Pillow Talk

You’re breathing your breath on me.

Would you like me to breathe someone else’s breath on you?

Try using your nostrils.

(Him, breathing out his nose like a bull about to charge.)

Very amusing, mouth breather!


37 thoughts on “Pillow Talk

  1. That’s too funny! Sweets and I have had bed-time conversations about how we hate breathing in other people’s hot air. And that’s why snuggling, face to face, lasts all of … one deep breath. Ha.

  2. Sizzle,

    This is what you get when you send your donkey to college.

    That’s right, you get a smart ass.

    I love it.

    Glad you and “the fella” are having fun. May it last as long as you wish.


  3. It’s like little kids fighting in the back seat of the car. Mom, The Fella is breathing on me.

    This is why spooning was started. No one is breathing in anyone’s face.

  4. Our pillow talk is something similar only it’s me telling hubby to quit snoring and to roll over so I don’t have to hear it. So romantic, no?

  5. Haha! I had a similar conversation last week:

    Why are you breathing so loudly??
    I’m breathing normally…
    Well, stop it.
    Stop breathing??
    No, stop breathing so loudly.
    But, I’m breathing normally…

    (and so it went…)

  6. ACK ACK ACK – I hate having breath on me – even my own. And Magoo is a mouth breahter too. I constantly stick my hand over his mouth because the noise makes me ILL. ACK!

  7. Haha, you sound a lot like me!

    “You had Garlic Jo’s for lunch, didn’t you?”
    “Um, yes.”
    “Can you please breathe somewhere else?”

  8. I breath through the ol’ nose all day but I can’t fall asleep until I switch to mouth breathing – ever! It’s an easy way to stay awake as long as I don’t get a stuffy nose.

  9. Ha! Too funny!
    I’m actually cringing though – I snore like the worst kind of snoring thing, really. I have no idea how any man can stand to be in bed with me and it may explain why I have been single for so long ;o)

  10. i am a mouth breather- but that is because i wear a night guard for grinding. how is THAT for sexy points! my husband cannot keep his hands off me when i wear it. its a sex magnet. really.

  11. We call that Nose Breeze.

    I totally get you. Whilst spooning, it is entirely impossible to fall asleep when puffs of air are grazing your neck at regular intervals.

  12. I’ll trade you a motuh breeder for a limb thrower. When Rhino rolls over, he throws his arms and legs. I bruise like a peach. Not a good combo.

  13. This seems far too familiar for me to laugh at 🙂

    Along a similar vein, The Lovely Wife and I had this exchange the morning after the 1st annual Scotch Fest at our house.

    “Hey, wanna cuddle”.
    “Um, no.”
    “Well, okay, but you go in front”
    “That’s no fun”
    “Well, you smell like a brewery.”
    “I do not. I smell like a distillery

    I thought I won that one, but I could be wrong.

  14. And why is my picture an alien? I meant to ask you that a few weeks ago. Anyway, I enjoy the alien faces that replace my picture when I comment on your page, it’s a nice change 🙂

  15. Yep, the snoring is a common issue in our household. That’s why I get poked in the middle of the night to roll over. And then fetch..

  16. what a crack up! i sometimes have to hold p-diddy’s mouth shut for a sec so that he stops unconsciously smacking his lips together. makes me crazy. i, on the other hand, have NO midnight imperfections mind you.

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