This Little Light

Today my nephew turns two.

If you ask him, he will tell you. “TWO!” He will also drive you around on your errands for a small fee. He will likely cry out, “MUUUUN-EEEEE!” to remind you to pay him for his troubles and when you give him some coins, clasp it in his little hand like a precious treasure. Ok, that’s not true about being able to drive you- his feet can’t reach the pedals yet. But he’s great at honking the horn! And that stuff about the money is fact. I’ve seen the little dickens empty out his coin stash from his piggy bank and dance upon it. Yes, he danced a happy dance on a mountain of coins. Maybe he’ll be a banker? I hope not a cheapskate.

He calls me Tee Tee because Auntie is too difficult. This always gets a laugh from people because, um hello, have you seen my Taa Taas? They seem to think he’s remarking on my ample rack but he’s only TWO so I think he’s not that advanced.

Though, sometimes when I am carrying him, he will take his hand and plunge it into the front of my shirt and into my bra then look me straight in the eye and say devilishly, “BOOB!” I try not to laugh but damn it, it’s hard not to. So sometimes I just say, “Did you learn that from the Fella?” Cuz he does that too.

I’m gonna have to separate those two.

Also, if you asked him what he wanted for his birthday he would say, “BIKE!” then “BALLOON!” then “BALL!” and he got all three last Sunday when he had his party. And from Tee Tee a little tykes soccer set because that nephew of mine is quite the athlete. He’s so good at kicking the ball and he throws discs really well too. Double B takes him to play disc golf sometimes. I asked him once if he threw discs like Daddy and he said, “UH HUH!” Then I asked, “Where does Daddy throw the discs, Finn?” He answered, “BUSH!” Um, that’s not gonna go over well with Daddy. Repeat after me: BASKET. Come on kid, work with me here.

Whenever I ask him, “Hey Finn, what color is this?” while holding up an object, say, a red ball, he will invariably answer, “ORRRRRRRRANGE!”Β  “No, it’s red silly. What color is this?” I say holding up a blue object. “ORRRRRRRRANGE!” Apparently orange is his favorite color. Everything is ORRRRRRRANGE.

He’s fascinated by the zoo and can imitate a monkey really well. There’s a pug dog at his school and when we ask him what the dog sounds like he breathes/snorts out of his nose. And instead of calling cats “cats” he’ll just say “MOUW.”

He’s a terrific dancer. He’s loved hip hop since birth but also likes They Might Be Giants among others. I don’t know what it is about kids dancing but it never, ever fails to make me smile. They are just so carefree and in the groove. I used to be like that when I was his age. I’d dance to songs on the jukebox at the local pizzeria that my parents would often dine at. I got an early start on being a ham. I think my nephew might be following in those footsteps.

He’s got a great laugh. Just like his mom’s- the throw-your-head-back kind. His giggle often gives him away when he’s trying to “hide.” Sometimes he runs off saying under his breath, “Hidehidehidehide!” and then will plunge himself under the bed covers. He usually makes one of us go under there with him where he will laugh and laugh until we shoosh him because, hello dude, WE ARE HIDING. Then he’ll call out for anyone who isn’t under the blanket and they come and “find” us. Those brief moments hiding under the blanket with him, seeing the delight on his face, are so precious. It’s such a trip to watch him figure stuff out. To watch his personality develop.

Two years ago I moved to Seattle for a variety of reasons but at the very top of my list was my soon-to-be-born nephew. I already loved him before I met him and now? Words can’t describe what that little light of mine has done for my heart.

Happy Birthday Sweet Boy! Your TeeTee loves you.

*Some photos borrowed from my sister Dokey, the photographer.


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  1. Happy Birthday Finn! He is just too cute. Does he ring the bell on the bike? Sometimes that’s more fun than the bike.

    My 5 year old still does the hand in the shirt thing when he is really tired or sick.

  2. I love, love, love, LOVE this post.

    No, seriously, I can’t say how awesome it is.

    And my nephew shoves his hand down my shirt too, but he doesn’t say boob, he just grabs it πŸ˜‰

    Happy 2nd birthday, Finn!

  3. Awwww! Happy birthday Finn. What a great little guy. You’re so lucky to live near him and get those special “TeeTee” moments.

  4. What a doll! Happy Birthday Sweet Boy!

    Also – my nieces call me NiNi, or Anni Rhi – Because apparently Auntie Rhi is too much for them. Lazy little brats.

  5. I love this post! You are a great Auntie! He is lucky to have you in his life!

    Happy birthday to that adorable little man!

  6. Happy Birthday Finn!! You are one handsome little boy. Those big blue eyes will melt a few hearts.


  7. He’s so adorable Sizzle, lucky you! I’m with you, I love my nieces and nephews to death and I wish they were here in Seattle instead of Salem and Guam. 😦

  8. Yeah Finn is 2! I think nephews are simply the best. I have 5 of my own who say the cutest stuff you’ve ever heard. It never gets old.

    He is lucky to have you as his tee tee!

  9. AWWW! Happy Birthday FINN!
    He is soooo cute! So adorable!

    Ayyy. I have to calm my biological clock. It is starting to tick and I keep hitting snooze.

  10. He’s adorable! Lucky you. And my daughter calls my sister Tee Tee, also! We decided to go with initials, TT. This is because my daughter wanted to write a note to TT while at school, and the teacher spelled it “Titi”. Got a few laughs out of that one!

  11. Happy Birthday Finn!! I find this age AMAZING. The favorite words, the dancing…’s wonderful!

    My daughter calls my sister Tee Ta and boobs are boo boos.

  12. Well, if not a banker than a cabbie, ‘cuz really, that’s what I do with my coin … dance on it. ;o)

    He’s adorable Sizz, Good move. Ready for one of your own yet?? heh. No pressure or anything. har

  13. What a fantastically adorable little guy! He has what I describe as childlike exuberance. Happy Birthday Finn, you are too cute for words.

  14. I love a good love story! Now, neurotic mom here says, don’t let that adorable boy play in the front seat of the car! (Airbags and all.)

  15. If there was a World’s Cutest Boy, he’d be in the top two. (I think my own boy wonder is kinda cute, too.)

    Oh, and in Puerto Rico, the aunt is Titi. Maybe Finn is bilingual? πŸ˜‰

  16. What a little doll!!! And he can dance?? Think he’d be into ballet?! I have them as young as three… so next year… send him my way… πŸ™‚

  17. He is pretty darn cute! My lil nephew will be two on the fourth and he calls me ‘Lady’, because Aunty Kim is just too hard…great post!

  18. He is just such a cutie. πŸ™‚ Toddlers are just the most hysterical little beings. I’m glad you are so smitten with him.

  19. SWEET!!! What a cool cool place to be, around the youngin’. I know my sister, who is on the other coast, wishes to be around my kids more. When she comes to town, I am obsolete. I might as well go on vacation. No one would miss me.

  20. Man your nephew is cute!
    Happy Birthday little man!
    My son turned 2 in late may, so they are close in age. Neat to see what you N is up to and what my son does. Boys are so boys!

  21. seriously sizzle, he’s just the cutest little peanut. i love when you talk about him. he’s one lucky little man to have you as an aunt!

  22. I love Finn’s cheeks.
    Happy belated birthday Finn!! What a lovely Tee Tee you have for writing such a beautiful post.

  23. A belated happy birthday to Mr. Finn. Charlie can’t wait to get together for a playdate, I have a feeling they’ll be fast friends!

  24. Great post! My oldest son learned the colour “yellow” first, and for a short time EVERYthing was yellow. Or “wellow”.

    Nick, what colour is this book?

    Nick, what colour is Elmo?

    and so forth. Now he’s 12 and he learned a few more colours along the way.

  25. Yeah, I think I was at least four before I noticed ta-ta’s.

    Happy birthday, Finn. What a cutie! And maybe it’s just me reading between the lines here, but I get the feeling you kinda like him πŸ™‚

  26. I don’t even know the kid but I love him. I absolutely adore him to be honest. And I miss seeing him on your flickr! You should tape him giggling for all of us who would love to hear him giggle. And happy wishes for another year of fun adventures. Amy

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