The Man I Love

This man gesticulates more emphatically and wildly than I do.

This man has a habit of talking to himself which confuses me. I often inquire, “Should I be listening to what you are saying?” His answer is generally no.

This man sits across from me at the table in his boxers eating pancakes on Sunday mornings.

This man interrupts me to say, “I just love you” while I am going on and on about what a total spazmatron I am.

This man who always likes to be touching me. . . reaching over to run a finger along my cheek or to pull me closer on the couch, entwining his fingers with mine as we walk, or resting his hand on me while we are tangled in sleep.

This man cautions me to feed Finn ice cream slower and when I ask why he says, “brain freeze” in total and complete seriousness with concern in his eyes.

This man that when I catch him staring at me says, “What? I like looking at you.”

This man who loves me not in spite of my quirks and flaws but because he wants to see me whole.

This man insists on carrying anything heavy for me while calling me “a delicate flower” to which I scoff and say, “Are you kidding me?! You’ve met me right?” Then he’ll reply genuinely, “Would you let me take care of you sometimes?”

This man who is so comfortable to be with I find myself rebelling against it just to test its truth.

This man lets me “mock” him about his tie die shirt (oh no he didn’t!), his denim shorts (we are still in heated debate on this), and his inability to trim his nose hairs or his nails in a timely manner.

This man whom my friends welcome with open arms- sharing laughs and smiles and adventures with.

This man that I can (and do) tell everything to. . .even the stuff he probably doesn’t want to know.

This man who breaks me open with his sweet tenderness. Every time.

I’m trying to trust that this kind of good happens (to me) and that we might have a shot at that elusive kind of love. For a girl who told herself a long time ago that it wasn’t possible, I find myself wanting to be convinced otherwise.

“Someday he’ll come along, The man I love/And he’ll be big and strong, The man I love/And when he comes my way/I’ll do my best to make him stay. . .” -The Man I Love, (sung by) Ella Fitzgerald


70 thoughts on “The Man I Love

  1. Just accept it. When a love like this comes along, embrace it with both arms and enjoy! Don’t try to over-analyze.

    Beautiful post. Beautiful couple. Can’t think of anyone who deserves this happiness more!

  2. Oh dammit, now I’m all weepy and gushy and I only just got in from work!
    He’s adorable Sizzle and you deserve all of that and more. I know how damn hard it is to just go with the flow when life hasn’t always been so kind, but trust him when he says these things, and accept that just maybe it’s your turn to get the happily ever after ;o)

  3. How very much I pray it will be a very long and lasting love. There IS that kind of love and it really sounds like it found you. 🙂

  4. He sounds awesome. I’m in love with him just from what you wrote. Okay, in love with the idea of him 🙂 I’m so happy for you sizzle!

    (spazmatron? I LOVE IT!)

  5. That kind of love does happen…I promise…to you, even! What more proof do you need (says the girl who is constantly asking her adorable husband, “are you sure nothing is wrong with you? What are you hiding?”)?? Yay for love! Yay for the Fella! Yay for Sizzle!

    Sorry…too much coffee this morning.

  6. awww…the mushy love stuff. Gotta love the mushy love stuff.

    I messed with the old account a bit just let me know if it made a difference when you get a chance

  7. Your post gave me goosebumps. I am not sure if that means I want your man or that your man reminds me of mine. Either way, it makes me want to cry in happiness for you. That kind of person doesn’t walk into your life everyday. I’m glad you see that. I’m glad you found a good one.

  8. This made me smile from ear to ear. It’s o.k. to be guarded because of the past, but it’s also o.k. to let the wall crumble when it feels right.

  9. I heart this happy post and the song at the end.

    You deserve it Sizz. I get too independent sometimes too and forget to let the man take care of me. Glad your fella tells you that.


  10. Coming from a girl on the verge of stressed out, crazy tears, you have made me cry the very best of tears. This is a wonderful post. And The Fella emulates a lot of the things Sweets does for me – he broke me down in the best of ways. Girl, you’ve got something wonderful going on and I hope you continue to embrace it. Thanks for this post – I needed it today!

  11. The woman I love writes the most wonderful things about me. I should take note, and return the favor more often.

    I love you, too, sweet pea. Thanks for this today; it’s much appreciated and very much needed. XOXO

  12. You both are quite lucky to have each other in your lives. and everything you just wrote? makes me want to hit my husband for not doing these things to me/for me.

  13. Having met The Fella, I can testify to the truth of EVERY SINGLE THING on this list. PLUS he knows how lucky he is, which is also charming.

    I think he and I may be cousins, in a completely non-blood related way.

  14. This post is precious – and when I saw Fella’s comment, it made me get a little weepy. Love that he worried about the dog’s brain freeze too. So funny.

    Isn’t it great when the good ones come along and wear down our edges until we’re just a shiny piece of pretty sea glass….ahh love….:)

  15. I’ve recently (very very recently) decided to stop questioning things like this. It’s hard for women like us that always have…wondering where the next pain will come from or when the shoe will drop. Letting my guard down is making my heart smile…I want yours to smile too.

  16. I am so happy for you. No matter what, everyone deserves to have something like this relationship happen to them. It reminds you that you are worthy of great things and loveable.

    If I saw your Fella, I’d give him a high-five for being a stellar dude.

  17. Accept it lady! I met my “fella” when I had totally given up on love & resigned myself to the life of a single mom. Sometimes I still can’t believe he’s ALL MINE even after 6 years of being together & 4 years of married bliss…

    Meeting your match is a wonderful thing, ain’t it?

  18. Is he available then? Because I could really use somebody to carry my heavy stuff when I travel. Not because I am a “delicate flower” but because I need my hands free to update my Twitter feed with my iPhone.

  19. Aww Sizzle. This totally made me tear up. You and The Fella are both so lucky to have found each other.

    You give us Single Girls some hope!

  20. That was so sweet.
    You are both very lucky to have found each other.

    Relax and enjoy the love Sizzle – you deserve it and more.

  21. I am in much the same boat as you, Sizzle! Accept that good things do happen and love is out there.

    I am happy for you both.

  22. That is my absolute favorite Gershwin song. That and “My Funny Valentine.” Oops. That one is Lorenz & Hart.

    I thought I had a guy like the one you have described but I was wrong. And I’ve been a little dating-shy since.

  23. Awwww….that is a sweet story. Enjoy each and every one of those special moments. The Fella is a keeper.

  24. i have one who is nearly exactly the same… and i also don’t trust it for a second! i’m assured given time i’ll come to accept he’s telling the truth … until that time i’ll just enjoy loving him and keep on telling myself that he does mean it he does mean it 😉

  25. Um, wow. So this is what someone who’s not bitter and jaded about relationships sounds like. I’ll have to try it some time. It sounds heavenly.

  26. Sometimes wonderful, life changing things happen when they are least expected. I’m so glad you found your fella. He sounds incredible!

  27. The hardest part is not overanalyzing, isn’t it? Believing we deserve it? Seeing what everyone else sees?

    He sounds absolutely true.

  28. From what you just described he sounds like a dream come true. Be happy Sizzle. This is what you’ve written about since 2004 when I met you.. that you wanted someone just like this in your world.

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