I Didn’t Mosh

Want to know a surefire way to feel old? Go to an outdoor concert sponsored by a local radio station whose demographic wasn’t born before 1984.

That’s what I did Saturday night. Surrounded by scads of scantily clad young girls wearing outfits inspired by the era I grew up in and meat head boys without shirts, many drunk or high, stumbling up the grassy hill glassily looking for their buddies, there I am sitting on a blanket, yawning, and it’s not even 10pm.

The minor annoyances like how the line to the port-a-potty was so long and the people ahead of me were so sloppy drunk & stupid I just decide to hold it. For 3 more hours. Or how one band’s lead singer over-used the word “fuck” to the point of sounding completely ignorant. And I like the word fuck, so that’s saying something. And don’t get me started on the cigarette smokers who attempted to surreptitiously smoke on the no smoking lawn section.

The line up included Nada Surf and Pennywise but we were there to see Flogging Molly. For those of you unfamiliar with them, they are a 7-piece Irish American Celtic punk band. They are all kinds of awesome. It’s difficult not to bop around when you hear their music.

But even if I love the music, I have come to the conclusion that I would not make a very good punk. I’m not an anarchist. I’m not even a rebel. I’m a good girl who usually follows the rules. And, thus, I feel incredibly tame and boring. Next thing you know I’ll be saying to Finn, “Back in my day, we had these things called cassette tapes.” and in a couple of years I’ll be yelling, “Hey kids! Get off my lawn!” . . .But first I have to get a lawn.

If you’ll excuse me, it’s time for my Metamucil and then the Price is Right is on.

57 thoughts on “I Didn’t Mosh

  1. I went to CVS this morning… you can’t buy cigarettes if you were born before 1990. 1990. That is terrifying. Then at the mall I was told that old people like me shouldn’t shop at Victoria’s Secret… and I’m going to be 26.

    Oh, youth.

  2. I felt the same way when I went to a bar to see a concert with my girlfriend a few months ago, and we were out until WAY past midnight, and I thought I was going to DIE. And I also wanted to punch most of the other people at the bar.

  3. I wonder if these kids even know who Madonna is. Or the Beatles. Probably not. I bet you they rank the fall of the Berlin wall as “old history” or something. Just too weird.

  4. I was born in 1984 and I would have felt the same way as you at the concert πŸ˜‰ I am just not into partying like that… or acting crazy like that? I think work is aging me… ha ha ha!

  5. Heehee! πŸ˜€ Love this post girl…and I am soooo already there, with the “cassette tape” comments about when I was a girl! yep, one gets to feeling old, of a sudden. You aren’t tho–don’t believe it for a minute!

  6. Don’t forget to watch the Golden Girls. It’s a scream! HA!

    I had a co-worker who did not know who Aerosmith was. Hello!! The co-worker was born in the 80s and I’m not that old!!!


  7. This is fantastic – I felt this way when my little brother (18) asked me one day, “Hey, do you have any CD’s with like oldies songs on them? My friends and I really into that now – like that really old Baby Got Back song…” Um. Oldies to me are the “The Twist” or maybe even some early Doors stuff, but Sir Mix a Lot? Puh-lease.

  8. My solution to making myself feel young? Marry a guy who was out of high school before I was a freshman πŸ˜‰ Then when we talk music, I kinda sound like a youngun.
    Then again, our satellite radio is almost permaglued to the 70s station. And I’m happy about it. Based on my students, you don’t want to be younger. Embrace being obscure.

  9. Oooh, I love Flogging Molly! Although last time we saw them play it was at House of Blues which is a standing-room-only theater, and by the end of their set my friend and I ended up on the outdoor patio where we could sit on the steps and watch the 2nd band on the TV feed because were just OUT of energy from being hulked together with sweaty people and getting knocked over and the occasional mosh pit.

    My friends went to see Iron Maiden a couple of weeks ago (who themselves are like 600 years old) and they were frustrated with all the moshing and bonfires in the grass section because they were hoping to be able to sit on a blanket and ‘rock out’ rather than stand on a steep hill and avoid being burned and stomped to death by crazy teenagers who “discovered” Iron Maiden last year.

  10. I bought BF tickets for a weekend long music/camping festival for our anniversary, and I’m scared I am going to face a very similar situation….for three days.

    I’m such a rule follower, too- even when I was a “crazy youth” I wouldn’t have dreamed of doing something like smoking on the non-smoking lawn (because, come on, that’s not being a rebel, that’s just inconsiderate). I probably would have been drunk and sloppy in the porta-potty line, though πŸ™‚

  11. I am right there with you. Sometimes when I talk to the babysitter people (not adults, not kids, I just don’t know what to call them!) in my gym’s daycare I feel ancient.

  12. Ha! I am so glad it’s not just me!
    Even though I would have wanted to go to sleep at 10:00 as well, I am jealous that you got to see Flogging Molly live. πŸ™‚

  13. I moshed, once upon a time. Looking back – moshing makes no sense. At all. Even IF you’re completely wasted.

    Next time bring a camera and take sneaky photos of the natives at the concert. πŸ˜‰ Now, I’m going to go vacuum and yell at my children that back in my day we picked up dirt specks with tweezers and were grateful!

  14. You think you feel old, at 52 I am beginning to feel like I could use a walker :-). And I remember LP’s for the love of god.

  15. I felt that way last summer at a Dave Matthews concert. I was all defensive, saying shit like, “but they were getting their start when I was in college, therefore they are MY band” while being surrounded by OC-like kids texting each other though they were merely a few rows apart. Sweets and I almost left. Instead, we decided to walk around – where we found all the other old people doing much of the same thing. Sigh.

  16. Ha! I totally know the feeling. I haven’t been to an outdoor concert in forever – largely due to my aversion to port-a-pots. Shudder.

  17. I love working with a 20-year-old and 18-year-old, along with others older than I. I have someone to back me up with the younger ones don’t know about The A-Team, and I can pretend I’m young when I can converse about Twitter and the older ones don’t know what we’re talking about.

  18. I’ll be sure not to call you until the Price is Right is over (nothing angered my Great Grandma Edna more than someone calling during Judge Wapner)

  19. hehe. I know the feeling. Last week I was at a movie, and these three teenaged girls would not quit texting. *beep*boop*beep*beep* “Kids get off my lawn” indeed.

    P.S. That made lots of sense in my head.

  20. Flogging Molly??? I’m so Jealous!!! I’ve always wanted to see them in concert!

    I laughed out loud at Marie’s comment “I wonder if these kids even know who Madonna is. Or the Beatles.” Kids these days, if you can really call them that, have claimed the Beatles and other ‘oldies’ as their favorite bands. To have a true and lasting love for something so retro is totally cool now. psh. Ask any Ramones t-shirt wearer to name 3 of their songs… bet they’ll get I Wanna Be Sedated & Blitzkrieg Bop but that’s it.

    txting someone while sitting next to them – my lil sis does it all the time. It’s f’ing ridic! They do it “so we can talk about other people in the rm w/o them knowing”. oi

    What’s the point of moshing? I just dont get it.

  21. Born before 84??? Please! I was born in the 60s!! (Out of curiosity after reading the comments, am I your only reader in their 40s?). BUT (and I am happy to be able to say “but”) at least I know what a Mosh pit is. So I am not so old, right?

  22. Hello! I am just passing by (going through the many blog links Sarah Nielson put up on her blog) and usually don’t leave comments because I am terribly shy but this entry totally caught my attention-The last concert I went to had 3 opening bands and I was stifling yawns before the first band had finished. I am also a huge fan of Flogging Molly-I have this fantasy of getting them to play at my wedding. =P

  23. Love Flogging Molly. I was fortunate enough to discover them before they were big. Spring 2000, St. Patricks day, House of Blues, Las Vegas. We wanted to see an ‘Irish band’ and saw a poster of them as we walked by. Bought tickets right there (not sold out).

    Lucky enough to have seen a few of their smaller shows soon after that here in Sandy Eggo!

    Oooooo… and Pennywise… have been to show where there were only 200 of us πŸ™‚

  24. I went to see The Birthday Massacre a couple of weeks ago and I was the oldest person at the gig. I’m 34. Nothing but kids I swear. I felt somewhat out of place walking around the venue before the bands came on. I called my friend from the venue and told her that I was officially old now πŸ˜‰

  25. Flogging Molly is almost as awesome as sex on the first date.

    I still think they’re more Ska than Punk, but who can really label good music anything else but good?

  26. Nada Surf, Pennywise and Flogging Molly? What a strange lineup. I can see Pennywise and Flogging Molly together, but not Nada Surf.

    I’ve seen Flogging Molly a number of times, the last time was at Bumbershoot. We started near the front and minutes into the first song, we had to get out of there. I’m 6’4″, 300 lbs and I was being tossed around like a rag doll.

  27. I had a similar experience the last time I attempted to go to a rock concert. Picture two 30 year old guys, several thousand tweenagers, and one forty-something lady next to me who kept offering me a puff on her cigarette. “Go on. You know you want it.”

    The Price Is Right now just makes me sad. Drew… *shakes head* I’m sorry. It’s just not working.

  28. The Boy wanted to know about cassettes. I had to explain. I also had to explain why we have none because — well, he got into them and unrolled them all. Sad really. He wanted to know where to plug in the earphones on my vinyl albums. He’s amazed by it. Kind of cool. He looks at me the way I look at my mom when she explained that they didn’t have TV as a kid. Whoa!

    We went to see Springsteen (ok we go to see Springsteen a lot). We were the youngest people in the room. I actually had someone say to me “How old were you in 1974?” — didn’t feel so bad.

    Drunk people are why I don’t go to Indie shows.

  29. I love Flogging Molly. Unfortunately, I know what you mean. When I saw them, I was with a friend of mine (who’s actually a year younger than me) who was at the time the HR representative for a local food co-op. We ran into one of her teenage employees there, and the kid was like, “YOU like Flogging Molly?!?” Pleeease, kid. We’re not ELDERLY!

  30. On the way home after Saturdays tball game, I passed a sign that said “80’s music freak show, tonite @ 7”. So I went. And felt old. Because I am.

    But I used to rock the big hair and the shoulder pads.

  31. I know how you feel about the concert. That’s why I don’t go to many concerts. I went last year to the Sheryl Crow/John Mayer concert but it was an older crowd and not too wild.
    When I see people getting totally wasted I just remember my youth….and know that they will feel like total crap in the morning. ha.

  32. I’m SO with you on this one.

    And, I’m about *this* close to handing out mini dictionaries at the skate parks around here-i’m so sure my pre-teen would looove that.

  33. I’ve reached that stage already! When all the 13-year old kids suddenly thought gigging was cool I really started to feel out of place. I haven’t been to a proper gig since January. And sadly I’m not missing them :/ They’ve been overrun by surly teens who scream and carry-on and make me feel very old and bitter hehe

  34. Isn’t it embarrassing…but I suppose it’s all of our fates. *sigh* Now a typical Friday night entails me going to bed at about the same time I used to be getting fired up to go out.

    Oh well.

  35. I’ve only been to a few concerts since college (and pretty tame ones at that). I think I’d be a little intimidated to go to some of the concerts I used to go to! (I was once knocked over by crowd surfers while Green Day was playing….ah, memories.)

  36. I don’t do well in mosh pits. “Excuse me” is just an autonomic response in me when I bump into someone. My punk friends say that’s annoying.

  37. “These young people today” as my grandpa would have called them just have no idea how to go to a concert. I remember everyone going absolutely crazy for Oingo Boingo and The B-52s (pre Cosmic Thing, of course). I think people now do things so as not to be left out. We used to go because we were making a statement – although I now forget what that statement actually was. I remember putting egg whites in our hair to make the best liberty spikes. And don’t even get me started on the Robert Smith makeup we all had to put on after we left the house. The last time I saw The B-52s, most of the crowd sat down if they sang anything older than Love Shack and yawned through Planet Claire. It was sad…

    Although not yet 41, I am old enough to have had the Sean Cassidy 8-Track when he was cool… but don’t tell anyone.

  38. I’m with you Sizzle.
    We had a big 4 day music festival at the park across the street from my house this past week end. It’s free and yet I still didn’t attend. Why?
    Crowds, rude teenagers and overpriced beer. Sat on my front porch and listened in comfort.

    Yes, I’m old.

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