I might alienate some of you but I’ve just gotta complain a bit. I’ve got this running list of things that bug me when it comes to the interwebs. Here. I’ll share:

  1. When people only comment on other blogs if that blogger comments on theirs.
  2. Not putting the full post feed in the reader.
  3. Too many memes.
  4. When people share their own post via Reader.
  5. Bloggers who steal other peoples posts.
  6. Fucking spam.
  7. Posts that explain why the blogger isn’t blogging. Just. . .don’t blog.
  8. People who Twitter back and forth to each other incessantly. It’s called instant messenger. Get it.
  9. A million and one networking sites under the sun and I can barely manage my blog, Twitter, My Space and Facebook. I can’t keep up!
  10. Don’t get me started on Facebook.
  11. When people share their own post via Reader. Oops! Said that already.
  12. Blog comment sections that require me to sign up with my own password or ask me to sign in with my info every single time I visit the site. Why can’t it remember me? Phooey!
  13. Never act like I exist even though I’ve been commenting for months.
  14. Too many flashy ads.
  15. Trolls.
  16. Light print on a dark background. I have bad eyesight. This causes me further eye strain.
  17. Go into great detail about some dream you had.
  18. Be rude while hiding behind an anonymous comment.
  19. Really, really, really long posts. Especially if they are a) boring, b) ramble all over the place and/or c) are about some dream you had (see #17).
  20. Complain that you don’t get enough comments in your posts.

While I’m going on and on about my annoyances, can I just say that I thought August Rush was a huge disappointment. At first I was giving it the benefit of the doubt. . .but it became glaringly obvious within 15 minutes into the film that no amount of Keri Russell or Jonathan Rhys Meyers could save the shmaltzy writing. And Robin Williams? WTH?! Maybe the story could have come off on a theater stage but it just did not work on the big screen for me. It was like Annie (which the kid in me loves) meets Mr. Holland’s Opus (a personal favorite) meets Oliver Twist (a classic) but it sucked. I’m all for child prodigies and feeling the music and reuniting families torn apart by lies but come on! Why did it have to be so contrived and unbelievably sappy?

Care to share your internet peeves or a movie that totally disappointed you?

Let’s bitch together!


119 thoughts on “Bugger

  1. Would it be possible to actually complain about work? That’s my current pet peeve. No? Ok. Biggest internet peeve is actually like your #6 – Spam. Drives me up the wall.

  2. I am very excited about Speed Racer and really hate when movies let me down. So damn it, Speed Racer do not let me down. (We have watched every preview numerous times, all of the new Speed Racer: Next Generation.. the kid and I are gearing up for Friday!)

    It really bugs me when someone says something, and a whole group of people gang up on them. It happens in blogs, politics, everywhere. Calm the fuck down people. Let’s seek first to understand before annihilating someone. I am still pissed about Hillary’s attack on Obama for his comment in Indiana.

    I promise to continue commenting even if you never comment on my blog. Oh yeah, nevermind. No blog.

  3. I always wonder why people complain about the dynamic of people wanting Comments. Blogging is intimate, and we do like knowing somebody in the freaking worldwideweb is reading and pondering our words! Why is that so hard to fathom, that we would hope for a somewhat, even occasional, reciprocal relationship? It hurts, when you don’t get comments, just sayin’. If you are a big participator in someone else’s blog, you hope for at least an occasional reaching-in. (it’s kind of like your #13)

    One of the things I hate, is when people try to blog, but all they say is how they have nothing to say and they are so boring. Puh-leese! Nothing? Really? No pics, no thoughts, or people troubling you, or poems you found, or a book you are savoring? Really?? So, why are they blogging then? Blogs are supposed to be a place to Share Stuff. When people act like it’s Homework that they gotta do…or required of them…or gee such drudgery? I wonder why even bother.
    That’s why I like your blog so much. You always have something to share, and write even when you aren’t trying to entertain. The realness is nice.

  4. My internet pet peeve of the moment is a bulletin board community I beling to. I used to be a very active member, but I’m finding right now that they’re getting increasingly close minded and small in their thinking, like because you belong to the board, you must be exactly like them. Um, no…we’re differnt. That’s what makes us facinating and expands out horizons. I’ve completely backed out of posting and spend my time lurking. Kinda like what I’ve been doing on the blogs I read.
    I agree with Bully. I haven’t been blogging because it would be banal. People don’t need to read the sameness of my life as I’m willing to post. Frankly, there are things happening that I just can’t process in public right now and what I’m willing to say would be boring. So I’ve stepped back.

  5. Marie- Bitch about whatever you’d like!
    Kim- So true. Everyone needs to chill out a bit.
    Tracy- Dude.
    Bully- Getting comments IS important to many bloggers and I get that. . .but when a blogger whines about not getting any in their posts that is a turn off to me. The validation that people are reading is part of blogging, for sure, but it shouldn’t be the main reason, right?
    Fella- Phooey!
    Sarah- It’s difficult to blog when heavy stuff is happening. I think sometimes people get the wrong idea about bloggers- that this is our whole life expressed in these posts- when really, it’s just a slice.

    Another peeve is when blogs don’t have an RSS feed. It’s hard to keep up without one.

  6. I hated “August Rush.” HATED IT! It was a NetFlix rental that was so bad that I was forced to fast-forward through most of it. Every time I stopped FF-ing because I thought there was something interesting happening, I’d be completely wrong. Seriously one of the worst movies ever.

  7. First, this is spam.

    Second, I had a wicked awesome dream last night about pretending to be a gang banger so I could pretend to be reformed so I could steer kids away from gangs as a reformed banger.

  8. The thing that’s getting to me recently is the twitter “new blog post” updates. If I’m interested in new blog posts then chances are I’m already subscribed to the blog feed or am a regular visitor to the blog. If not, then your update is just annoying me. The reverse is true too. I dont’ want to see Twitter updates as blog posts.

    Hee. Whenever I blog about my dreams I get a perverse joy out of imagining people rolling their eyes and thinking, “Lord. This again?”

    I wish I got more comments but to be fair I don’t make much effort to get them. I no longer feel self-conscious (well, much. there are the down days when I can’t believe I ever post anything at all) about all the boring stuff I write. I figure I’m not holding a gun to anyone’s head and if they find me boring, well, they can stop reading. The small core group of people who have been with me since I started blogging hasn’t changed and they’re really the ones I’m writing to. They’re the ones who, for better or worse, and because they’re my friends, aren’t ever going to think I’m going on too much. True, they might skim, but if it’s important enough, I’ll find other ways to bug them about it. πŸ˜€

  9. I’m am SO with you about not publishing the complete post in the feeder. Wait, I don’t do that do I? I can’t remember what I chose before I really understood what I was doing.

    I have to admit I only skim long posts now, I’ve found too many blogs I love to read, so I need people to be clear and concise please. And thank you.

  10. This is RIGHT up my alley today.

    I’d like to add:
    = People who “stumble” their own posts.
    = StumbleUpon in general
    = People who use Twitter to beg for comments
    = The 400 Twitter Followers I get per day that I’ve never even heard of.

    I second:
    = Incomplete RSS Feeds. I’ve basically stopped clicking through. I am too lazy for that extra damn click.

    And, lastly: August Rush was a ridculous movie. I hated it. I wanted to mute it and make up my own words.

  11. Bitch fest – woot! Blogger has been driving me crazy lately, making me contemplate a move elsewhere. Other than that, I agree with most of what you listed, except #9. My blog (and reading everyone else’s) is more than enough for me. Screw the rest of that crap!

  12. We saw August Rush on a plane ride in March and I really wanted to evacuate through the window at that point, it was so bad.

  13. Heh. I’m guilty of blogging to say why I’m not blogging, but that’s partly because I know some of my readership wonders what is going on with me when I’m not around. πŸ™‚
    I also hate extended blog entries about dreams. It is SO blog-cliche’! And they always end with, “what did this mean?” Once in awhile is okay, but some blogs I’ve read do it like every other day. Annoying!

  14. ooooo, I agree but probably do a few of these. I’m horrible at commenting, but then again, I don’t beg for comments either. Would it be nice to get 300 comments? For sure. But the way I figure it, if I don’t comment then why should other people?! πŸ™‚

  15. Seriously, Twitter can suck it!

    And, really people share their own posts – that’s insane!

    We all like comments but a post complaining about not enough? That’s ridiculous. I don’t know maybe share something worth commenting on – just a thought.

  16. I hate it when a blogger says a new template is coming and day after day I link in to check, only to see disappointment…sigh.

    Ok, sorry..totally kidding. Can’t wait to see the reveal though! (please find this funny!) (I know it’s a awesome work in progress!)

    In reality I don’t have many peeves besides the spam one, I think that’s universal. I am guilty of never commenting on your blog even though you’ve commented on mine more than a few times. I’ve always responded to the comments though…that counts for something right?? Anyway, let this be the first. πŸ™‚ (comment)(no better time, yeah?)

    PS- I’m with you on the August Rush thing. The only thing I am grateful I found from it was finding out about “Kaki King” she f*cking rocks the guitar!

  17. ha ha ha…this is just what I needed this morning expecially after the crazy dream I had last night. Okay, so I was sitting in my apartment, except instead of the walls being green, they were red, and I was wearing orange shoes with white socks pulled up to my knees, which is weird because I hate the colour orange and I hate knee socks even more, when this teddy bear walks into the room and starts dancing on the coffee table. Just kidding! I rarely remember my dreams. I have too much to bitch about today…don’t even get me started πŸ™‚

  18. Methinks I should not even ask what Twitter is. I spend enough of my day on Facebook (friend me!).

    And not only did I talk about my dream in my post today, I also blogged about things I’m not blogging about yesterday. I frickin rock.


  19. I hate when bloggers filter because they don’t want family and people they know in real life to read what they write. Um…just don’t fucking post. Be real or go home.

    I hate when people have a shit ton of bells and whistles/widgets on their blogs. What happened to load time and clean design. Just because they are available, it doesn’t mean you need to use them all.

  20. I fully agree that people who do not share the full feed should suck it and die. And I hate to say that because there is one lovely lady I read who does this and I don’t want her to die. But seriously? If dooce and Pioneer Woman can share the full feed, why can’t everyone else?

    And yes, it’s one thing to say “I’m going on vacation for a week and won’t be around to blog” but the whole “I just don’t know… I need a break from blogging… I don’t have time… woe is me…” whatever. Just go MIA. You can tell us all about it when you come back.

    Except for Miss Doxie. I want to know why she’s been gone and if she’s ever coming back.

    I also hate having to type in the scrambled letters to post a comment. Especially because some of them are so hard to read!

    I also hate it when bloggers use fake names AND won’t post real pics. So you have no clue what they look like and you don’t get to see their face. Pick one.. or the other… or neither… but not both.

    Whew… it felt good to get that off my chest.

    I may stop back by later when I think of more.

  21. OK. I know the next thing I will be doing is removing “August Rush” from my Netflix queue. I had such hopes for it.

    And Facebook and Twitter? Nope. Not enough time in the day for those.

    And I’ve never really gotten #1. Just seems so petty.

  22. Crap, I’ve got some stuff to figure out because I don’t know what this “When people share their own post via Reader” means, so I guess I’m not doing it? Also, no clue about this “Not putting the full post feed in the reader.”

    Also, this “I like how you say β€œphooey.” It’s kinda cute.” from the the Fella…too sweet.

  23. Your bitch list was lovely. I would start one today but I fear I would never finish. I am my own worst enemy right now.

    PS. I don’t know what it means to share your own posts in Reader. I hope I am not doing it… πŸ™‚

  24. I am guilty of not putting my entire post on reader. However, I don’t share my own posts, so I figure we’re even. πŸ™‚

    My blog commenting goes in spurts. We all love comments, and yet I feel like I’m cheating if I don’t say something meaningful.

  25. I appreciate a “why I’m not blogging” post occasionally, especially if they just dropped off the face of the earth. I’ve had to do it a few times myself.

  26. I hate, in Twitter, when people only Twitter the link to their blog posts. Is for making me CRAZY!

    Self promotion in other’s comments, in general…

    No RSS feeds…

    “Badges” for EVERY EFFING THING…

    I’m sure there’s more, but I have to write a post asking people to comment more. Come see it at heels… just kidding.

  27. i TRY and not let the whole blogging-world get to me – if people comment, great… if i feel like leaving a comment on someone else’s blog, then i will… as much as i enjoy blogging, it’s not my life nor my top priority – maybe if i was a stay-at-home mom and needed to ‘reach-out’ to the real world things would be different… so i guess if i had to pick one thing that really irks me, i would say when people post their daily food/meals… i know it helps keep them accountable but i feel like saying, “what else is going on in your life besides how many cups of veggies you had a lunch?”… i feel so terrible for saying that now! sorry!

  28. I HATE it when the whole post is not visible in Google Reader…it makes me feel tricked into going and reading the post. Gyar!!!

  29. i like you!

    and since i have my own page, I feel no need to debbie downer your day any more!

    Huzah! to your pet peeves!

  30. #2 is a big one for me because I use Google Reader to consolidate everything and sneak it in at work. πŸ™‚ selfish much?

    But I am there with you on every point. My addition would be the people who are only blogging to get book deals – and even worse, the people who act as if getting a book deal is an Oscar and stop trying after that, or just keep talking about “oh, well you know, with my BOOK DEAL and all…” Sorry, but you’re not Brad Pitt. We’re not going to continue to look for you if you’re not actively entertaining us. You’re just not that cute.

  31. I so agree with this post…esp #10 facebook. grr.

    This post makes me wish I could hang out with you in person.

    But I think I just did #7, #16 though I’m thinking of changing that, and every post falls under #19.

    please comment and tell me I’m wrong. πŸ™‚

  32. I am so guilty of the incomplete feed thing, Karl pulled me up on it and now you’ve mentioned it I think I may have to change it, *squirms* ;o)
    My pet peeve is when I comment and the blogger doesn’t respond. I feel strongly that if someone takes the time to log in (and yes that can be a ball ache, especially with Blogger *squirms again*) and write a comment on my blog which, let’s be honest, is going to make me feel “validated”, the least I can do is reply, even if it’s just to say Thank you.
    Ahhhh I feel better….glass of wine now? ;o)

  33. Umm…

    I’m with ya there Sizz. I first want to say that…I appreciate you responding to virtually all of my comments…even the lame ones.

    I don’t like Memes so much but will do them if I have time.
    I may be a twit but never a twitter.
    I may be only 4’10 but I’m no troll.
    I would never write a post about not getting enough comments. That’s for whiners.
    I have 1 blog account and 1 flickr account. That’s all I need. That’s all anyone really needs.
    I comment on other blogs because I like them. That is all.

    Now…I saw August Rush recently and thought it was ok. It was sappy but that’s ok sometimes. Too much anger out there in the world. Robin Williams? Yeah…WTF! He looked like a short fat version of Bono (u2).


  34. Oh dear. I’m guilty of #18 and #20 but that still puts me at 90% which is an “A”.

    Woo Hoo! I knew you loved me.

    But here’s the thing. I don’t like posts where the author is apologetic for having strong opinions.

    I heart you 95% right now but if you didn’t apologize for alienating people it’d be A+ all the way.

  35. I have to laugh because of #17. This morning I blogged about a dream I had. I NEVER do that, though, because I don’t want to read about other people’s dreams on their blog.

  36. And I’m thinking about my feed. I truncated it about 18 months ago, after finding my entire blog content on another site. I can’t remember if I reset the feed to publish the entire post or not.

    Funny, but I love reading blog posts in my reader. Having to click through annoys me. So, uh, I ought to check my feed settings.

  37. I’m with you, Sizz. Although I’ve been violating #7. *hangs her head in shame*

    My blog pet peeve… blog asskissing. Blatant sucking up. Telling bloggers how beautiful they are. If someone is being genuine, that’s one thing. But fawning all over a blogger just to get a comment back or a link… UGH. I see it all the time.

    Disappointing movie… The Constant Gardener. I really wanted to love it, but it was soooo, I don’t know. I just didn’t dig it.

  38. When someone doesn’t post in over 2 months. Then when they finally do they say something like, “Here’s a little something to tide you over”. Um gee thanks. You would think that they understood I enjoyed just reading their blog, and a charity post was unnecessary.

    90 % of the interwebs ( I loved that) I just think WHY!
    I don’t get twitter (my cellphone is enough of a electronic tether), myspace reminds me of being high at a casino…. To….. much……going…..on…..arrrrrrrrgh!

    People like dooosh. Once they go commercial the comments come off. It’s not a blog anymore! Its an ezine. Get over yourself Dooce. Though I do enjoy her skillz.

    What I think is cool is how you e-mail people with a reply! Its like a little hug-or slap in my e-mail. At this point I enjoy both.

  39. Bitchy mood huh? I’ve definitely had those, but not today. The sun is shining, I just had yoga class and I’m feeling pretty happy. So instead of joining in the bitchy fest, I think I’ll just send smiles your way, ready? Here they go! : ))))))))
    Oh, and I’m sorry you didn’t like August Rush. I liked it a lot, I guess I just needed sappy the day I saw it ; )

  40. I agree with everything you wrote here. Not exactly sure what the overall point of Twitter is but that’s just me. The apologizing for not posting, feed “snippets” instead of the full post, and “guest posting” are my pet peeves.

    Guest posting is odd because surely I read a blog because I’m interested in what the blogger has to say not what some random “fill-in” person says.

  41. As a new blogger, these types of lists are very helpful. I shall print it and tape it to my monitor, and once I figure out what the majority of the things you mention are, I’ll try not to do them!

  42. I’m guilty of 2, 7 and 19 on occassion, though I guess boring and rambling are kind of in the definition of the reader, no? I mean, I think we all have written or read something that we thought was great -if long- and other people are like “Whoa. I slept through that.”

    As for #4, I have no idea how to do that, so if that happens, oops?

    I think we all have pet peeves about stuff like this, and sure, putting them out here makes us sound kinda snotty/bitchy/whatever your word of choice is. However, it’s your blog, your space to write what you think, so if people are put off, they can just click away, no?

    The bottom line is that I don’t really expect other people to change their blogging behavior to meet my ideal, so I’m not changing mine. (Guess you’ll just to deal without my whole post showing up in reader :-P)

  43. I can’t email each of you and respond in the comment section, forgive me. But re: what TC said- It is totally subjective to the reader if the post is boring or too long, etc. All of this is just nitpicking annoyances. I think most of us (me included) have done one or more of these from time to time. These don’t mean I won’t read you or that I don’t like you. I can like a person and find something they do annoying and still like them.

    But quit blogging about your dreams!



  44. I see your points. What if someone writes a long rambly post and then at the end apologizes for publishing it? Because that is what I did today. It isn’t awful, but not my very favorite post I ever wrote!

    I don’t even understand twitter. I just don’t get it. Maybe if I made an effort to check into it I might get it but so far I don’t. It sounds like a cool idea but I don’t think I understand it (I am not stupid, I swear even though this comment makes me appear to be!)

  45. I think we’ve probably discussed most of the things that bug me.

    Alas, I think my post today fulfilled your #19 annoyance to a T. But at least I offered a prize at the end, right? Right?

    Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight… πŸ˜‰

  46. #2 probably gets on my nerves most often, also 7, 13, and 14. I’m with you on 3, 5, 12, 15, and 18.

    “20. Complain that you don’t get enough comments in your posts.” It is annoying, but I do have sympathy for folks’s unfulfilled blog traffic expectations/hopes. No sympathy if the poster regularly gets 7+ comments though. Sounds a little harsh when you say it considering that you’ve been getting 30+ comments on (basically) all your posts for a long time.

    Blogger cliques that feel like high school get on my nerves sometimes.

  47. I was completely disappointed in Must Love Dogs because, well, I knew it would be cheesey and lame but sometimes that just WORKS you know? Plus JOHN CUSACK. But no. Totally awful and a waste of the time I spent watching it. Poo.

    I also hate (…more…) with a passion. I hate it even more after I click to their frickin’ post and it says that there, too. It makes me unsubscribe because it is such a pain in the arse to keep up. (plus, too much clicky clicky at worky worky).

    You rock.

  48. Totally hear you on this. I hate memes (once in a while, they can be fun… but please.) Hate memes.

    My latest pet peeve is people who write 900-word posts in one long paragraph. (Wouldn’t be so bad if the post was interesting I suppose. Maybe my issue is people who are boring.

  49. re: Claire’s comment… for those of you who are new to Sizzle Says, I have not always gotten this many comments. The majority of my blogging years I received under 15 comments- in the beginning often zero. I don’t say the comment complaining thing lightly. We all would like the validation of getting comments but posting about it or being passive aggressive to those bloggers who do get more comments will not win you more comments in my opinion. All of started somewhere, usually at zero.

  50. Amen amen amen and amen. I’d add friends blogs that are boring and yet we must continue to go and comment because otherwise feelings would be hurt. Stinkin’ feelings! πŸ˜‰

  51. i always assumed that if i wrote well enough, i’d get comments that way… so no begging for comments – it’s also a p.peeve of mine.

    And anonymous blog haters. GAWSH!! leave your name and blog so i can harass you back, chicken!

    Weird colour schemes of font and background make me feel as though i’m about to have a siezure.

  52. Webmaster. If you only knew how many times I have looked for decent content about \”bugger\”. Well done – I really appreciate your site. Thank you.


  53. Whao, 61 comments?? I guess you’ll get to me next year lol (seriously, I love that you respond to your comments, but 62, including mine will be over extending yourself) I picked up that habit from you and I have to say what great customer service.
    I used to be a long post person until I started hating to read long posts so I stopped. #13 is a huge pet peeve for me, like I’m not asking for you to come read my blog, but at least acknowledge me. It’s the reason why I stopped commenting on so many blogs. I also hate it when I ask that blogger a specific questions and they don’t even respond. Like honey, get over yourself already.

    I love your list and I really really love you after this post. Opposite reaction than you thought lol

  54. one more thing, I totally HATE posts with a gazillion links in it……..arrrgh!!! One of my fav bloggers does this a lot. I wish she’d stop.

  55. I’ll need to be sharing this one in Google reader.

    I am like Abbie. Some people only post link after link after link. If you are talking about the same person or people a lot in one blog post, just link their fucking names ONCE…we get it. You’re popular.

  56. I totally agree about August Rush. Major disappointment, and Robin Williams as a Fagin-esque character was just a bit creepy. . .

  57. Come on, I don’t Twitter that much. And I just did my first meme in over a year today.


    I suppose I could have a list too, but I’m too lazy.

  58. and I was so looking forward to renting august rush some night when the boy was out and I was all by my lonesome…I’m so sad to hear it’s not good, or even moderately redeemable by King Henry VIII and Felicity…

  59. Um, those are my internet peeves and I am relieved to see that not one of them applies to me. Either that, or I am just totally delusional and think I’m great when actually I suck. Which is it?

  60. I have to second Punchline in that I have no idea what #4/#11 means! Can someone explain, please?

    I tried doing the full post for readers and it kept screwing up the placement of my photos and looked terrible- so I put it back to partial because the layout looks correct when viewed on my blog. I need someone to help me figure that out- because it has been brought to my attention repeatedly in the past few weeks that this is a major reader peeve! Hopefully my handful of readers will bear with me and not mind clicking through until I sort it out.

  61. I’ll just say “I hear ya!” and leave it at that. Though I’m sure my long and rambling birthday post falls squarely into #19.

    Oh and I just don’t get Facebook either.

  62. Uh-oh. I am very, very guilty of the dream post (like I literally did that one on Monday) and the lengthy posts. Sorry about that.

  63. Who are you again? Thanks for commenting. I came here from a comment you made on my last post…….:)

    I have no clue about full vs partial post in a feed reader. Do I do this correctly? I’m clueless.

    I too strongly dislike verbose and long posts. I don’t have the attention span to read too many words.

  64. I HATED August Rush, too… But watched the whole thing because I was stuck on a plane and there was nothing else to do…

    And while I am probably guilty of some of those peeves of yours, I must admit, they piss me off, too… Will have to work on practicing what I preach (or believe) some more…

  65. Delurking to say a-freaking-men. (Even though I’ve been guilty of explaining blogging absences – oops! It does drive me nuts when some people seem to constantly post only about why they’re not posting.)

    I will add one more that’s been driving me nuts lately – people who compulsively post every single day, even when they have nothing interesting to say. I wish they would stop cluttering up my reader with their garbage posts. There are a few that I’m going to hit “unsubscribe” to soon, if this madness continues.

    And don’t even get me started on my irritation with everything Twitter. I’m going to avoid joining at all costs.

    Ah, that feels much better. Thanks!

  66. I’m slowly going bald and my skin is now looking like a pubescent 14 year old boy with a raging case of acne.

    I’m working my arse off with the world’s most stupid intern EVER and because I’m repeatedly wasting time to tell him what to do, how to do it, doing it for him and then verifying he did it correctly, I don’t have much time to tell you that I’ve been sneaking in peeks of your blog but am slack for not commenting more.

    (Because I know that blog comment you made was written DIRECTLY TO ME and don’t you deny it missy! I feel your eyes boring (?) through my head… err… email every moment of every day.)

    And also, is it bad that I had a dream last night about making out with a friends husband at a concert, and had to shush him into a corner so we could further make-out, until I was woken up from my sweet make-out dream from my son throwing up in my bed?

    (Oh, and by what I mean being bad… the fact it was my friend’s husband, not the fact my kid was hurling. I mean, that was really gross. Don’t give kids fruit bars and think they’ll come back up smelling like strawberry.)

    Ahh shit. I shouldn’t talk about dreams.

    Kiss kiss, hug hug.

  67. In defense of those of us who are technically confused or need a translator… I don’t even know if my blog has an RSS feed, let alone if it does a full post feed. πŸ˜‰

    But I have a funny story about post stealing. I had a blogger steal a post I wrote and claim it as theirs. What was it about? My thoughts on James Frey’s Oprah/AMTLP brou ha ha! Classic choice.

    And I must ask, as I am currently in love with it: what’s yer beef with FB?

  68. Good God. I came back to complain about something else. I can’t even remember what now. 80+ comments. Did your blog explode? I will have to read them all in class, maybe by then I will remember what else I was going to bitch about.

  69. Amen and ditto to all that. I especially hate the Twitter blog updates, and thus, have un-followed certain people who do that.

  70. I actually cried at the very end of AUGUST RUSH. I adore Freddie Highmore. However I thought Robin Williams was just horrible horrible horrible. And I loved the little African American girl…. her voice was magical. Not a favorite movie but still worth the $2.00 I paid at a small town local cinema.

    By the way, I am one of the biggest stalking fans of FACEBOOK!!!! I’m like a kid in a gummy bear factory!!!

  71. Looking at her toes, making circles in the dirt she says, “I do annoyingly long rambling posts about dreams all the time. Remember the T Shirt dream? That led to several drunken weekends of fantastic meaningless sex and a half assed friendship…how can that NOT be foundation for some VERY INTERESTING posts?”

    πŸ˜€ Luv you anyway.

  72. I think comments are over-rated. Too many people put more emphasis on it than is needed.

    Other than that, you rock for posting this.

    Oh and I’m guilty of the short-feed but I’ve got my reasons for doing that.

  73. I would list my annoyances but then I’d be an annoyance because it would be a novel. Whenever there’s a post like this, I’m always like “Oh no! Did I upset her/him?” I’m so damn insecure as a blogger.

  74. Ok, actually maybe just one. I can’t stand when people twitter EVERYTHING like, “reading,” “shredding lettuce,” “packing a box,” “taking a crap.” That gets very annoying, especially when it’s every 5 seconds.

  75. Oh my god! It is like you wrote what I have always wanted to say. I’m guilty of 16 though.

    I just took a few days off from blogging. I thought about saying “I’m taking days off” but who the eff cares? No one. Duh.

    AND I HATE LONG LONG POSTS. I don’t even read them! I skim them! I especially hate them if they’re long ALL THE TIME!

  76. Okay seriously? I started out trying to remember all the ones I was agreeing with but by the time I finished the post I couldn’t remember them all because I was agreeing with so many. I have to say though the chatting back and forth on twitter makes me want to throw myself off a cliff. And pray for death.

    And I think I’m the only person left in the world who has yet to see August Rush so I will withhold judgment on that one for now.

  77. When people share their own post via Reader. <——–I have no idea what this means! I hope I don’t do it, whatever it is!

  78. All post Marriage to Nicole Kidman Tom Cruise movies have disappointed me.

    Also I’m bugged by the fact that blogging is suddenly harder than I remember it being. Weird.

  79. Oh, god. I totally hate most of these on the list.
    Except, if I just leave and don’t post, I get mazillion emails asking me if “I’m ok”.

    I’d rather just piss someone off to say “I’m not blogging because…” than have to deal with it.

  80. #7 is one of my personal pet peeves, but I definitely did go back to my blog and make sure I didn’t have light print on a dark background. I couldn’t remember. In my defense I’ve gone through many blog layouts, and it’s 7:30 AM and I’m not a morning person. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking with it!


  81. Late to this party and I am going to do totally the opposite by complimenting you instead of talking about a pet peeve. I am always amazed when you take the time to respond to one of my comments given how many readers you have. And just wanted to thank you for doing so!

  82. I agree with all but #7. Sometimes I just have to say why I’ve not been around or would like to know why someone else hasn’t been… otherwise I’m afraid we’ve all just fallen off the earth and I’m a bit unsteady with that.

    Facebook I had to quit. Just too “high school”…but maybe that was just me?

  83. This was refreshing. I found myself saying “hell yeah” through most of it. Also…I just realized that you’re from Seattle, which makes you even cooler.

    Well done.

  84. Ugh, I hate when people have disclaimers that are so long take up the bulk of their post so that the actual point of the point is lost (similar to the blogging about not blogging & apologizing for it posts, your #7) – boring!
    A small disclaimer is fine, but if you don’t feel safe writing about a topic or you are so ambivalent about a topic, write it about something else.

  85. Wow, that posted before I was done.
    What I meant was: Ugh, I hate when people have disclaimers that are so long that the disclaimers take up the bulk of their post and then the actual point of their post is lost (similar to the blogging about not blogging & apologizing for it posts, your #7) – boring!
    A small disclaimer is fine, but if you don’t feel safe writing about a topic or you are so ambivalent about a topic that you have to shroud it in mystery and sorrys, write about something else.

  86. I LOVE YOUR LIST! You are an Internet rock-star. I do not think I could add anything to it to make it more complete πŸ™‚

    I am sure glad I fixed #2, so that you will still love me.


  87. Fuck. I’m guilty of like, half of these things, even though a lot of them are pet peeves of mine too. I should seek help for my crazy irrational nature.

    A pet peeve of mine is making comment number 104. Seriously, what is the point? Do I really think that highly of myself that I feel I can add someting to this conversation that 103 other people didn’t? Tonight, I guess I do.

  88. Oh, There Will Be Blood. Total disappointment to me. Yeah, you’re a serious actor Daniel Day Lewis, we get it. Epic film, we get it. Dull, dull, dull.


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  90. well said! πŸ™‚

    I’d like to add: people who are always yelling via their Caps Lock key. It’s on the left side of your keyboard, people… just turn it off already.

  91. I’m guilty of having done a few of these when I blogged. One of my giant pet peeves has always been people who claim blogging is something more profound than what it actually is (for example, claiming it “gives them a voice” or “lets me proclaim how hard motherhood is!”, etc.).

    Let’s call blogging what it is…narcissim and self-absorption at its finest. Not that it’s anything to be ashamed of, because talking about myself all day was lots of fun!

  92. i can dig it.

    i just wish i knew what more of the words you said meant. like “meme”, and “feeds”, and “reader”. i need a crash course in Blogspeak, obviously.

  93. I did manage to find out what a troll was though:

    “An Internet troll, or simply troll in Internet slang, is someone who posts controversial and usually irrelevant or off-topic messages in an online community, such as an online discussion forum or chat room, with the intention of baiting other users into an emotional response[1] or to generally disrupt normal on-topic discussion.[2]”


  94. um yes. yes. yes. and yes.

    how about sites that have automatic music that plays?? hate. that.

    and the white text on black background KILLS ME. i will not read your site. at all. i will click that “x”

    also…there’s no rule saying you NEED to post every day..if you have nothing to say, don’t force it, come back tomorrow when you’ve got something to say.

  95. Honestly, my biggest pet peeve is people telling other people how they should be using the Internet. I’ve done it before myself, and I regret it. (And I’m doing it now, sort of. Am aware of the irony, trust me, but at least I’m sticking up for tolerance?)

    Now when I see a partial feed or whatever else, I just unsubscribe mercilessly, and everyone’s happier–me, for not having to deal with the Suck that is their partial feed or banal post … and them, for not having to worry about conforming to someone else’s expectations. Because, really, why should they have to?

  96. Ha! I’m a violator of the black background and light type but when I first switched to that, most people said they could read it easier, so sorry if I mess with you! I’ve heard my blog won’t post to some readers but I’ve enabled it through blogger, so I’m not sure what’s up with that.

    I’m with you on almost all of your other peeves, including password protection and people that bitch about not getting comments — esp. when they comment on my blog about once a month.

    For movies, I was really bored with The Nanny Diaries even though I found the book to be pretty entertaining. I also get tired of movies following the same type of plot and become so easily predictable.

  97. LOVE this post!
    I ventured here from Dutch Blitz. I also was disappointed by August Rush. My husband is a musician and everyone suggest we get it, “because we’ll LOOOOOVE it!”. So didn’t. But weirdly enough I DID cry in the end!
    Great post, love the look of your blog, SO nice on the eyes!

  98. I don’t mind commenting on blogs that never comment on mine. In fact, I do it fairly regularly. Definitely guilty of #7. I broke up with Facebook several months ago. #20 is a huge peeve of mine. Yes, we all love to get comments, but being a comment whore is repulsive. I think I did it twice and was ashamed after!

  99. I have to agree with you, August Rush was way too cheesy for words. Freddie Highmore managed to creep me out with his over the top “music will bring us together” acting.

    Made of Honor was a bit of a disappointment. It’s a renter.

    Came here from Secret Agent Jo’s blog. Love the header!

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