If You’re Going To BlogHer. . .

There are some things you should know about me:

    • I am short. I might “appear” tall on the blog but seriously, I am barely 5’3″. And I don’t really wear heels very often. So look down if you are looking for me.
    • I swear a lot more in person than I do on my blog.
    • I usually change my outfit a minimum of two times before leaving the house (sometimes up to 8 times or I just don’t go anywhere). If I look fabulous when you meet me, there was likely a lot of spazzing out beforehand.
    • I tend to overcompensate for other people’s nervousness. If you are nervous, find me. I can make it better.
    • I am a hugger. Feel free to hug me. Just please, not if you’ve had so much to drink that the chances of you puking on me have sky rocketed.
    • I’m great with names and faces but this might be a real test of my memory. Please don’t take it personally if I don’t recognize you right off the bat.
    • I am a morning person. If I’m chipper at breakfast, don’t punch me in the face.
    • I’m not kidding about this: I am covered in freckles.
    • I am not staying at the Westin but hopefully I won’t get lost on the .2 mile walk from my hotel. I have a notoriously bad sense of direction.
    • I drink like a man: just give me a beer or a whisky or a beer AND a whisky.

      This is what I look like:

      (I have SO MUCH to do before I leave on Wednesday. My list has become many lists within a master list. It’s getting ridiculous.)


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      1. OMG! I have a draft of a post just like this (as stolen from my buddy Le Petite Chic) ready to be published tomorrow. And you and I have some similar characteristics (namely the hugging thing)! Love it!

        I’ll send you an email so we can try to figure out a way to meet up while we’re there. πŸ™‚

      2. Through all the craziness in my life currently, I am hoping to still make it over for at least part of BlogHer.

        And uh that morning person thing? I will try to restrain myself. But props to you for remembering names AND faces. I usually just remember faces.

      3. Have a great time at Blogher! You left out the most important characteristic… you don’t take a bad photo, ever.

      4. Ooooh, how exciting to be getting ready for Blogher! I hope you have a most FABULOUS time there! Please soak in all the details for those of us who won’t be attending!

      5. I am short (5’1) and round and will hug the shit out of you. And will also drink like a man with you. Drink LIKE a man, but probably with girlie drinks. But I don’t puke. So there’s that.

        3 more days!!! squeee!!!

      6. OMG – you are adorable!! I want to meet you! Boo for not making it to BlogHer this year. Have a great time and I can’t wait to hear all about it!

      7. Have fun!!
        And note to self: if/when we finally meet, make sure it is not for breakfast. Heh. πŸ˜‰

      8. Have fun! I am new to the blogging world but this event sounds like so much fun. Who knew that there were so many awesome blogger women?! πŸ™‚
        PS – I would smack you at breakfast. I can’t do “chipper” in the morning. My husband is chipper and it kills me.

      9. hi miss sizzle, i been reading your blogs for a quite a while now- and i just love how you write them-it’s always like im talking to you in person and its seems like i really know you. you always brighten up my day … continue writing miss sizzle- BTW my name is ice im a filipina.—

      10. I so wish I was going!!! I drink like a man and swear like one too – we could of had such a GREAT time!!

        Enjoy yourself!

      11. I’ll vouch for the nervous thing. And second Dave. You are really good at making people feel comfortable and welcome.

        Have a great time Siz! Hope you have lots of beer and whiskey and no one pukes on you.

      12. when did you get that sofa???

        wait did you tell me and i forgot?

        OH yeah and BlogHer …you will have a BLAST!

      13. I’m super short as well. Just thought I’d share that. I’m really excited about BlogHer. I’m nervous, but excited! I’m sure I’ll get lost on my 5 minute walk to the hotel at least once.

      14. I wish I could be there! I look forward to hearing your take on things though!

        And just to boost your not-so-tall-girl ego, you would tower over 4’10” me. Enjoy!

      15. You forgot to add a few things:

        You are probably the most amazing hugger EVER
        You light up a room
        When someone meets you for the first time, they instantly like you (Take it from someone who knows)
        You not only have a wonderful smile but also an infectious laugh.
        It may take you forever to decide on an outfit, but you look so effortlessly pulled together!

        Those girls at Blogher are SO DAMN LUCKY.

        Have a blast and don’t find an new internet soul sister! That spot is taken!

      16. Can I hide in your suitcase and come along?

        Hopefully we’ll get to meet in person one day. I’ll keep this list handy for when we do!

      17. I’m also 5’3″. Are you flying to Blogher? At least you’ll be comfortable in the seats πŸ™‚ Anytime I fly with Dex he becomes insanely jealous of my short legs. He is 6’4″.

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      19. Kiss San Francisco for me, I lived there 20 years.
        Have not been back for 8 years and I am really missing it. Have a great time!

      20. AHHHHHHH! I want to be going. Next year I’m not going to put off organizing my trip. I feel the need to compare height with you (I’m short too!) and swear a lot while drinking whiskey. Have a ridiculous amount of fun!

      21. Gosh! It would have been a pleasure to meet you. Hopefully when I learn a little more about blogher or if they ever come to my city I’ll attend. AND I don’t care what you say about those brows, matter of fact not sure I believe you’ve never had them waxed but THEY ARE FABULOUS!!!
        You are sooooo pretty Siz, you really are!!!

      22. Ummm, I swear I’m not copying you, but I just wrote a very similar post seceduled to publish tomorrow in the morning. I am short, likely to be strangely dressed and somewhat shy/nervous. I hug too much so don’t let me catch you off gaurd. Can’t wait to meet you! Also? Promise not to puke on you!

      23. So many ladies who own a lot of the blogs I read are going to BlogHer. Which makes me sad, because I live close to San Francisco, but I’m not going.

      24. At least two things we have in common: 1. I also curse a lot more in person. A. LOT. and 2. My roomie and I aren’t staying at the Westin either. And PROBABLY WILL get lost on the way back.

        Also — read your Tidbits page and you had me at Princess Bride. Am e-mailing you my cell number as I would love to meet you. And get my hug. πŸ˜‰

      25. I am not going to Blogher but if I was I would look out for you. You sound like my kind of friend πŸ™‚

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