and do not like the taste of coffee in anything. Which is pretty weird for a girl from a coffee producing country in the Caribbean.

  6. HA! I never thought about peanut butter gook on a sponge! That is pretty nasty!

    I hate soggy bacon, egg drop soup, clams in a half shell or anything that reminds me of post-nasal-snot-drip-gagging-gross sliding down my throat. YUCK!

  7. Peanut butter on a slice of bread. I usually have two but I can’t put them together though! Also, don’t you dare put jelly on it!

  8. I add sugar to my grits, they tell me that’s not the real way to eat grits, how would I know? I never had grits until a friend in the military, from alabama had me taste hers, with sugar in it!!

  9. I heart tomatoes in all shapes and forms.

    Can’t stand plantains in all shapes and forms. (Had food poisoning when I was in Benin about 2 years ago and it was one of the foods I tried, and then later violently threw up. Ick)

    Spicy food murders my stomach. So I can’t really eat it either.

    Last but certainly not least, I am very much in love with coffee. Um, maybe I should move to WA?

  10. I have texture issues when it comes to food. I don’t like guacamole or hummus because of the texture, but it always tastes good!

  11. I have a long and well documented list of food quirks, many that result from two pregnancies with lots of sickness. Though the lifelong one that people think is crazy my hatred for Chocolate Cake. I love any other flavor, but can’t stand chocolate. I gag at even the thought.

  12. My son says he is “scared of” jello now. He had a liquid diet before his colonoscopy and that is all he was allowed to eat for 24 hours. He gags when he sees it now.

    I do that with the food too. If I am eating something, and leave one piece I think about it being lonely so I totally get your logic on that.

  13. I can’t stand peppers, particularly red ones. I can’t even pick them out of a dish because I can still taste their flavor on everything. If they are on my plate, the meal is ruined.

  14. Don’t we all have food quirks? Mine would have to be no cooked fruit. I HATE IT. No pies. No crumbles. None of it. I’m practically considered a terrorist in some parts for refusing to eat Apple Pie.

  15. I can’t cope with hot spicy food, I like aromatic spices but anything past “cool” has me in tears.
    In Texas I couldn’t cope with their extra-mild spicy chicken wings and now they all think I’m a wuss!
    I also love chick peas but detest houmous!

  16. my quirk you ask?

    Food and my body have a love hate relationship. I hate that I love food and food loves me so much that it likes to stick around. On my ass.

    There. That’s my quirk.

    Does that count?


  17. Ready? I have never eaten a Twinkie. Never.

    I am oddly proud of that fact, and I kind of have a life goal of dying without ever eating a Twinkie. I think that’s probably a pretty sad goal to have!

  18. Oh, and like La, I have to eat an even number of same-colored candies. And I have to evenly distribute which side of my mouth I chew them with. One red skittle with my right rear teeth, one red skittle with my left.

  19. I don’t like fried eggs, hard-boiled eggs, over easy eggs, or any other way of preparing eggs where the yolk is intact. For some reason it all has to be mixed together or it grosses me out.

  20. Salsa makes me barf.

    Tomato is ok
    Onion is fine
    Peppers although gassy do not make me gag

    Together they are barftastic!

  21. The hubby and I must indulge in the hotdogs cut up in mac n’ cheese at least once every 3 months. We call it the Kidde Cafeteria dinner. Oohh and those non-bake oatmeal chocolate goopy thing-like-cookie that they gave you in grammar school for snack or with lunch. Mmmmm, I’m hungry.

  22. Cereal obsession. I have 21 boxes in the pantry right now, most unopened.

    Cheese obsession, I just spent $50 on cheese, got home and realize I only have crackers to eat it on.

    Nuts. For the most part I hate them. I will tell servers I am allergic to ensure they don’t end up in my food if I feel like the server is not paying attention when they take my order.

  23. 1. pb&j with potato chips = heaven
    2. I seriously want to start up a blt meet up group
    3. When at fast food restaurants i seek out small children and tell them that if they mix the cola with orange pop it tastes like a tootsie roll. They try it and then look at me like I’m the smartest man on earth.
    4. Yorkshire pudding with a good roast is just lovely
    5. I hate looking at raw meat. Cooked is fine.
    6. I’m a better cook than 98% of the woman I’ve met. Including my mother. My mother is a damn good cook.
    7. My ex-wife still brags about my cooking.
    8. I’m 1/2 Irish and 1/2 Scottish and im a spice whore.

  24. ditto on the jello. Also, I can’t eat raw tomatoes, but I can when cooked into dishes – like ketchup or sauce.

  25. I HATE jello. And black licorice. SO SICK.

    I can only do eggs if they are hard boiled. Any bit of jiggle and it is game off.

    I HATE ham and pork. But LOVE bacon. Mmmm…bacon…

  26. I like grapes, but hate raisins.
    I like peanuts, but I loath peanut butter.
    I LOVE avocado, but I despise guacamole (unless i make it). Go figure.

  27. I like grapes and oranges, but hate things flavored grape or orange (like candy). Otherwise, I can pretty much eat anything anytime. Unfortunately.

  28. I couldn’t have been more excited to hear that you feel the same way about omelettes as I do. I love eggs in every other form but I can’t stand the way they get flat and filmy in an omelette. Yuck!

    I try to explain this to others all the time but no one understands. Thank you.

  29. I can’t stand omelets either. The egg is way too spongey, but I will also eat eggs fixed most other ways. I can’t stand the smell of salsa after I’ve finished eating it. Macaroni and cheese should have a shrine built in its honor. I love smooth sweet food, such as pudding, cheesecake, the filling in a cannoli, panna cotta, etc. I craved mashed potatoes during my pregnancy – but hated them before. I will not take a bite from anyone’s fork, if they did not lick the fork clean before putting food on it.

  30. Oh boy. Olives. They can’t even be near food I’m going to eat. My husband tries to convince me that ordering a pizza with 1/2 olives is okay. It’s not. Rogue olives always make it on my side & you can’t pick them off without taking off everything else.

    I like all veggies but please don’t put lettuce & tomato on my sandwich. Especially shredded lettuce – gah. It adds nothing flavor-wise & it makes everything all slippery & soggy. (BLT’s are fine however. Go figure).

    The candy/color thing. Only with Skittles. Colors must be eaten separately, in order, one at a time. Yellow, Green, Purple, Orange & Red.

    I could go on for days.

  31. i heart random facts!

    i used to never eat bacon. EVER. you couldn’t get me in the same room with bacon. then out of no where, i was all “hmm. bacon sounds great!’
    a week later i found out i was pregnant. needless to say i understand what all the the hype was about.

    also, i can’t hand wash dishes. there’s something about the mixture of water and food that makes me sick. then add in the idea that the food gets soaked into the water which then makes your hands wrinkly, it’s enough to make to vomit. i mean who wants food in their skin? **shudder**

    i can’t stand when lettuce is hot . i can’t have goops of jelly on my peanut butter. and i realized recently that i can only drink milk out of a small cup. tall glass? i’ll pass

  32. Food textures freak me the heck out. I am getting better, but it takes serious counsel. I mean, putting fruit AND milk with cereal? This is a new concept to me.

  33. Eating out with “Foodies” causes instant irrepressible bad behavior…tossing dinner rolls, stacking plates, asking for wine shots. Cummin in any food is unacceptable as it smells exactly like a truckfull of my crew coming in after a long hot day. Soda should only be consumed with at least a dash (or three) of jackdaniels since it is such a corrosive substance (the soda) and it is a well known fact that jackdaniels will kill the fizz. Food really hadn’t ought to be mixed up on one’s plate…it confuses the little fellows in the stomach who have to sort it all out and send it to the appropriate internal departments and everyone knows too much confusion causes horrendous gas. So no real quirks. Just solid scientifical sorts of habits.

  34. I like to deconstruct sandwiches and eat all the elements separately… the bread, the cheese, the meat. I don’t always have to do that, but I just prefer it that way.

  35. I had no idea peanut butter on a wet sponge had a smell. This means you have now instilled a gag reflex in me the next time I have to wash peanut butter off a knife.
    Also, coffee makes you sleep? Is it ADD? Where Ritalin is like speed to everyone but the kid with the ADD.

  36. Let’s see… I love the smell of coffee, but can’t stand the taste. I’ll drink iced tea, but not hot tea. I like cooked onions but abhor raw ones. I don’t like to mix my food on my plate and usually eat one thing at a time. I, too, am a spice wimp. I, too, blame it on my Irish heritage. I can’t eat most “mild” salsa, because it creeps up on me and is too hot. I like weird foods like beef liver and cooked spinache.

    Okay, I think that’s enough for now. πŸ™‚

  37. I don’t do “bitter”… bell peppers, capers, whatever the bitter is in hot & sour soup (which is neither of those)… a chef ex boyfriend used to camouflaged bitter foods thinking I was faking it, but I always disliked any test foods he prepared for me..

  38. I have chicken issues. Sometimes it’s okay, sometimes it’s not. Most often, I don’t know until the meal is already prepared. Weird chicken girl – that’s me.

    I hate beef.

    I hate cilantro.

    Other than that, I’ll eat anything.

  39. Oh my god! I (almost) do #2, except instead of hearing “I want to stay!”, I just feel sorry for the [insert whatever – brown piece of lettuce?] that I threw out.

    Until now, I thought I was alone.

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