Socks? Off!

*If you are reading this from a feed, you might want to just click over now and check out the new digs.

I am one lucky lady.

Thanks to a series of very fortunate circumstances (and special thanks to Y-O-U for clicking that link over 600 times thus winning me a free redesign), I now have a blog that accurately reflects me. Jess over at Delicious Design Studio is fantastic- totally easy to work with, quick, flexible and super uber talented. She took what I had in my head and made it real. That’s a gift! I mean, deciphering me is no easy feat sometimes. Hear this- if you are looking to redecorate your blog, check her out. She’s the tops. Sincerely.

One thing I was pretty stuck on was having a caricature that looked like me. Unfortunately, most of the iStock illustrations just didn’t cut it- there were none of a short chubbette with punky hair and retro glasses. Go figure. Enter Secret Agent Josephine. If you are unaware of the creative mastery that is SAJ, you are missing out. Not only is she one of my favorite bloggers and a long-time must read, she’s incredibly talented. She took my likeness and drew a character that strikingly resembles the real me. I showed a sneak peek to some friends in real life and the general reaction was, “Woah! That looks JUST like you!” So to say she did good is entirely an understatement.

I can’t thank Jess and SAJ enough for their hard work and beautiful designs.

Feel free to compliment them profusely in the comment section.


123 thoughts on “Socks? Off!

  1. Oh WOW! I love the new design… it is YOU! I like it that she not only captured “you” in the caricature, but the bright colors are really cheerful. Congrats on your lovely new digs. πŸ˜‰

  2. oh it’s so cute! love it. i’ve only seen photos of you and i knew right away the drawing was of you. pretty fantastic job all around. congrats!

  3. Very cool. I really the red cursive title font, that the space needle is in the background, the colors of the side borders and their polka dots (are they still polka dots if they aren’t uniformly spread out? I like very much that they’re not.) Well done!

  4. So worth the wait. It totally is you, did you run down and meet SAJ? It’s like your hanging out in gasworks park. Everything is great: the colors, tagline and caricature. Super cute. And I have been reading SAJ since you recommended her… she is amazing. The bird and the music notes… adorable.

    Now I am off to go find where those socks went.

  5. Totally gorgeous!! You even have the fantastic red lipstick – it’s really YOU!!
    Congratulations sweetie, you really did deserve this delicious treat :o)

  6. Wowie Zowie you getta lotta comments! I’m gonna be checking this site all day long trying to soak up all this praise. Thank you everybody!

  7. 1)Congrats
    2)Very nice
    C)Though the caricature is very good and bears a striking resemblance to Miss Sizz. Nothing compares 2 U.
    4)More than how others or I like the new design of your blog, I think what I like most is how it makes you feel. To me thats what you (sizz), DDS and SAJ should be most proud of.

    Well done ladies.

  8. Ooooo. Swanky. I was also set on having a picture that looked like me. Luckily iStock had something that worked… with a few minor differences. SAJ did a really nice job on yours!

  9. Oooh, Sizzle, the new dings are fantastic! And the caricature is amazing. “She” definitely looks like you.


  10. Came via DDS to check out Jess’s latest work- it’s fabulous, as usual. She did my blog redisgn as well and I second the opinion that if you are looking for a blog makeover- look no further than Jess at Delicious Design Studio!

  11. Love the design – love the caricature! And you even have Seattle in the background – so awesome!

    Well done to all involved!

  12. Awww, Sizz, that rocks! And wow, the caricature is super freaking adorable!!!

    That’s a gift! I mean, deciphering me is no easy feat sometimes.

    LOL Love it πŸ™‚

  13. This is so perfect! I love it! I may need to give some thought into having her do my blog. Wow! That is all I can say about this amazing new design!

    (but the comment box isn’t huge anymore so I can’t make my “that’s what she said” joke in my head every time I leave a comment now)

  14. OHMYGOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Is this, like, the best birthday present EVAH?

    SAJ is my FAVORITE! Plus, I’ve been checking out Design Studio and, oh my, all I can say is I WANT!

    Anyway, I love love love the new design – simply AMAZING!

  15. Oh! This is gorgeous! And look! The Space Needle! I love this design. SO. MUCH.

    And the caricature is perfect! SAJ even got your red highlights in there!

    Friggin’ awesome.

  16. I’m totally sockless and my first thought was, “Wow, when did Brenda start working for Delicious Design Studio?” It’s perfect! :O)

  17. It was worth the (very anxious) wait. I love the new design. From what I know of you, this seems very Sizzle Says. And if you’re happy, well then, that makes me happy. GO SIZZ!

  18. The pic of you at the top is so cute– and YEAH it looks like you! LOL. The design is fun, and colors are nice and bright. You ought to enjoy this!

    Thanks DeliciousDesign!

  19. Your new digs are soo beeyootiful! SAJ totally rocks! I was blessed to win her banner contest a couple of months ago and every time I go to my blog I smile!

  20. love the new digs! And wow, that character looks just like you’re photos. that’s totally awesome!

  21. Holy Sh-t!!! This new design is freakin
    AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Though I don’t know you that well, I feel safe in saying this design TOTALLY CAPTURES YOU. Job well done to all involved!!!


  22. This is amazingly adorable. Seriously, I love it! So glad you went with Jess. I’m on my second by her and couldn’t be happier!

  23. Awesome awesome awesome! It looks wonderful and I echo the 100 + (!) commenters before me in saying that the picture does make me think of you. This blog is so damn pretty!

  24. soooooo great! I love it! The characticture is awesome…it looks just like your pics and the colors are fab. Congrats on the new design!

    Hmmmm, makes me think I need some sort of fancy pants design…. πŸ™‚

  25. Soooooo perfect! I love the new look. Kudos to SAJ on the caricature and to DDS for the design. Wow! Great stuff, ladies. Sizzle, enjoy your happy new home!! It seems so “you”!

  26. Am just now getting here. It looks great! Congratulations on winning the design, and kudos to the women who made it possible!

  27. Let me be the 114th person to say I love it! I do wish everyone would stop getting such fabulous redesigns. It’s making me itch for one.

  28. I love the new look. Sorry I’ve been so remiss at leaving comments lately. I’m so behind and still uploading photos from 2 weeks ago!

  29. oh. my. god. I’m WAY late to the party but I love, love, love it. I’m so glad I clicked several times. I feel a part of it. It’s incredibly fab!

    Mayberry Magpie

  30. Love the new design! I too am working with Jess (she’s making the banner for my site), and it was through her site that I found yours (hooray for Delicious Designs!!).

    Are you in Seattle? So am I πŸ™‚

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