I’ll Pass

The other day The Fella and I walked over to a local park for a picnic. While we were lounging on the blanket in the shade of a tree, we watched our fellow park-goers play croquet, chase their dogs, lie in the sun reading and toss a frisbee around.

Fella: “We should play frisbee.”

Me: “Um, no. I don’t do that.”

Fella: “What do you mean?”

Me: “Sizzle Fact: I don’t play frisbee.”

Fella: “Why?”

Me: “Because it involves running and coordination simultaneously. Besides, it reminds me of a lot of men I dated in Santa Cruz. Stoners love frisbee.”

Fella: “It doesn’t always involve running unless your partner throws it wrong.”

Me: “Regardless, no frisbee for me.”

I can tell you one thing I won’t be doing over this long weekend – playing frisbee! But I will be going to see some theater, hanging out with friends, enjoying the nice weather (please let there be nice weather), entertaining my Mom on her visit, painting my bedroom, shopping, cleaning the mini-blinds in the vacant apartment (yuck!) and sleeping (and napping and any form of resting). Oh and getting my butt in gear training for this.

What are you going to be doing to enjoy the extended weekend?


71 thoughts on “I’ll Pass

  1. Sounds like you’ll have a great weekend!
    We’re going to a ball game, dinner with friends (cross your fingers for The Melting Pot) and there will probably be lots of me getting the twins to do or say things that will just end up getting me in trouble…

    I got hit square in the head with a frisbee once. For being an all-rounded object, it sure hurt like Hades!

    Have a great weekend!!

  2. Go you! Organized sporting events of any kind sort of make me want to cry, so I’m very impressed! Me, I prefer the couch.

    Hope you have a fantastic long weekend! Thanks for all the supportive words the past couple days. Means a lot.


  3. I only play frisbee with my kids. It isn’t that I don’t like it, I just am not very good.

    I am so excited for you for training for that!!!! Awesome!

  4. ah, so cool that you’re doing the irongirl!

    have a great long weekend! im going to a bbq tomorrow and planning for lots of r&r. and some good runs too with this nice weather!

  5. Fella’s right– it doesn;t involve running unless your partner throws it wrong! Of course, if you tried playing this game with stoners, you probably had to chase after the frisbee alot…

    Try it again, with someone who actually can do it right! It’s so fun! 😀

  6. Sigh. I wish I had another long weekend this weekend. I visited the in-laws for my long weekend last week.
    If it’s any consolation, despite the fact that it’s supposed to be nice here, I’ll be in class. Saturday and Sunday. But then I’m done 🙂 And free to sleep in on Saturdays and Sundays again.

  7. And stoners LOVE fribsee golf! I suck at Frisbee too 😦

    It sounds like you are going to have a great weekend! 🙂 Are you running the race or walking (sorry, I didn’t read all the info!)?

    We are doing some errands, but also fun things – bowling, seeing the new Indiana Jones movie… sleeping in!

  8. AWESOME!!!
    Races are awesome!!! Congratulations Sizzle! Thats great news! This site is very helpful for training purposes … http://www.runnersworld.com … it gave me some good tips on training safely. Because, wacky me has hurt myself in the past training.
    Have a great weekend!

  9. I’m hanging with Dumb and Dumber (two dogs I dogsit every Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends). And there will be plenty of reading while sitting in the yard, because hopefully the weather will be nice, while the dogs run around. Oh, and I’ll be sipping lemonade made from the lemons on the tree. In the evening there will be time to catch up on my DVD viewing since the house has no cable. And maybe I’ll go visit the Zombie family.

  10. I hate playing Frisbee. I’ve been hit in the nose too many times to enjoy it!

    Chillin’ at the house. BBQ on Sunday and Monday. Enjoying the sun for a change.

    First time we’ll have had no rain two days in a row in over a month!

  11. I used to play ultimate every once in awhile… I kinda enjoy it. I’m not much good, but when you’re as uncoordinated as I am, you learn that you either play while not being good at a sport, or you never play anything.

  12. P.S. Good for you for doing the Iron Girl! I totally want to do the breast cancer 60 mile walk one year: I just don’t want to do it alone. I think that’s totally one of those things you need a teammate or two around for to keep motivation up!

  13. It’s okay. Frisbee isn’t for everyone. That said, I do love to play.

    And are you doing the 5k or the 10k? And why is it that the races are measured in kilometres, when your country is so clearly digging their heels in about this whole “metric system” thing? Seriously, make up your minds, America.

  14. Frisbee? Uh- NO, thank you.

    People keep asking if I’m on the company softball team. I just laugh. REALLY loudly.

    I may go kayaking this weekend, though.

  15. Celebrating my birthday tomorrow!!! Although I do need to come into work for like 2-3 hours (major *ugh*). But yay, my birthday!!

    Have an awesome weekend (full of sunshine and no frisbee I hope)!

  16. ha, my boyfriend loves playing ultimate frisbee (wink) and i’m actually pretty good at it though i would never join a league… i can think of 100 other things i’d rather do but it’s fun when you’re at the beach and want to work up a good sweat…

    this weekend i plan on getting my haircut and going for a nice, long motorcycle ride…

    have a good one! :o)

  17. Ooooo you are brave! I have wanted to do a marathon for a few years now but, I won’t lie, I’m frightened. I see they have a 5 mile option, that might not be so bad.

  18. Running? What’s that?!
    I’ll be getting a mani/pedi tomorrow to celebrate the beginning of an entire week off work!
    Have a fabulous weekend ;o)

  19. Sounds like a lovely weekend (well, minus the cleaning blinds part). Me? I’m going to be packing. All weekend. Because it looks like my condo will indeed close in two weeks. And we’re going to NYC next weekend. Oh yeah, and I’ll also be hoping the counter-offer we are dangling will be snatched by the owners of the condo we really like.

  20. We are in the midst of painting our Kitchen and Bathroom…I will be glad when its done. I wish I was off this weekend, but tomorrow is Monday for me. So enjoy your long weekend and think of me just once – working and slaving away! 😉

  21. I just discovered that there’s a park near my office with one of only two frisbee golf courses in Seattle. Random!

    I hope this weekend’s weather is nice too, but it looks very iffy at this point…

  22. You didn’t say no to croquet, so we’re all good. 😉

    I’m going to hit a bit art/craft fair over the weekend.

    Good for you with the running. I confess, I initially was thinking a triathlon since that’s what they use iron man/woman to describe here.

  23. wow, how did I end up with this crab with its brains spilling out avatar? Figured it was a random thing last time, but doesn’t seem like it now…

  24. So I’m getting the feeling that maybe you don’t like frisbee?

    I have the pleasure of attending driving school tomorrow so that should be all kinds of fun. I’ve also had an extremely hectic week with lots of late nights. So, sad as it is, I might need to catch up on some sleep and recharge this weekend too 😉

  25. I want YOUR weekend. Mine will be attending two graduation parties (I hate parties) and making the annual cemetary run to southern Iowa. See? You win.

  26. I too dislike the frisbee…I always get nervous that I’ll throw it, and it’ll go wild and end up hitting some passer by in the head. And of course, when I throw it…it goes all wild and ends up hitting someone in the head.

    I’m going to Gettysburg, PA this weekend to be all historical and academic like. Whoohoo!

  27. My philosophy on men and the beach mirrors that frisbee chat. Men can’t stand the beach unless they can throw something. Frisbee, softball, football, beachball, small child, anything.

    For me, it’s all about the book.

    Thanks for stopping by – your site is great!

  28. I am hoping furiously that we will have some nice weather this weekend. I sent off a resume & cover letter for what very well may be my dream job this morning, so I am going to try to relax while simultaneously hoping I hear back from them soon!

    We are going to try to go see the new Indiana Jones movie tomorrow morning (and if we do, it means I get to pick the next movie. I’m looking at you, Sex and the City!), then lounging around in my sweats and yoga pants watching bad tv saturday afternoon/evening since my honey has to work that night. Other than that my weekend likely consists of boring old housework and errand-running, unless I get any fantastically fun ideas from reading what everyone else has to say!

  29. I am doing some babysitting, doing some running, sitting by pools around town, drinking some beer and general relaxing before next week’s hell week starts.

    Have a great weekend.

  30. Are you sure your weekend will be long enough for that huge list? As for frisbee, if you get a dog, he’ll catch it and bring it back to you. See? I can make a lazy version of anything!

  31. Why do stoners love frisbee?
    It reminds me of the hot beach guys in LA when I was growing up, now that I think about it, they were probably stoned too.
    My weekend involves cleaning my apartment so the management doesn’t charge me for cleaning ($50 just for the blinds!!), checking out my condo to see if the tenants cleaned it well enough to get thier deposit back, packing packing packing. I hope it’s rainy and gross here so I don’t feel bad that I’m not outside.

  32. Extended weekend? I didn’t realize. I don’t think mother’s get weekends. No, I’m hosting Bad Art and Craft night at my house on Sunday night…too bad you’re not closer; of course, then you’d still have to contend with those icky frisbee throwing wanna be dreadlock stoners over here. Serious. Well, at least he didn’t ask you to play this hacky sack.



    YOU KNOW, I’m such an Iron Girl I got the tattooooooo!!

    Let me know if I can help.


  34. Dear Fella, anytime you wanna play Frisbee, you let me know. It’s one of those ‘sporty’ activities that usually allows me to hold a beer in one hand while participating.

  35. I’m hoping to do a whole lot of NOTHING. It’s been a crazy week.

    good luck training. I find a large bottle of Costco’s Ibuprofen and an iPod will be the two main training support tools you’ll need! Oh, and a near inhuman Terminator-style tolerance of pain…

  36. LOL! I feel the same way about frisbee. I have no problem watching people play, but actually playing the game? Forget about it.

  37. I stink at Frisbee so I never try. In fact, I am not sure I ever really learned.

  38. WTFH? I’m totally in for the IronGirl. Are you really doing it? I ran my first 5K in October and it was quite simply one of the most empowering things I have ever done. I mean besides wanted to vomit at the end. I did it 5 times before Christmas and need a reason to get back at it and this IronGirl thing sounds pretty neat!


  39. frisbee catching is hard – i don’t really do running so it’s no good for me 😉

    your weekend plans sounded good – i hope the weather held out for you: it didn’t here! :/

  40. Are you running the 5 or 10K? I want to do the 5k, but if I get lame and don’t…I’ll be there to cheer you on! (I’ll bring cupcakes!)

    Finn will be obsessed with Frisbee just to torture Aunt Sizzle.

  41. Awesome you are doing Iron Girl!!
    And frisbee….yeah, not so much. What’s wrong with hanging out on the blanket, reading a good book, sipping a cocktail??
    Hope you had a great long week end!

  42. Ok maybe it is that I used to be a stoner, but I do love me some “bee”.

    You GO IRON GIRL!! I cant wait to hear all about that. I’ll have to show you photos from my lovely wife and Esmerelda after they do Iron Girl in August.

  43. Ted likes to throw the frisbee and I have to admit that it’s harder than it looks. I always throw it crooked and then I feel stupid b/c I can’t throw a frisbee. I like bocce ball, though, (for park sports).

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