A Gift

My Mom has been trying to sell her house in Monterey, CA for two years and just this week gave up the fight. She’s decided to rent her house so she can move here to Seattle at the end of this month. Her dream of selling her house to enable her to buy a house here has shifted to renting her house there and renting a house here. This is not easy for a woman who has not had to deal with the rental market in over 30+ years and now has to be both landlord and tenant. A woman who, without fail, redecorates, remodels and reinvents every home she’s ever lived in. Luckily, my Mom makes a home out of any house just by being in it, just by being her.

This road has not been easy for her but she wants more than anything to be here, to watch Finn grow up, and to be close to me and my sister. Family is very important to her. I know these past two years have been difficult on her and what lies ahead is somewhat daunting. I know she’s sad to leave California, the ocean and her dog park crush. I know she’s proud and would never readily ask for help.

So that’s why I went ahead and asked for her.

Hey Mom? A bunch of us (me, Dokey, Tomato, Peg & Den, Patti, Mike, Mikey & Meagan, Fella, Shanda, Sharon, Donna, Lisa and Linda) pooled our money together and well, we’ve got $800 to give you to help alleviate the cost of moving. It’s a small gesture in light of all you’ve given to us.

Happy Birthday Mom. We love you.

P.S. Stop crying.

P. P. S. No, you can’t give the money back.

*Photo borrowed from my sister, the photographer.

*I am guest posting on Penelope’s blog today. I talk about smoking weed in England. By mentioning that on a post about my Mom and her birthday I am going to hell. See you there?

65 thoughts on “A Gift

  1. #1 That picture freaking rocks.

    #2 Happy birthday, Sizzle’s Mom!

    #3 That was an awesome thing to do. Makes the world seem a little brighter today πŸ™‚

  2. Oh, that’s awesome! I just visited Monterey last week while I was in CA, and I can see why your mom will miss it. Sounds like a good plan she has, though.

  3. Happy Birthday S’s mom! Welcome to Seattle!

    Sizz you guys are amazing.. your friends contributed too? Wow. I would be sad to leave Monterey also, but that Finn sure is adorable. My dad really wants to move here, but he can’t convince my mom (who grew up here). My dad has a hard time being away from his grandson for a few days.. much less months at a time.

  4. Happy birthday to your mom, and what a wonderful gesture you and your friends made! She’s lucky to have such a great daughter!

  5. All but three of those people listed are relatives. My Mom comes from a big, generous family. But Tomato and Mikey and Fella all gave because they think my Mom is awesome- which she is!- and they are all like family to us.

  6. Awwww…i think I’m gonna cry! That is just so sweet. I love the photo and it should be treasured.

    Happy Birthday Sizzle’s Mom! You’ve got an awesome daugher there.


  7. Okay, this made me tear up.

    I am thrilled to hear that your mom is finally going to be with you all! So touching that you all put money together to help her move.

    The first Sizzle post I ever read was right before YOU moved. You were at work, experiencing some serious short-timers. I can’t believe it has been two years!

  8. Words can not express how sincerely I appreciate all the love being sent my way – the gift is above and beyond any gift I could ever hope to receive. I love all of you my dear family and friends and I hope you know that. A very special thank you to Sizzle for putting together such a wonderful tribute and gift. And for the support Dokey and Sizzle have given me to make this move happen. I love you all and yes it is a special 61st birthday indeed.

  9. Yeah, so your post totally made me cry… I stopped and then I read your mom’s comment… crying again. What a wonderful gift you’re giving her! And I bet it will be awesome for all of you to have your mom closer.

  10. That is such a thoughtful and sweet birthday present!!! Yeay for good daughters and loving friends and family, something tells me your mom will be happy in Seattle.

  11. Wow your mom has the same birthday as mine.

    I’m glad your mom is moving up to be with you and your sister. It seems like you all are a good family unit and good to get you all together in one state.

    So are you going to rent out one of your available apartments to her? “Keep it down, Mom, it’s 3 AM.”

  12. Oh, this stoopid housing market. What a frustrating position for everyone involved. But, you know what? I think it’s great your mother has decided to be proactive and move anyway. Why let something material get in the way of living life. Eventually, matters will sort themselves out.

    And you and your friends are amazing for supporting your mom like that. Awesome!

  13. That might very well be the sweetest birthday present in the history of birthday presents! I hope your mom has a wonderful birthday. And hey, as long as she is going to be a landlord in California after she has moved up here I think she has a built-in excuse to visit Monterey. And naturally she’ll have to swing by the dog park while she is in town!

  14. Happy Birthday Mommy Sizzle. I love the photo. My family has been trying to sell my grandma’s house in the Santa Cruz area for over a year…it just plain SUCKS!

  15. Awww, that is so sweet! I hope she’s with you all very soon!

    (Also caught up on other posts but too lazy to individually comment– good times, adorable 2-year-old nephew, etc. πŸ˜‰ )

  16. Apparently EVERYONE came out to comment today! Wow!
    Great post! I love this line “…my Mom makes a home out of any house just by being in it, just by being her.” So sweet! That is what every Mother wants her children to think, so sweet!
    So happy for your whole fam that yous Ma is movin’ to town!

  17. What a lovely gesture. I am sure you and your mother will benefit by having her there. and who knows? Maybe soon enough the housing market will turn around and she’ll be able to see after all.

  18. oh MK!
    i miss your mom’s laughter…hopefully she will have a ton more of it living in Seattle


  19. Awww!!

    P.S. House in Monterey? Is it on the beach? Near Breakwater? Do you know the fortune she could make from renting? It’ll never happen, but our scuba group is *always* talking about renting a house for the weekend when we go down there to teach classes. Though I’m guessing she’s looking for more long-term renters… Oh well, I wish her luck!

  20. I totally want to move to Monterey. It’s my informal 5-year plan. I visited last year and fell in love with the Central Coast. If I had the current salary to rent your Mom’s house, I’d look at moving now. But first year teachers don’t make much…

    Speaking of, what are the schools like there?

  21. Oh my gosh! You are so awesome for doing that for your mom! I could never live that far away from my mom. You must be stoked to be getting her here!

    Also, I posted a longass comment on Penelope’s blog and I wanted to be sure you saw it, since this is an old post. Where the heck have I been?

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