Hello. It’s Nice to Meet You.

There’s this little blog conference coming up in a month. I don’t know if you’ve heard about it. . .it’s called BlogHer. Oh, you have? Of course you have! How silly of me! Everyone in the blogisphere knows about it.

I’m actually a volunteer for it. I’ve already been hard at work wrangling the volunteers for the event. Since this is what I do for a living, it’s not too big of a stretch even though I’ve had to inundate the coordinators with logistical questions since I have never been to the conference before. I’m excited to attend mostly because I want to meet people. But then if I think about that too much, I start to freak out a bit.

What? Me? Freak out? Um, you’ve “met” me. Lies do not become us. Of course there is some spazzing going on.

It’s rather silly really since this is not the first time I have met bloggers in person. I’ve had the pleasure of hanging out with many and there hasn’t been a bad experience yet. And if there was, do you think I’d blog about it? I wouldn’t but does that thought ever plague you? That you could meet a blogger and they don’t like you so they blog about it. Ack! Ok, maybe it’s just me. I over-think most everything anyhow.

My biggest question about BlogHer is: What in the hell am I going to wear?! Because when I am here writing this blog, I can be in my pajamas with no make up on and you can think I’m amusing and cute but that’s not really gonna fly in San Francisco. In certain parts of San Francisco, it would, but we’re talking about specifically at BlogHer. Pajamas as an outfit are already ruled out. Is anyone else concerned about this or am I the only vain one?

I’m not sure what I’ll be wearing on Saturday at Daveattle but since it’s a smaller crowd I’m not as preoccupied about it. For those of you in the Seattle area, some of us bloggers will be meeting up around 5:30pm THIS Saturday. This is the second annual Daveattle (brought to you by Dave2 at Blogography) and it is bound to be a good time replete with laughs and beer and maybe even cupcakes. Want details? Email me!

And if you’re going to be at BlogHer, let me know so I can stalk look for you.


46 thoughts on “Hello. It’s Nice to Meet You.

  1. I have never gotten to meet a fellow blogger. I blame that fact on my apparent disdain for travel. Though I would love to meet fellow bloggers some day!

    Volunteering for the event is very generous of you. kudos

  2. Hee hee, I remember obsessing for days before meeting Kapgar and Dave for the first time about what I was going to wear. Methinks they did not worry about it as much. šŸ˜‰
    I’ve never met a blogger I didn’t like–honest to god truth! But maybe I have just avoided meeting the folks I figured I wouldn’t like. Ha!

  3. BlogHer sounds like it will be so much fun! Wish I could make it. Ah well…

    I bet you’re not the only one thinking about what you’re going to wear. But no worries, you’ll look good in whatever you decide to dress in (even if it IS your PJs).

  4. I wish I were going to BlogHer. Sounds like a really lovely time. But, an expense like that will have to wait until a non-wedding year. Do have fun and be sure to report back to the rest of us who will still be at home in our PJs.

  5. This sounds like a fantastic time! I would love to meet some fellow bloggers. I’ve met some online friends before and have had fantastic experiences every time.
    I think you should go for the PJ’s-start a new trend! HA!

  6. I can raise my hand and say that I am one of the lucky ones that gets to meet Sizzle in a month! And no you are not the only one stressing about what to wear. I have three outfits picked out already. In fact what I wore to work today I love so much that I will probably wear the evening of the Macy’s party. And if I fit into my goal dress, I will wear it to the party at the club. Then I have an outfit picked out for day one of the conference. So I still need an outfit for that first thursday night there. And then one for Saturday during the conference. And another one to shop in on Sunday. So yeah I’m a little stressed about it.

    But excited more than anything.

  7. I have been wringing my hands about what to wear! And if my shoes are cute enough! Oh, the pressure…

    I think the fun factor will far outweigh our worries, though. šŸ™‚


  8. I’m sure it will be fabulous whatever you decide to wear.

    I’ve only ever met one blogger in real life and she is terribly cool. I’m sure it will be fine.

  9. You’ll be fabulous whatever you wear (although I completely understand this obsession)! I don’t really understand what Blogher is, but San Francisco should be a great time!

  10. Everyone who’s going to BlogHer seems to be angsting on their blogs about what to wear. It’s kind of funny because usually when you do that, the people you’re trying to dress to impress aren’t actually witnesses to the angst. But in this case, they totally are.

  11. I am so jealous you are going to BlogHer! I want to go but my fear of people keeps me away. I guess it’s not my fear of people since I don’t really have a fear of people it’s more a fear of speaking to people. HAHA!

    Oh! And as long as you have clothes on I think you will be fine.

    I would love to go to Daveattle but I am otherwise engaged that day…damn it.

  12. I would DEFINITELY be worrying about what to wear! I’m sure no matter what, you’ll be adorable and (most importantly) will have a fabulous time.

  13. You KNOW I’m going! And yes- I’m obsessing about clothes, too. And my hair. And my skin. And my weight…


  14. Am I the only one that thinks that if you wear pj’s, it will totally be the ultimate “you”? Also, you’d be the most comfy one there! Pshaw! Reason enough, sista.

    I don’t understand the freak out about what to wear, but maybe that’s because I love my clothes so much, I wouldn’t have much trouble finding outfits that would work. Does that make me weird? Snotty-sounding? I dunno. I’m SURE you must have stuff you love to wear, right? Wear it! And have fun…I’d love to go to a BlogHer conference. Probably won’t be able to do it for another few years, though, thanks to the house project, the boobie project, and my lack of winning the lotto and everything. Can’t wait to hear about your trip!

  15. Where’s Daveattle? I mean, Seattle; I got that, but where IN Seattle? We’ve got tickets to a Broadway show that evening and I’m not sure what other plans we have, but if it works out, it would be cool to stop by for a drink–or a cupcake–before-hand.

  16. The one thing I’ve learned from meeting bloggers over and over again is that I no longer have to spaz about what to wear! You’ll be fine, I promise :).

  17. PJs sound perfect! If I was meeting you (I wish!) then I would hope you were wearing them so I could too!
    Have a wonderful time – I’m horribly jealous ;o)

  18. I’ve met one blogger I didn’t know…and a bunch of my friends have started blogs…but after I already knew them so I’m not sure that counts.

    I wish I was coming to BlogHer so I could meet you! Maybe next year. I think that whatever you wear will be cute – but you should definitely carry a yellow umbrella to up your identifiability. (If that’s a word.:)

  19. I might have gone to Daveattle, but at that exact time I will be wearing an 80s prom dress with crimped hair for a bacheloretty party. Damn!

    Speaking of weird themed parties, why not make BlogHer a themed event? Then at least you have some parameters to pick out what you’re going to wear. šŸ™‚

  20. I’ve met some bloggers, but on a smaller scale and frankly would be too intimidated to go to something like BlogHer though. A friend of mine is going and I hope you have a great time!

  21. Dang! I am not in Seattle, and I really like beer and cupcakes. But you might have already known all of that.

    (Also, I have totally thought about the “what if I meet someone and they don’t like me and go write a post about it.” Specifically, I worry about if they don’t like what I’m wearing. Shallow, yes.)

  22. I’ve never even received hate mail, so I don’t consider myself official enough to attend, but if I did, I’d wear something black. You can never go wrong with black.

  23. I want to go so bad. Maybe next year. But I get all panicky thinking about it, if I were to go that is. Paper bag anyone?
    Have fun! I’d send a cardboard cut out of me, but everyone would be all like, “Who the hell is that?” Haha!

  24. I will be the one licking people and hugging those who seem uncomfortable with hugging. I might also be teetering about in heels.

    So catch me when I fall. And TOTALLY stalk me. That would be the awesome.

  25. I say forget conventional wisdom and go with the pajamas. If you do, no one who meets you will ever forget it.

    Besides, isn’t one of the most wonderful things about being a blogger the chance to be judged for the things that really count in life? Isn’t it a part of why we blog so that others will judge us on the substance of our lives and not so much on how much we weigh, how clear our skin, or what sorts of clothes we wear?

    The more I think about it Sizz, the more I think you owe it to yourself and to bloggers everywhere to wear those pj’s proudly.

    Too bad I won’t be there to 1) remind you it was my great idea or 2) chide you for not finding the strength to do it against your better judgment.

    Oh well, have a great time.


  26. Thank god! This is my major issue as well. Plus, despite the fact that I’m hanging out for summer (I’m from Australia), I’ve recently been told that SF doesn’t do summer very well.

  27. wear an outfit like your little lady that resembles you in your header? (i dont know what the “techy” name for it is!)

    have fun! i wish i was going to something like this!

  28. First of all, you are funky, fun and adorable. Anything you wear will be a hit. You are so easy to talk to, I bet everyone will want to hang out with the fabulous Sizzle.

    Second, were you talking about me? Am I the one that you met that you hate but won’t talk about because I am still reading? Ok, I’m kidding. But, I know what you mean.

  29. I really want to move to Seattle now. No one in Dallas wants to meet up and see bloggers in real life. I hate that! Are you SURE your building can’t take two small dogs?

  30. I always wonder what I’m going to wear when I go places. And sadly, I have a very bad habit of buying new clothes just because I’m going some place. My goal here is to manage to fit into one smallish suitcase and not have to lug too much crap.

    Will you be at the Newbie party on Thursday?

  31. You already know this, but I’m one of your volunteers. I’m nervous! I don’t know what to wear and what if I’m not as cool as I am in blog world!? haha

    I can’t wait to meet you though!

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