Not On The Rug!

There is one rug in my entire apartment located in the hallway.Β  While it was on sale at West Elm, it was still a bit of a splurge for me. I love it. The cats also love it as evidenced by their incessant frolicking and rolling around on it like they are Tawny Kitaen in a Whitesnake video.

So imagine my surprise when I come home last night to discover the rug bunched up like they were practicing moon walking on it while I was out working. When I straightened it out I saw that someone had puked on it. On my brand new West Elm rug that wasn’t cheap. On my yellow rug. Brown puke.

(Insert expletives here.)

After all the swearing was said and done, I googled some rug remedies and thought I’d try some baking powder on it. Um, no. That wasn’t my brightest idea ever since this isn’t like regular old carpet you have installed in your house. So now I have a white-ish spot where the brown-ish spot used to be.

I’m currently soaking that section in a sink full of water hoping to get the baking powder out of it and eventually have my beautiful rug back. Fucking cats! The entire house is hard wood flooring and they have to puke on the lone rug? Good thing they are cute and I am against animal cruelty because one of them could have “accidentally” fallen out of an open second story window.

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  1. I almost clicked on that YouTube link. But I’m at work. So, no.

    Also? FIRST. (This never happens.)

    Here’s hoping the stain comes out. Sorry the baking powder didn’t work. Silly cats! This is why Sizzle can’t have nice things!

  2. My cats do the same thing. My rugs are cheap though, but I have three and my cats will run from where they are to puke on one of the rugs.
    I have NEVER understood this. It is a great mystery :-). Good luck getting the stain out. Thanks for your comment on my blog…

  3. We have three pukey cats. Between them, a dog and an almost-two-year-old; we basically can’t have nice rugs (or anything, for that matter) in our house. Only the cheapest ‘disposable’ rugs from Ikea or Target.

    It’s hard not to make them ‘outdoor’ cats, sometimes.

  4. Oh Sizzle, I SO feel your pain. My cats have barfed on my leather chair AND OTTOMAN, one of my favorite scrapbooks, my couch, my black purse, pieces of clothing I accidentally left on the floor. It’s like they gravitate right to the stuff I would specifically choose to not have them spew on.

    On another note, I think you should change one of your cat’s names to Tawny Kitten.

  5. I let my dogs sleep with me every single night, and not only did one of them pee on my bed, but another puked on it, the very same day I bought BRAND NEW BEDDING.

  6. That’s where you say to them, “See why we can’t have nice things??”
    Seriously, I do not splurge on more than Target bargain prices for rugs. The cats immediately claim them for their own–toys, resting mats, barf target, whatever. :p

  7. I really think there is some scientific reason the animals only go on the rugs. Like they enjoy the soft surface when excreting bodily fluids. I don’t know – but it is always the case.

  8. It sounds like they tried to “hide” it! Ha! I have 3 dogs, one of them who is quite old and another who has a behavioral peeing problem. Let’s just say…I feel your pain.

  9. I have this same battle with my dogs. Why is it that in a house full of hardwood floors and tile, they have to bolt for the nearest rug to puke? It’s like some crazy instinct from the animal kingdom!

  10. Ugh. I hope you find a solution. Scan the internet! There must be a way to get the stain out!

    Our cat doesn’t barf on things – he chews them up. You’ll go pick up a blanket that has been folder up on the couch, and when you open it, it looks like one of those snowflakes you cut out of folder paper – because of all the holey patterns in it.

  11. Awww! That sucks! Hope you can get the stain out. When I get stains on my carpet (haven’t tried to remove puke ones just yet) I try and use Shout or Spray & Wash (yeah I know they are meant for clothes) which usually gets it out.

  12. Now you’ll probably get a knock on your door at 2am from one of your neurotic tenants saying “I smell cat puke”

  13. I agree on the Resolve. Also having a wet/dry vac is good (not that I have one). I’ve heard you can get a mini one for such emergencies.

    I have only one puker and she loves to puke on the rugs, but perhaps the worst was when she puked on the bed, on my pillow. Thankfully I found that before I went to sleep.

  14. Oh wow – I agree with the Resolve. It has gotten out various kid stains in my house. Just another reason for me to not get cats…. HA! Good luck with the stain!!

  15. Gah! And that’s pretty much why I don’t have pets. I very much hope you get the stain out, without leaving another bleach-type stain in its place.

  16. Don’t know if this will be at all helpful for you, but I have found that this carpet cleaning spray works wonders on dog puke stains without discoloring the carpet or rug. Sadly i have far more experience in this area than I would like.

    I hope your rug gets restored to its former glory soon!

  17. I’m tossing this post as #579 into the “reasons I’ll never have a cat” pile. Besides the fact that I’m totally allergic.

    Total bummer about your rug. Much rinsing with water might work. I once spilled a pint of grey paint on a white carpet. 5 gallons of water later, no more paint. good luck!

  18. Oh geez…can I ever related? My dog loves to pee on everything. Last year I purchased a ridiculously expensive rug (I don’t know what the heck I was thinking) and I live in fear each day that she will ruin it.

    Animals…we love them but boy can they be a mess.


  19. I’m a Windex girl. I use it on everything, including getting poop and puke stains out of rugs.

    It totally works. Give it a go, if you already have it.

  20. I regularly threaten to sell my cats for dog food. And they puke everywhere. On white carpet! Our rugs are cheapy, so just water and a paper towel takes care of it, but I use Resolve foaming cleaner on the white carpets. It’s a miracle solution, I swear! When my mom cat-sit once, she went overboard with the snackies, which were these red hearts, and they ralphed everywhere in RED. And Resolve foam got it out (regular spray didn’t). It’s called ‘high traffic areas’ or something like that and is the best $3 investment I have ever made.

  21. We have a regular puker at our house, and the only thing I use is Resolve. I spray it on the spot, let it sit for 30 seconds or so, then use my fingers to scrub it and make it foamy (which lifts out the stain). And – a little tip – I find the regular Resolve is more effective than the kind “specifically designed” for pet stains. Go figure. :o)

  22. I know that rug! It made the top 5 in my list of new living room rugs! (I went with one from World Market)

    Whatever you do, don’t ever get a jute rug – cat puke is impossible to get out of that kind! Shag rugs and cat puke are a pain in the ass too…come to think of it, our old cat puke-stained shag rug is now in a friend’s house. For the love of god, I have no idea why.

  23. Oh no! You sound like my friend Melissa–she has two cats and they scratch, jump on and destroy everything in her place. A few of us were talking about new curtains today and she asked, “Can we change the subject? Thinking about curtains makes me sad.” …apparently her cats have decorated the bottoms of all of hers with scratch marks. Lovely.

  24. I’m never going to be able to look at Tawny Kitaen the same way again. :o) Good luck.

    You could always do what everyone else with animal-ruined furniture/rugs/carpets does … put it on Craigslist.

    I’m all for people having animals and taking the lumps (puke) that come with it (I have a cat, he’s barfing on everything) but why do they have to foist it off on others … and still CHARGE for it. “Easily fixed”. PUH – LEEZE.

  25. I would have totally lost it! I think that’s one of the main reasons why when I toy with the idea of getting a pet, I quickly desist.

  26. I used to think baking soda was the thing to use for pet stains, until recently I read somewhere that vinegar is the best thing to use.

    I feel your pain. My cat growing up lived to be 17, and for the last few years I was CONSTANTLY cleaning up his puke. My gag reflex is non-existant because of that.

  27. SpotShot works on every sort o’ puke…dog, cat, kid, even TooManyPinkDaquiri pukes. It also takes away fountain pen ink, sharpie, red grease and blood. We buy it by the case.

  28. must be something in the air since it’s been happening at our house at well. You’ll get the stain out. In our house, we live and die by Folex (can’t be found at Target or Walmart in the rug cleaner section).

  29. In Hawaii, Kona peed on my ivory living room carpet and I used Oxy Clean on it which left white circles in my cream-colored carpet. And then because it’s Kona, I had practically had a farm of these little alien circles within three months. Needless to say, I had wood laminate installed here in Seattle.

  30. I feel your pain. I just got a new dining room table and chairs and the chairs are partially upholstered in some kind of nubby fabric. I wasn’t sane when I picked them. The cats think it’s their new scratching post (obviously). My neighbors must think I’m crazy when I yell ‘Tigger! NO! NO! Bad boy!!’. Of course, they look at me like ‘what? this is MY house, woman!’

  31. I kid you not, I have looked at that rug a million times and threatened to buy it. I love that rug. Just can’t figure out where in my house I could put it. But I’m still angling. It’s one kick-ass rug.

    Anybody in my house pukes on a rug like that and they are “dead to me.” Maybe dead for real.

    Mayberry Magpie

  32. Mine do the same thing. In fact, one of them ate a hole in my favorite sweater too. It is indeed a good thing that we find them so cute and cuddly.

  33. Well, um, yeah. It’s the closest thing to a litter box in their immediate vicinity. My cats never did anything on wood, tile, concrete, or linoleum surfaces. Only on carpet or in their litter box. That’s just how they operate.

    Sorry about the rug. It really held the room together. πŸ˜‰

  34. Oh, yikes! As a pet owner, I hate when that happens. It, unfortunately, comes with the territory. Our cat threw up on the hardwood floors of this house that we rent. I cleaned it immediate and noticed that the wod stain came up too. Turns out the floor was never sealed. I’ll have to show my landlord eventually, but until then I am covering it up with a throw rug.

  35. I knew there was a reason I wasn’t a cat person (besides the fact I’m allergic to them). At least when my pup has an upset stomach, she seeks out the tile floor in the bathroom!

    Nevertheless, hope the stain magically disappears and gets your weekend started off right!

  36. Our entire house is wood floors and we have 2 rugs. Guess where my son always manages to puke?

    I hope it comes out and looks good as new!

  37. Oh how I fell your pain. I have one rug as well, an off white shag rug that I’d wanted FOREVER. Where does Mabel go to barf? That little 8×10 rug in our 1400 sq ft. house. Every time.

  38. I don’t know what your rug is made of, I have a couple that the cats have puked on. What has worked for me is letting it dry and harden (gross I know) but then scratching away at it with a key or paper clip edge or something. It comes up all dusty and then I vacuum.
    One of my rugs is that sisal material and the other is an orange wool one. So they aren’t shaggy or anything.

  39. Pets, kids…same thing. If you’re dressed up, the new couch, the only rug – they will find it and leave a mark.

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