Productivity: Thy Name is Paint

The bedroom went from dingy white to Martha Stewart’s “Surf” in under 5 hours thanks to my family and boyfriend. I will give myself some credit- I taped the entire room and had two walls mostly done-ish by the time they arrived. Ok maybe two halves of two walls. Details. Details! But it was Doke & Double B’s ingenious thinking and arm strength that solved the I-don’t-have-enough-blue-paint problem by painting a crisper white above the picture rail and all over the ceiling (perk of being apartment manager- access to the maintenance room and extra paint).While they painted, I took a lot of beer breaks. My mom was on Finn duty and totally got out of having to get any paint on her.

The room is definitely not done but it looks more like a room I can peacefully rest in without the ugly walls, boxes of cds, and piles of laundry. Oh wait. The laundry is still there- I just cut it out of the final photo. And the cds are still in boxes but they are now in the living room. And nothing is hanging on the walls yet.

My apartment is slowly coming together. Someday soon I WILL be posting a video tour of it. I swear!


56 thoughts on “Productivity: Thy Name is Paint

  1. I love how it is looking. The color is fab.

    I don’t have to paint, but I DO have to move (Starting tomorrow) ACK! So I am feeling empathy with your house upheaval.

  2. Do you loan the family out? I have a couple of rooms I would like painted.

    Nice that they help. My family would probably just point out the mistakes and then tell us to hire a painter. Not a lot of diy’ers in my family. I could definitely get on board with the beer breaks and playing with Finn.

  3. Dude, I am the world’s worst painter. In fact, my friend Steph and I were gonna paint my bathroom, and fifteen minutes in I was all whining and “I don’t want to do this”, and Steph looked at me and said “You SHUT UP. We will paint this and do it right IF IT FORCES ME TO KILL YOU, YOU BIG BABY.”

    It looked good in the end, but not because of anything I did.

  4. Video tour would be cool!!!! I couldn’t do it on my own house as it’s just too dang messy. Cute as a button, your little nephew is….

  5. Looks like fun. I always get super excited about painting and then start to hate the project about halfway through. That’s why its good to have reinforcements! I need to invite your family over to my place!

  6. Very, very nice! I feel your painting pain. We started painting/siding our house this weekend. Since we’re doing it ourselves, it’s going to take forever, but it’ll be great when it’s done. I love the Surf Blue of your room. Calming and cozy…

  7. I LOVE the yellow curtains, pillow and bed cover. Doesn’t anything in sunny yellow perk you up?

    By the way, I’m intrigued by the view out your window. Show us your view! I was an urban dweller for only two short years and I’ve always thought the view from a multi-story building was one of the chief advantages of urban living.

    Mayberry Magpie

  8. woo! go you and all that painting! it took me about four months to get round to painting a cupboard for the bathroom hehehe 😉

  9. Love the color and the curtains…inspirational! Finn is too cute. And hopefully any paint in the beer was avoided too. :O)

  10. don’t remind me, the previous tenant painted the bathroom orange and I have to paint it back if I want my security deposit. UGH –

    – but yours looks very, very pretty!!

  11. How many people did this take? You should hire my wife who painted our entire apartment in one day.

  12. I love the color! It’s giving me inspiration…and your curtains because I have them too! :]

  13. Yeah for chipping away at that to-do list! Looks great! At least you can now wake up on the right side of the bed no matter which side you sleep on!

  14. Room looks fab! Man Finn is getting so big. What are you guys feeding that child? 🙂

    I might have to hit you up for painting advice when KJ and I finally land a house.

  15. I hate painting, but there is something about a freshly painted room that’s so crisp and clean.

    nice work; can’t wait to see the tour.

  16. I love me a freshly painted room, except I hate the prep, I hate the smell, I hate the clean up and I’m not too keen on the actual painting part.

    Looks marvelous! Now where’s that video tour?

  17. I sooo need your family to come visit.
    You and I can drink beer while they finish the bathroom in the basement I started to tear apart and have never gotten back to.
    I pay for airfare and put you up – still cheaper than a contractor. And more fun.

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