Hello, I’m Ms. Bitchy McBitcherson

Coherent thoughts? MIA.

Inability to make sense out of life? Check.

Bad attitude and pessimistic perspective? In spades.

  • Why can’t I believe in my own abilities?

Because I’ve been doing a job that is easy for me for two years. I’ve forgotten what I am capable of.

  • Why did I offer to host three free self-defense classes for my coworkers? Like I don’t have enough to do.

Oh right, someone was attacked near the office.

  • Why do I schedule myself so tight that I have no down time and then, in turn, become crabby?

Because I haven’t been saying “no” enough lately.

  • Why do people smoke? It’s like they didn’t get the memo that it kills you.

I’m a hypocrite for saying that since I am a former smoker.

  • Why did I get all this red put in my hair? It’s a bitch to maintain.

I’m in desperate need of a haircut.

  • Where in the hell is my libido? Am I dysfunctional and maladjusted?!

The answer to that is likely a resounding: yes and yes.

  • Does anyone else consider cigarette butts on the ground littering?

I hate picking up people’s discarded cigarette butts in front of the apartment building. Worse, when they leave them on the marble steps leading to the apartment. Am I the only one who is bothered by this?!

  • Why is it so difficult to find a therapist?

It feels like dating.

  • Why do people feel like they should lean on their horn because someone is driving slow?

Just go around them. Stop giving me a heart attack.

  • Why is it easier to forgive some people than others?

I’m really struggling with this right now. Really. Struggling.

  • Why did I stay up until after midnight watching American Gangster?

Because it is 2 hours and 38 minutes long. And THAT is too long for a movie.

  • Why did I dream about trafficking drugs and beating people up while wearing a mink coat last night?

Oh right. I stayed up too late watching American Gangster. Damn you, Denzel.

What’s putting you in a bad mood lately?


62 thoughts on “Hello, I’m Ms. Bitchy McBitcherson

  1. Because I’ve been doing a job that is easy for me for two years. I’ve forgotten what I am capable of.

    I can absolutely relate to this, and I think it leads to at least 80% of my grumpitude.


  2. Right now – the lack of sleep and the crap going on at my job. Other than that things are peachy. Thinking good thoughts for you.

  3. You need to say “no” more often. Try it like every other time someone asks you to do something. NO MATTER WHAT!!!

    Me? I can’t find a satisfying snack to save my life.

  4. Oh, you know, just the fact that I’ve been SO GOOD on my diet/exercise plan for the past week and I’ve gained weight this week, dammit.

  5. Not being able to find non-hideous maternity clothes. Why must everything be swimmingly big and feature a tie around the waste?

  6. My son is in the bathroom puking his guts out. His doctor on Saturday said he is doing well. I am about at the end of my rope with the puking because it makes my heart hurt to see him in so much pain.

    My husband being snippy with me over the weekend is also making me crabby. I am in an extremely crabby mood today, and will probably not post anything because I don’t want to be bitchy.

    I hope both of our moods improve soon!

  7. Incompetent people are really starting to piss me off… And being away from my closest friends. I am jealous my friends have gone on with their lives after I left… Now instead of sharing it and writing about it, I just read about it.

  8. Today is better, actually. Last week I was totally depressed and pissed at my health issues. This week I feel better. I may not BE better, but I feel better… that’s working for me at least for the moment.

  9. When we lose touch of who we are, and what matters to us, we get crabby and check out mentally. Maybe you are wanting some Truth to clear the debris, and a challenge to make you feel alive again. 🙂

    I personally get very angry when I am feeling the lack of friendships. I am never so high as I am when I have a friend who loves and supports me and makes me laugh– but never so inconsolably mad, as when they are letting me down, or I just feel alone and at a dead end. I think it may be a self-defense way of doing the clear the debris response…but I do alienate people by being that way. *sigh* Still, I’d rather have the honesty.

    Do you feel your life is about doing what you are Supposed To, and Taking Care of Others? Do you feel, that you are being walked on, and getting nowhere yourself? Maybe you need to get angry, yourself. Just do it, and love yourself for being so strong! 🙂 Make a difference, for You!

  10. “* Why can’t I believe in my own abilities?

    “Because I’ve been doing a job that is easy for me for two years. I’ve forgotten what I am capable of.”

    Thank you for verbalizing exactly how I feel in the perfect words — the ones I haven’t been able to find.

  11. Work. The rain. The heat. Not enough time in the day and not enough days in the weekend. The fact that I have a garage sale coming up this weekend and there is NOTHING I hate more. I have teenagers.

    Hang in there, hon. There are just times that are worse than others. And then there are times that are way worse.

    (((((((((((((BIG HUG))))))))))))))))))

  12. Urgh where to start! Total an utter lack of anything like a real Summer in England, that’s just been dire. Quite a few other things too but I shouldn’t really get started or I won’t stop!
    Hugs sweetie! Slap on some of that gorgeous lippy and give us a smile ;o)

  13. Work. Or more accurately, co-workers who don’t pull their weight and an intern who is babied and not expected to help out with menign tasks like mailing smaples and catalogs so instead I have to find time to do these things while she surfs the internet. Someone correct me, but aren’t Interns supposed to do the crap jobs?!?!

    Oh yes, and the fact that I still let myself get hurt by things I probably should have just gotten over. I let this persons actions hurt me and that pisses me off.

  14. Sleep deprivation has been killing me. It makes me stressed about wedding details, job stuff, and really everything else.

    Also, YES cigarette butts qualify as litter. I HATE IT when people toss them on the ground. ESPECIALLY out of car windows.

  15. Causes of grumpy bitchery?
    Ex-wife causing way too much drama. I need to post about this, and I will, when I calm down.
    Having no friends, and not meeting anyone with friend potential in this town.
    Potentially having to move away from my love in order to have a job (and thus a sense of self-worth).

    Fingers crossed for a dream job change for you, it will make a huge difference in your outlook and then you will want the sexay times.

  16. kitchen remodel (especially contractors) and rain in August–a big “fuck you all” from the weather gods.

    The only time I wish I were an undercover police officer is when I see douche-nuggets throw cigarette butts on the ground. Ticket; Ticket; Ticket…

  17. It really irks me that my husband read “The Secret” and now is running around like a psuedo Dr. Phil espousing a bunch of “positive attitude” bs. If I hadn’t caught his negativity in the first place, I’d still BE positive.

  18. Job stress. Financial Stress. John McCain stress.

    I’m sorry that you are having such a rough go of it right now. I hope that things improve. And I’m with you- American Gangster WAS too long.

  19. my lack of time management is driving me up the wall. I called off from my NEW job today, just to control-alt-delete.
    I too find it very hard to say No, I’m going to write that on my mirror and say it 100 times a day.

  20. My biggest frustration of late has been my inability to overcome my addictive nature and do! the! right! thing! already!

    Yeah. The path is before us, but making our feet move? That’s hard.

    Push on, Siz. You can do it! If you need help, I’ll drive the four hours and come motivate ya!

  21. Pretty much in the same place.

    Why do people feel the need to take 4 smoke breaks in the first 2 hours of work?

    Why am I still working at a job I mastered 15 years ago… and my only challenge is figuring out how to get all the work done in an actual 40 hour week, because they do not pay me enough to be away from my child/family any longer than that.

    Why can I not get off my fat ass and just do it.

    I had 3 very supportive paid professionals in my life at one point, including a therapist and nutritionist … who was more about getting over old crap than a food nazi.. and they all went on maternity leave at the same time. I still don’t want to look for anyone else.

    Uhm… this is probably more than you wanted, right?

    So, now you can add annoying blog commenters to your list.

    Good luck S. Change is hard.

  22. Awe your American Gangster close made me laugh out loud. I’ve been super bitchy the past week, too, because I took on freelance work and didn’t have enough time to do anything for myself. A weekend off helped. If you ever need a vacation, you’re always welcome to wander down and hang out with me in the suburbs of LA. 🙂

  23. Why are my legs so hairy? Oh right, because I’m showering in a 2′ x 2′ space where I can’t bend down to shave my legs because my stupid bathroom STILL isn’t complete and it’s been 5 months.


  24. Work, my dear, work.
    I too hate the cigarette butts on the street. Why can’t people pick them up and throw them in the bin when down with the cigarette?

  25. My neighbors keep a container on the side of the front steps just so we won’t leave our cigarette butts all over the place.

    I only need one word to sum up what is putting me in a bad mood these days — everything.

  26. I’m actually on a hiatus from my complete bitchy phase, but my husband’s ex wife always makes me bitchy. She manages to make my blood boil on a perfectly fantastic day.
    I hate cigarette butts on the streets – it is totally littering in my book. And just gross.

  27. I miss you. 😦 But, cigarette butts and all, take the time to figure out what you need to figure out.

    As for me, I’m in a bad mood because the Olympics are over.

  28. “Because I’ve been doing a job that is easy for me for two years. I’ve forgotten what I am capable of.”

    Yeah, that is me too. Unfortunately, I have been shot down the past two times I have tried to go up. Ohai dissapointment and lack of self-confidence!

    Other than that, lack of free time makes me supremely grumpy. My life is an endless cycle of work, child-rearing, with a dash of sleep.

  29. I too hate the cigarette butt litter.
    Hmmm… I hear you on the not being challenged at work end of things… alas.

    I am trying to make sense of life myself. I hope you figure it out and let me know.

  30. Will you teach me a self-defense move this weekend? I want to learn to be as kick-ass as you are.

    (I’m sorry someone was attacked near your office; it’s awesome of you to be doing what you are doing.)

    (Oh, and also: I’m not a fan of Mondays. Don’t imagine I ever will be.)

  31. I absolutely think cigarette butts on the ground is littering! I feel like if you insist on keeping the habit you should at least take responsibility for it and not throw them on the ground for someone else to pick up, it’s still trash, even if it’s small.

  32. Birth control pills.

    I too HATE cigarette butts on the ground. It’s gross. There’s always piles of them by the curbs where people have tipped them out of their car ashtrays! Gross.

  33. That lack of time and my condo. I jsut feel that I can never accomplish all of the things that I want to in a given day and part of that is cause I am so tired at the end of the day.

    I want to be done fixing the condo up and I want it presentable but it is not up to me and it is driving me nuts!

    Sending ya a hug!

  34. Sorry, mine are the slow drivers that are in the left hand lane or merging on to I-5 at 30 mph;) I honestly didn’t think that I really had PMS b/c I don’t have cramps, but I realized that my moods are definitely affected — I just feel so irritated sometimes and over fairly stupid things.

  35. The shit list today is long and growing, with mostly the maybe-current-but-possibly-ex-bestfriend at the top. Ugh. So I will totally second you on the “it’s easier to forgive some people than others”.

    In fact, I second most of your list.

    Here’s to wishing we both find something good in our day, even if it’s only a little thing!

  36. Money, I hate having to think about it, or wasting time worrying about it! It’s dumb!

    I say tell everyone to PISS off, jump in your jammies, get some take out a couple movies or good magazines, chill out and go to bed early. The cure for a shitty week!
    Oh and some cheesecake!

  37. “Why is it easier to forgive some people than others?”

    I think when you really understand or sympathize with the reasons someone is falling short of your expectations, it’s easier to forgive them. When their excuses seem lame to you, then it’s harder.

    I can think of one person I absolutely give more slack too because I know what a difficult position she’s in. Least I think I know.

  38. A well-timed post, my sista.

    Home fucking construction is what’s stressing me out, pissing me off, and in general making me miserable lately. The latest email response from my contractor is sitting in my inbox right now, and I’m avoiding looking at it, I’m so araid of what it might say. We’re currently “discussing” the “value” to him leaving HUGE GAPING HOLES on the end of our new attic space instead of having them covered in some way. Sure! A new place for the local squirrels and chipmunks to nest. Why not? I only paid about eleventy thousand dollars for it…let’s allow it to be infested with all sorts of yummy things!

    Well, it wasn’t in the contract to cover them, so he has to “see what [he] can do!”


  39. Ack! so many things…. Having a co-worker who is sort of in a supervisor position over me…. he threw me under the bus a lot recently. 😦

  40. My things:

    1) School starts in about 10 days and my boss is still scheduling me as if I have full availability. I have to skip my last class on the second day of school because she can’t get anyone else to come in for that night. She (or a co-worker) phones every day.

    2) My sister is going through major relationship crap, as usual, and seems to think repeating to me the same complaints, worries and neuroses she always has is going to make them magically disappear. She phones every day.

    I’m on edge because of these two, and I’m seriously thinking of turning off the ringer on my phone so I can collect the messages later–or never.

    I can’t wait for school to start, it will seem like a vacation.

  41. I can totally relate to the boring job thing. THat is why I just got a new job. It was a bitch to find in this economy and the fact that I still have one year left of school but I was so annoyed and bored at my old job that I wanted to blow my brains out. The transition has been tough but rewarding all at the same time. As for the rest of the complaints I am right there with you.

  42. I’m not one to say no either….and that sucks. I think once people like us learn to say no, a lot of the other little things that make us Bitchy McBitcherson’s (LOL) will go away. I’m almost willing to try saying no just as an experiement.

    NO. Wait….


    I kinda like it. 🙂 But then again now I’m just being a badass on the computer. But still, I think it’s worth giving it a shot!

  43. Utah drivers are pissing me off. SERVERELY. I have a rambling post in my head about the idiocy of driving here but I’ve been so angry about it (and busy with school) that I can’t sit down to do it properly without wanting to punch someone.

    Also? I have a 7am class and night classes. That was dumb.

    I’m sorry you’re having a rough time. I hope things get better for you soon.

  44. You signed up for the self defense classes so you could kick some coworker ass! Don’t forget to set up a live feed so we can watch and live vicariously through your asskicking!

    I hope you’re feeling better.

  45. You know what’s putting me in a bad mood lately. Add to that inability to decide which city I want to live in so I keep postponing the decision, feeling like my relationship is never going to be the level of happiness that I need/want to give it the long term staying power, BOTH my dogs need haircuts. They are like trying to groom a roaming yard bush that bites. They are not normally biters, but since they are when I groom them, I put the chore off longer than I should and pay for it with too many mats every time. I’ll stop now. I think I may need a glass of wine.

  46. I am in a slight bad mood because I wish I didn’t get annoyed with picking up the phone. The phone rings, I stare at it, I hate to talk sometimes. Maybe I am moody hormonal ball of beligerent phrases. Life is still good though.

  47. Hmmmmm.. A lot of things are putting me off lately. So here goes-

    Most people around me are so totally bitchy that it’s not even funny. They can go down to any level to mess up other people’s life and even though they don’t bother me anymore I still cant stand them and wish to be in some place away from them. Peace of mind is what I could do with right now.

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