Chapter 1 Starts Like This

Today marks our one year anniversary. In celebration, we thought we’d share the story of how we met.

(Fella) I had just moved into my new apartment and was slowly getting settled in. Having gotten out of another relationship earlier that year, I thought I’d create a profile for a few dating sites. I like to think that I’m clever, see, so I posted a picture of myself that featured a kitten I used to have perched on my shoulder. See? Melted your heart right away, didn’t it?

Anyway, with my cyoot kitteh profile picture and wittily written profile, I began trolling looking for folks to strike up a conversation with. (Sizzle: AHEM.) Many a conversation was struck and then I happened upon a profile describing this “Ms. Sizzle” person as equal parts Marilyn Monroe, Mae West, and Etta James. Well. How about that? Isn’t she sassy? And cute, too. Let’s drop her a line and see what happens.

Remember how I said I was clever? I proved it again, by searching the Interwebs for a Mae West quote to send to her. (Sizzle: He’s handsome, clever and resourceful.) I wrote her the following note:

To: Ms. Sizzle

From: Mighty Hunter

Subject: Stop me if you’ve heard this one before…

I’ll try anything once, twice if I like it, three times to make sure. –Mae West

And hoping for a response I waited. . .

(Sizzle) I’ll admit, his picture did play a part in winning me over. I mean the cat is so damn cute. I was fresh from the heartbreak of a disastrous love affair and was looking for some casual company. Someone to help me chase my blues away. Someone fun and cute and local. Enter: Mighty Hunter.

After exchanging lengthy emails peppered with witty quips and pop culture references, he called me. We talked late into the night. I was. . .giddy with anticipation. The next night, after a day of emailing back and forth, I invited him over for a beer. He was in the middle of doing laundry so he declined and instead he stood outside his apartment building (his former cell carrier didn’t have service in his apartment), chatting away with me. We’d been talking for a while when I noticed his breathing had changed.

“Um, you seem out of breath. Are you okay?”
“Oh yeah. (Huff) I don’t want you to freak out.”
“Um. . . okaaaay. Why?”
“Well, I’m walking. . .”
“Oh. OH! Are you coming over?!”
“Yeah, is that okay?”
“Sure. Of course! But I need to go put a bra on.”
“Heh. Okay, I’ll see you in a bit.”

Cue to me running around my apartment picking up, throwing on a bra and then sprinting outside to move my car. What? It was parked up the block and a space opened in front of my building. As I got out of my car, my cell phone vibrated in my pocket.

“Hi. I’m here.”
“Me too.”
“I just buzzed and you didn’t answer.”
“That’s because I am behind you.”

. . .Well hello there. . .

My first thought? Cute. Disheveled. Major facial hair. And where are his shoes? He’d walked twelve blocks to my apartment. Without shoes. I think that qualifies as romantic. Or in some circles, as crazy.

(Fella) I turned around, hanging up and saw… her. Wow. Cute. Librarian glasses. Short. (Really short.) Nice rack. (Yes, yes, I noticed this, too. I’m not the best feminist in the world, but what can I say? I like breasts.) (Sizzle: I always said I needed to be with a tit man.)

Aaaaaaaaaand she’s coming to give me a hug. Okay, if you screw this up, it could be awkward. Wow, what a great hugger.

Inside, we drink our beers and talk some more sitting closely on the couch while listening to music but I’m not really paying a whole lot of attention. I mean, I am because I’m answering (and making sense, I think) but I’m also really nervous and excited, too. Which is why what happened next caught me a little off-guard.

(Sizzle) I have no idea why I mentioned his fingernails but I noticed they were long. Like, begging the question, “Do you play classical guitar” kind of long. So I told him he needed to trim his nails because girls notice this sort of thing. And then I offered to trim his nails. On our first “date.” But hey, I got to touch him. You think I am that altruistic? Give me some credit!

And then The Kiss happened. (If you missed that post, it’s worth the read.) That first night lead to many more nights (and mornings and afternoons and daydreams) of kissing. We went from “casually dating” to “seriously dating” in a matter of. . . days. Because when you have met someone that you click with the way we did, there isn’t anything “casual” about it.


100 thoughts on “Chapter 1 Starts Like This

  1. Awwwwwwwwwwww! So adorable! Sorry, I couldn’t help myself with the “awww” part. My man’s a boob guy too. Don’t tell him I said that.
    Happy anniversary! You two are just so cute together!!

  2. Happy Anniversary!
    Congratulations on finding that kind of love, and on that kind of love finding you.
    It truly warms the heart to see the two of you so happy together.

  3. Love love LOVE this recap. Our anniversary is coming up and this seems like the perfect way to address it. Thanks for the idea (I promise to give you credit).

  4. That is a sweet story! I’m happy you’ve found love and hopeful for you. Tell the fella that I don’t think liking tits and being feminist are mutually exclusive.

    I love the new look around here, very pretty!

  5. Sizzle, I have been reading your blog for a bit now but have yet to comment, that is until today! Happy Anniversary to you and The Fella!

  6. Happy Anniversary! God that kiss post made me weak in the knees. 🙂

    Sometimes things move way beyond casual and you just know… Congrats.

  7. I hear feminists love a nice rack. 😉

    Happy Anniversary!

    Lovey posts are my favorite. It makes me feel like I’m not such a freak for being so happy and in love.

    I hear you about how easy it is to go into dating seriously. When you have great chemistry it’s hard to be casual.

  8. Awwwwww. Happy Anniversary!
    This is my favorite line:
    “Wow, what a great hugger”
    I’m soooo not surprised. 😉

  9. Happy Anniversary, and congratulations on such an incredibly cute “how we met” story!!! And “The Kiss”? Very well done, too!

  10. What a great story! Happy day to you and the Fella! I’ll throw back a beer or two in your honor tonite.

  11. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! Happy Anniversary, you two! You’ve got something pretty special going on.

  12. Happy Anniversary! Where would we be without online dating? That’s where I met Mr. Wonderful, too. I’m so glad you guys found each other and have one great year behind you. Here’s to many more ahead!

  13. You guysssss…this is so romantic!:-)
    How much do I love that he is able to tell the story?? Oh, tons. This story makes me *heart* him, and it does put the whole “Kiss” post into perspective. heh. Nice!

    This is so well-told, it could be one of those ads for E-Harmony or something. Seriously.

  14. Happy Anniversary! What a fantastic first meeting. I love the ones where its quirky and fun and above all else, REAL. How are you celebrating?

  15. Congrats! And thanks for the warm and fuzzies. It’ll be ten years for us next month and this makes me remember how it was when we first met. Which is helpful when I’m picking up dirty socks.

  16. Happy Anniversary! I keep saying this, but you two are so adorable together. I love the obvious happiness that you bring to each other. That is what life is all about!

  17. congratulations! You made it way past the 6 month hurdle. happy anniversary.

    But the fingernail thing, while a clever way to touch him, is kind of gross.

  18. Aww… I sat here caught myself smiling the whole way through this post. Then I thought, wow, I’ve been reading this blog for over a year cause I remember when you two got together!
    *Sigh* I’m so glad you found such a great guy!!
    I can’t wait until my first anniversary with Derek so I can tell the world about our meeting!
    Like you and the Fella, we kicked it from casual dating to serious dating in like 3 days. But hey… like you said…. when you meet some one you click with like that, it just happens. When you know, you know!
    Happy (day late belated) Anniversary Siz!

  19. PERFECT!

    I have to agree. When you click, you click and MAN! years fly by before you notice.

    Blessings of every kind to you BOTH!


    You are SO my favorite celebrity couple now.

  20. Awww… that’s just tooo sweet. I’m so happy for you BOTH!!! Happy Anniversary, you two. What a cute couple you make. (Where did the kitty end up?)

  21. Congratulations! I have to admit that it makes me wonder how Ted would tell “our story,” so I might have to steal your idea (and credit, of course:)

    I love the fact that you were already comfortable enough to not only tell him to clip his nails, but to actually do the work. That says a lot.

  22. I’m right there with you (only two years down the line instead of one) and it feels amazing doesn’t it? Still hellish scary but still hellish amazing 🙂 Love is the best!

  23. Ohhhh that is so awesome! And the cutest post ever 🙂
    Although, um wasn’t it scary to invite stranger from internets to your apt before meeting him in public? Call me paranoid.

  24. Such a great story!!! Like, I got all warm and tingly just reading it…okay that sounds bad, but trust me it’s good 🙂

    Happy Anniversary you guys! You give me hope!

  25. happy anniversary! i love the story told from both sides.

    and man, i would have been a sucker for that kitty too! the fella knows how to work it!

  26. I like finding out how people met each other. This was a cute story! Thank you for sharing it with us 🙂

    My favorite:
    “Hi. I’m here.”
    “Me too.”
    “I just buzzed and you didn’t answer.”
    “That’s because I am behind you.”

  27. the night i first met my brazilian woman (now fiance) i kept trying to make a move and she wouldn’t let me touch her…finally she was like i didn’t shave (her legs), and i said well i don’t know about guys in brazil but american guys love it when a woman doesn’t shave…
    i got my kiss then… 🙂

  28. Mind if I steal that Mae West/Etta James bit? I’m in need of a good man, and it seems to have worked out well for you.

    I’m going to sub Betty Boop for Marilyn, though, just to make it more *me*.

  29. I’m a year late in saying… what a wonderful romantic way of meeting. And I’m happy you two are still together 🙂 Peace.

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