Note To Self

When the forecast predicts highs in the 90’s you should remember to put your butter in the fridge.

My brain is like this butter. Melted. I do not do well in the heat. Please don’t tell me that this isn’t hot. It is TOO HOT for me. While I am very grateful for the sun, I have had a headache for two days. I am what you might call “heat sensitive.” I can’t remember simple words. I am easily irritated. I am very fatigued. Oh wait, that sounds an awful lot like pms. Ok then add pms to the heat sensitivity and stir it up with being completely fed up with working so much and you have me.

Maybe it’s this bad combo but lately I have just felt uncharacteristically like throwing in the towel on everything. I need a vacation. I need to unplug from my life. Don’t mention the upcoming California trip- it will not be restful. If I showed you my itinerary you’d need a nap.

What do you do when life is overwhelming you?


78 thoughts on “Note To Self

  1. I hear you about the heat. I swell. Badly. I’m already not wearing my wedding ring.

    As for stress, I unplug. Usually by sleeping. But sometimes by being alone. I find solitude recharging.

  2. If it’s not hot – bubble bath with a novel and candles going. If it is hot… well, you can’t go wrong for finding a place outside and listening to music that takes you away from things, if only for a moment.

    But I’m there with you. Losing my mind, biting people’s head’s off. PMS, HEAT, High humidity (and no air conditioning, because it’s not supposed to be hot here.)

    How about going and buying some new music?

  3. Oh. My. What I wouldn’t give for some Seattle heat right now. Seriously. This 120% humidity giving us a heat index of 507 degrees is horseshit.

    But I feel you. Most of ya’ll don’t have A/C.

    When I’m overwhelmed, though, I eat. Which isn’t healthy, per se, but better food than crack, right?

  4. When does winter start?
    I’m cranky sleep deprived and you can only get so naked. 😉

    Depends why I’m feeling overwhelmed. I try biting it off into shunks. Running. Shopping works too.

  5. The thing about weather is all relative. If you are not used to the heat -it is hot. For us here when it is in the 50’s it is cold and I don’t want to hear about your snow.

    I think people have good ideas above – walks, drinking, cooking.

    Lately I have been taking about 15 minutes, taking any uncomfortable clothing off (remember it is always hot here so clothing is always uncomfortable) and just lying on the floor and breathing. It really is awesome to do everyday.

  6. I cry.
    Then I shut off my life for a few hours.
    Zone out infront of the tv, walk around Wegmans, pretend I’m not crazy stressed.
    Fake it til you make it.

  7. Right there with you. Coming from the foggy Northern CA coast, I wilt in the heat. Apparently Stella and Fiona take after me – they’ve slept most of the last two days. Yippee!! But I’m too effing hot to do anything, so I’m still behind on anything I’ve wanted to get done the last 3 months! Back to my fan now.

  8. Oh man, I’m with you. I hate heat. More than that, I hate humidity.
    I drink wine. When I need to chill, that is what I do. Or workout. One is probably more healthy than the other. Meh…

  9. If I don’t make time to rest and/or go out of town even just for the weekend (which helps a LOT), I end up getting sick. :p

  10. I hide out at home when it’s too hot – my house is like a cool grotto. Come onna my house. 🙂

    And when I can’t be at home, I carry a spray bottle with ice water and hose myself down whenever possible. I found a great one with an attached battery op fan at Lowe’s last weekend for under 6 bucks! I shoudl have bought them all.

    And on Wednesday, we drink. Can’t wait!

  11. Oh dear. I think all my butter is ruined. WHAT WILL I PUT ON MY EGGOS?

    I drink. That is what I do when life is overwhelming me. I also drink when it is not.

  12. heat doesn’t bother me, it’s the cold that i can’t stand… i can never seem to get warm enough… 😦

    i took a few days off, because i needed too, but am not sure how much it’s helped… i don’t feel like i accomplished anything and i know, that may be the purpose of vacation to some but i feel like i should have done ‘more’… i’m already dreading tomorrow but at least it’s a short week and friday is a holiday… 🙂

  13. I don’t due well in either extreme of temperature. Good thing I live in UTAH, huh?!!! Oh, well. At least I don’t have to deal with high humidity and heat at the same time.

    Me? I’m a “Room temperature” or “Grey and drizzly” girl.

    I pine for Seattle like that dead bird from Monty Python’s Flying Circus “Pines for the Fjord’s”.


  14. I cry, yell, pound my fists into the air and pout like a little five year old girl. Attractive, no?

    As for the heat, I get the same way. Drink lots of water and apply an ice pack to your neck or forehead/temples. It really helps!

  15. Beg for some munchkin time. Sure, it’s one more thing to put on my already busy plate, but… it’s always worth it. Always.

  16. I agree about the heat. Don’t tell me it’s not hot b/c I won’t truly be happy again until fall when the temps drop.

  17. A favorite escape is the bookstore. Browsing and reading (in air-conditioned comfort no less) helps me escape all that’s around me.

    I don’t know how you guys do it up there without AC. Mine’s been blaring since April and probably won’t get turned off until October.

  18. ND on the iPod and lots and lots of wine usually works for me when I need a little time out ;o)
    Hugs sweetie, sorry you’re feeling swamped!

  19. Don’t be fried, Sizzle! Take deep breaths. Refuse to do one thing/obligation on your list of stuff to do. By saying no to just one thing, I always feel a little bit of pressure relief and the extra mental wiggle room is always good. Stay calm! I used to have a friend who would literally hug a tree because they apparently exude “happy vibes”. (Yeah, sounds weird to me too, but worth a try).

  20. It was hot here over the weekend — too hot for Seattle. We honestly hid out in the cooler air and went for a drive in the a/c.

    I feel overwhelmed at work right now, so I blogged about it. I also sometimes splurge on a massage. My cheap backup is a romantic movie while splayed out in my bed.

  21. When I am overwhelmed and stressed out and everything seems yucky, I crank up the music and dance in my kitchen with my kids. It usually makes me feel better fast.

    I hope things seem better for you soon!

  22. This is effing HOT! I am not talking ew I’m a little sweaty I am talking this is fry an egg on my forehead HOT!

    Last night while trying to eat dinner at 7 o clock in 90 degree heat I thought why the eff do I want to poke my effing eyeballs out. Oh because I’ve had a headache for 2 days.

    I’ve drank a gallon of water since then and my headache is not gone.

    Seriously I have no advice. I just feel your effing pain.

  23. Sit down on your couch and watch something with a happy ending. Make sure either a fan or the A/C is on (and if you have neither, do this at a movie theatre). Turn your phone off. Talk to nobody. Rinse & repeat.

  24. I guess they don’t call you Sizzle for nothing! (Lame attempt at humor) 🙂

    I don’t do well in the heat either. It definitely can make a person crabby to say the least. When life overwhelms me I usually sleep. LOL But sleeping isn’t fun in the heat either.

    How about treating yourself to a pedicure or a massage? Or maybe you and the Fella going away some place different for the weekend? A change of scenery can be a good thing.

  25. Lots of frosty and refreshing beverages. In the evenings I toss in some sauce and make it an adult beverage. Heat is a little more bearable when I’ve got an icy collins to help me.

    Oh and fans help too.

  26. I put on my ipod with earphones and lay in my bed totally silent for about 20 minutes.

    When I don’t have time for that…I take one minute and just sit still wiht my eyes closed and when my brain starts talking and listing all the stuff I should be doing, I tell it to ‘shut up’.

  27. We have the same heat wave up here and it might just kill me.

    I think you need to fill up the tub with some cool water and just close out the world for a while 🙂

  28. A couple months ago I was on the verge of a complete melt down. I went to work and told my boss I was about to go insane and that I needed to take a week off (it helped my case that I walked in shaky and about to cry).

    I took my week off, did nothing, relaxed and let the pressure off for those couple days. In general my fears of how people will react when I need time are always worse than the actual reaction.

  29. Usually I have a margarita. They tell me if I do this too often I will start having to go to meetings. Whatever.

    Also, a day at the beach is nice when you need to get away. Just sayin’.

  30. Two words: Us Weekly. The bright colors and almost complete lack of words will ease your melted-butter brain, and the “articles” (a.k.a. pictures with long-ish captions) about celebrities melting down will remind you that you could be handling things a lot worse.

  31. Man, I hear you about the heat. A few weeks back we had a huge heatwave pass through DC (all while my AC was broken) and I was so delirious from the hot temps that it took me TEN MINUTES to pick out microwave popcorn at the grocery store (which is cheapest? what flavor is that? do I like that kind? what does that box say? how many packs are in that one? what’s popcorn??). Seriously.

  32. When do I know? Just about when I’m feeling like you described yourself. Except not the heat thing, though I am the same way with cold.

  33. I’ve had to try very, very hard to not complain about the heat the last few days because it wasn’t all that long ago that I was complaining about the lack of sun and heat. But a nearly 30 degree temperature spike basically overnight is just too much for me, and while I appreciate the beautiful weather my head hurts and I feel like crap.

    Last night we went to a concert at the zoo, which was nicer than sitting at home in the stuffy living room. But despite slathering on the sunscreen I still managed to get a bit of a sunburn, so now I feel even worse today. I think I need a lovely vacation to Canada right about now. Or at least an afternoon in an air conditioned movie theater!

  34. 1. I place a fan so that it is blowing constantly on me
    2. I want a lot of really stupid TV or crime shows. It’s possible that you might think that’s the same thing. 😉
    3. I eat a lot of chocolate.
    4. And I make a PILE of lists of various things. List-making is healing for me.

    “Things I will say to Lisa the next time she mentions I’ve gained a few pounds”
    “Ways to avoid looking like I’ve gained a few pounds”
    “Recipes to use chocolate in”
    “Diet books to pick up at the bookstore”
    “New items on the menu at McDonald’s”

    Okay…so, I haven’t actually written THOSE lists. I promise. 😉

    Good luck with the heat and fires and such. :-\

  35. You have a/c? box unit??

    I can stand the heat only if I’m indoors. That’s how you survive summers in Oklahoma growing up. HUMID!

    At least here in CA, it’s a dry heat. Just fire breathing dragon dry heat. ha!

  36. Hang in there!! It was 107 when the outside wedding I was attending in Oregon started Saturday. And to think that we were so excited to leave So Cal for cooler weather! Where in CA are you traveling?

    When life is too much, I go for a drive or a walk with my favorite music. Sadly, the drive part costs just a little more to do right now.

  37. When life is ovewhelming me? I usually rent some “old, but goodies” movies and turn my brain off for a while. Some chilled white wine also might help 🙂

  38. I found once we got A/C I was a new person when it was scorching outside!
    Get it!
    When life overwhelms I go to the lake! Aww the lake!

  39. Sleep…and hope that all my problems go away by the time I wake up. They at least seem smaller after a good rest! Well, usually, that is. 😉

  40. It gets that warm in Seattle, I thought I was avoiding the crazy hot weather by moving up there…aw well.

  41. When life is too much I have one word: yoga! Is air conditioning an option? Not sure if you were the one telling me it was more common in Seattle than people realized, but maybe a window unit or something?

  42. Dear friend, you know I’ve been overwhelmed these past months. How do I deal with it? I go with the flow and stop planning. If things don’t get done, Oh well. Not trying to be a religious fuddy duddy, but Church has been a huge help to me, being around positive people really helps.
    Hang in there k.
    Lotsa love!!

  43. I can’t deal with the heat either. I’ve been outside for a total of maybe 15 min in the last 4 days. When life is overwhelming I curl up in the couch in my jammies, turn on Lifetime (or get a stash of good cheesy chick flicks) and watch tv and nap. And sometimes eat ice cream.
    I hope things get better and you can get a little bit of a break in.

  44. My butter looks like yours. (Hehe – that’s dirty. “My butter brings all the boys to the yard … “)

    I eat fruit popsicles, listen to Celia Cruz (or Shostakovich – your choice), and take cold showers. Seriously – especially in this heat. Then I lie on the bed or couch naked and repeat the first two.

    Wow. I’m weird.

  45. Sizz, it is way to hot for you to be worrying about what you have to do. Some of those capital hill buildings are notoriously hot. People who say it is not that hot here… are from places with central air. My brain has melted. Should be cooling down tomorrow. I thought they promised a cooler summer, though I am happy to finally see sunshine. We put up with rain all winter, is it too much to ask for sunny and 73?

  46. Ahh… heat. I’m on fire as we speak.

    When I can’t handle things- sadly I drink, too. And on top of that, I have a tendency to turn into Pollyanna and say lame things like, “Well, it could be 100% worse. At least you aren’t having hot flashes, or actually dealing with burns from real fire, and you can be thankful that you have a house to live in with a shower so you can wash your sweaty bod every day. Blah blah blah.”

    Hang in there. Summer is nearly a third over! 🙂

  47. You should take that butter and make something with it. Butter Pie.

    butter pie? (the butter always melts so they put it in the pie)


  48. I have sure-fire solution for when things get out of hand and start to take over… Take a day (or two) out and head to a spa… Massage, herbal wrap, manicure, pedicure, steam room, cold pool and then end it all by wrapping yourself in a fluffy bathrobe and read a good book (or snuggle with Fella – or do both… your call really 😉 It works for me every time (except for snuggling with Fella… For the record, I have never snuggled with that man!)

    Seriously, you need some good old fashioned pampering…

  49. I never used to understand the need for holidays (vacations ;D) I just used to go away a few weekends a year but that was for fun not a need to get away. but since moving out on my own now all I think about is getting a break from life! it’s got to be something about getting older… 😉

  50. I’m with you on the heat thing. I deal with cold soooooo much better.

    I’d take myself away to someplace nice and air-conditioned and away from “life” for awhile – a movie, the back corner of a bookstore, wherever would be relaxing for you…

  51. Here I am again, late to another party …

    Whenever I am overwhelmed, I get in my car and I drive until I’m no longer capable of driving, find a hotel, and spend the night.

    I’ll just lay there in the silence. For hours. Then I might order room service. Then just lay down and concentrate on my breathing. Finally I fall asleep and wake up whenever the hell I want to without worrying about what happens next.

    And by the way, I had NO idea it got that hot up there! I mean, I know it’s supposed to rain a lot there. But hot enough to melt the butter?


  52. Over worked and melting. Blaghhh!!!

    When I feel like that I usually end up blowing up my frusteration on a shopping fix or I give myself a day of nothing but, icecream, girly movies, blanket and a glass of wine.

  53. You’ve been under so much stress, it’s no wonder you need a vacation. Try to take care of yourself and take some quiet time for you until a vacation is possible.

  54. When life is overwhelming me, I shut down, too. Usually I just want to live on my couch for a while, all alone. Unfortunately, when life ovewhelms me when it’s 90 degrees outside, my dark chenille couch in my no-AC heatbox of a living room is not the best place to be. Tricky.

    Hope you find cool weather and clarity soon.

  55. The God’s truth is I take a Xanex, drink a glass of wine, and go to bed. Wish I had a better (where better equals homeopathic rather than pharmaceutical) answer, but I’m keepin’ it real, here.

    Mayberry Magpie

  56. I’m the same way, it’s why I lived in Seattle, to avoid the heat. And the extreme cold. Luckily, Vancouver is very similar to Seattle.

    I miss Seattle.

  57. I hear ya sistah! I get the same way when it comes to heat and Seattle was an oven last weekend. I spent it moving. IT was horrible.

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