Politics Hangover

I’ve forced myself to watch the Republican National Convention each night even though I should be doing other things. Like updating my resume and cover letter to apply for jobs. Like clipping my toe nails. Like finishing reading a book. But I made myself watch it because it is important to be educated on both sides- even if it is painful to watch. (Last night was very painful.) Even if there isn’t enough wine to make it okay. (There wasn’t enough wine and today I have a headache.)

I went to bed angry and woke up more pissed off.

The mocking. The laughter. The belittling. The POW story over and over and over again. Chanting “USA” and “Zero” repeatedly. The enthusiasm over off-shore oil drilling.

I felt like an alien in my own country. I didn’t hear one thing that matters to me or speaks to my values. That’s the most startling thing actually- to see how so many people can be cheering for things I don’t believe in. How will this country ever heal when we are so divided? Frankly, it scares me.

But I still have hope. Despite it being mocked, I STILL HAVE HOPE.


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  1. You said more perfectly than I could exactly how I’m feeling.

    How is that possiblly adult politics? All I saw was MOCKING. Yes, let’s mock community organizing but encourage more people to go into the PeaceCorps & AmeriCorps like McCain has suggested. That makes so much sense. And seems both intellegent AND mature.

    It made me so upset. I don’t even know what to say.

  2. Interesting. That is exactly how I felt watching many parts of the DNC. Sad that the country is so divided in its needs and opinions. Luckily the majority will rule but whether they agree with you or with me only time will tell.

  3. I have great admiration for Sarah Palin given how far she has risen and how fast, especially as a woman. And of course for McCain as a POW. But it ends there – I can’t relate to any of it. And worse I felt like it was all bogus. Like they were saying things that aren’t even true of the GOP or what they stand for. And as CNN pointed out this morning – they were saying things that weren’t true at all, they made some stuff up. It was horrible to watch.

  4. man I couldn’t watch EITHER of them. I’m a kid at heart, I went and found cartoons to watch instead. It sounds like I would have been furious if I had tried to watch it.

  5. Yep, I was right there with you. I guess I’m biased but I just have found the RNC far more negative. It’s not fun to watch, it’s not uplifting. AND I KNOW that government needs to do more, be more than just uplifting in order to govern properly, but I struggle to understand why a government can’t be both. Uplifting AND talk about the issues. Palin’s speech just seemed smug, and the jabs at community organizing left me unhappy.

  6. We actually had to turn it off because we were getting so riled up.

    Thankfully the Daily Show put it all in perspective and helped us get over the feeling of anger.

    I too have hope!

  7. Both sides mock each other. It’s sad. They don’t tell the public what they stand for, what they want to do to make a change. Instead they just stand up there and belittle the other party. Preschoolers act more mature on the playground than politicians do.

  8. I have hope too. But I can’t even follow the political stuff going on right now, because it hurts me too much. Just reading about the lies that came out of the RNC speeches last night makes me want to cry. I have hope but I’m also very scared.

  9. Sweets and I are doing the same thing as you – listening to the other side to make sure we’ve got our stance right. And it’s truly sickening. What scares the fuck out of me is how many people are enthusiastically watching the RNC. Because in my mind? This shouldn’t be a contest. At least not a close one.

  10. De-lurking to say that I so echo your sentiments. It felt sooooooooooo belittling and snide and just mean. And what was with Palin not referring to Obama by his name?!?!?!?


  11. All I caught was Annie Oakley’s speech and it felt more like “The Republican National Convention Hosts An Evening At The Improv”. I thought it was petty and juvenile and totally skirted anything of value that matters to most of real America. What about the rest of us?

  12. I could tell you about how, even after half a bottle of wine, I couldn’t make it through Palin’s speech (she needs to watch Claire McCaskill’s speech from last week for a lesson on maturity, poise, and delivery)…But I will skip that because it is far too negative.

    I will instead leave you with this:




  13. Okay,I didn’t like the little alien gravatar dude that popped up so I thought I’d see if I could get my Bonecollector pup appear…many apologies for the extra posted comment… πŸ˜€

  14. I completely agree. And am also still frustrated.

    I missed the first part of Palin’s speach, but heard the end. I’m sorry, but her voice is a train wreck. I’d rather listen to Condoleezza Rice read ‘Pillars of the earth’ than have to hear speeches from Palin for the next four years.


  15. Sizzle, I have to tell you, I do not support Obama. I will tell you why, too. I come from IL, the very state he is from, and supposedly been “helping” his state with future plans, growth, economics, etc. IL is in terrible terrible shape, with job loss, urban sprawl, bad roads because of corrupt hiway programs, abandoned homes because of job loss/tax hikes and over-inflation, and towns built up with mini malls and strip malls that are empty. In Waukegan, by the shore of Lake Michigan and once home to the Navy, the land was sold off for luxury homes because it was so near the North Shore considered too valuable. Waukegan the city itself has gone belly up, and I can only guess, they will try and do urban renewal on it at some point.

    IL itself was once a place for agriculture, but the big money, inflated land values and urban sprawl have made it a tough place to be. The corruption is bad, and all i know is not only will it take alot of money to fix it, but it takes money to live there and survive now. When my Dad once lived there like a pioneer on a farm? That area was consumed by the North Shore sprawl, and monied people don;t care. Last night when I heard that Obama decided not to vote like 130times? I could see how the ineffectiveness of IL leadership was to blame, letting the money run things. IL is a VERY good example of what his leadership represents. It’s like a waiting case study. Just saying.

    It’s very disappointing to know what is happening at home in IL where I grew up and lived, with hundreds of displaced persons are being sheltered in hotels where I once thought things would thrive. People have been living in tents too in places, my brother says. I wish Obama was held accountable for some of these things, as well as his abstaining to Vote, when that’s what we paid him to do.

    Look at the state these presedential candidates come from, and some of the issues that come with that territory. I know you like Obama’s rhetoric and smooth look perhaps, but things are NOT great in the state he comes from.

  16. Sizzle, I’m TOTALLY with you! Could you believe the way she belittled community organizing? What an arrogant wench. No ideas, no vision, only attacks.

    Wake up, Lady. You’re gonna lose. Go back to Alaska and skin a moose.


  17. Um, I had to turn the channel when Palin was talking. Especially the part where she bitched about how Obama wants to give political detainees rights. God forbid we give political prisoners rights. That was such a fucked up comment on her behalf. Since when is due process something we take for granted?

    Bully – every state has issues. Blaming Obama for problems in Illinois isn’t fair. I’m sure there’s a flipside to many of your negative claims too. It’s all a matter of perspective. Vote Nader! Kidding. Just tell me one state where things are awesome and then we can do battle.

    Yikes, sorry Sizzle for hijacking the comments. Damn the politics.

  18. Regardless of my thoughts on the points he/she raises, I want to give props to Bully for being willing to stand up as a voice of dissent. I personally know how difficult it is to NOT support Obama in this state.
    Not that I am supporting McCain, mind you. But you don’t dare breathe a word against Obama around here before someone is down your throat.

  19. Dissention is what makes this country of ours great. When we no longer can speak out, then we’ve taken a huge step back. Diane, which state do you live in?

  20. I’m over here, clinging to the middle. I’m going to OUT myself and say that I’m a moderate Republican. The fact that I have to hide that from people because I fear I will be instantly hated makes me angry. I get even angrier when I read comments from online friends who think that any Republican is an uneducated, Bible-thumping, war-mongering redneck. I am none of these things.

    I am a moderate. And I don’t like being forced to wholeheartedly believe in one group’s policies over another.

    Meanwhile, I can’t stand the vitriol, the manic jingoism, the weeping celebrities, the chanting, the I AM RIGHT AND THEREFORE YOU ARE WRONG. It’s on both sides. I can see it clearly, because I’m hanging here in the middle.

  21. The only thing that kept me from going completely nuts last night was the fact that I watched The Daily Show right after. Jon Stewart helped mitigate my rage…even though his guest was Newt Gingrich. I have found the RNC to be so joyless, and so shrill in their chants of “USA, USA” (which, by the way, I find so irritating, because of the ownership implied there– it’s not the fucking Olympics), and “Drill, baby, drill” (well, at least they’re honest). Honestly, I can’t wait until the debates, and for Joe Biden to destroy Sarah Palin.

  22. I couldn’t watch the entire speech and bailed about half way through. no amount of wine was going to help. I was just getting annoyed by her very, er, “liberal” use of the facts. And what’s with that sarcastic tone? Ugh.

  23. I just can’t do politics. I love Obama, but that is just a gut reaction, and I trust that more than anything I hear. Really it is all BS to me and I don’t trust any of them at heart.

  24. Unlike Angela, I am completely and totally obsessed with this. Though I couldn’t bring myself to watch the RNC. In fact, it was all I could do to watch the news coverage… apparently I didn’t have enough sangria. LOL.

    The American electorage scares the crap out of me, I mean they re-elected GWB (I know most of your readers didn’t but someone did — or something…).

  25. Its hard for me to watch either side’s convention (although I did follow most of the DNC because I’m a good democrat like that) because so much of it comes of as mocking and playing to the base. Good for you for at least watching- I can’t say as much.

  26. I also feel like I should be informed on both sides so I’ve been forcing myself to watch…last night made me feel extremely disheartened.

  27. Diane, okay. My wife is from the greater Chicago area so I’ve heard much about Obama. My in-laws, lifelong Republicans, have thrown their support behind Obama. They live in the waspy western suburbs which isn’t exactly pro-Obama territory. The town’s big claim to fame was some rally in the 80’s when Reagan visited their town.

    Thanks for info, I assumed Illinois based on your comment.

  28. You are a bigger person than I. I couldn’t bring myself to watch the RNC. After the last election, I fell into a depression for months. I don’t want to do anything to put myself back into that state, so I’m just trying to output massive amounts of positive Obama juju.

  29. egan– what you say goes to support the thing that Money is what is pushing things in IL, definitely. The suburbs have gotten crazy-built-up, McMansions going up and old neighborhoods cleared for a new up-scale lifestyle the area couldn’t even dream about 20 yrs ago. Naperville used to be fields, you know then, just like the rest of the 40mile area around Chicago.

    Thanks lvgurl and you others– it IS hard to stand up and say you do not support Obama, when the vociferous support seems to be behind him. I am Moderate, fairly well-educated, shoe-wearing, Bible owning but not thumping, and compassionate in view of social issues too. πŸ˜‰

    As for Palin herself? I love her sassy, direct, no-nonsense attitude. I’m curious as to what she’ll say next!

  30. Bully – I’m still waiting for the perfect state in our country. It doesn’t exist. Every single state has issues. Just like the residents of each state. Illinois is a very large start with the bulk of the population tucked in the upper right corner. This makes it a challenge to govern. Is Illinois unique in this regard? Absolutely not. It’s similar here in Washington state.

    You can blame Obama or you can ask yourself how involved you’ve personally been. Have you voted as often as possible? Have you chatted to your neighbors about the issues that matter in your community? Obama is one person. He’s one of two senators in your fine state. I know he’s done some great things you failed to mention. That’s fine. Politics are a dirty business.

    Are we really going to talk about voting records? Can you elaborate how Obama is being held responsible for people living on the streets?

  31. Didn’t watch either convention. Couldn’t. Not an Obama fan, but wouldn’t vote McCain/Palin if my life depended on it. I think it’s classic that Palin supports abstinence-only education and her daughter is pregnant. Yeah, that approach works. And I’m going to vomit if I hear one more neo-con say how proud they are of the girl’s “choice.” Like she had a choice in that household.

  32. egan– while I am living in KY now, a similar problem is happening here, in regard to developement and losing agriculture. People chasing dollars and expensive hotels and homes, they happily sell out and bulldoze over historic horse farms. Location location location. It’s all about Money, and too many congressmen and senators are worried about appealing to influential folks. They go along, and even make it sound great.

    When the rest of the world discovers what a little treasure you all have there in Washington State, you may have more to worry about. Wilderness, and rural land cannot be reclaimed. It’s just lost, and then you have plenty of change alright. They call it progress, and civil advancement.

    LOL at MayberryMagpie and “abstinence-only” education. I always say, Trust in God, but tie your Camel! πŸ˜‰ heh.

  33. It’s sad that a lot of people consider “debate” to be harmful criticism that hurts more than just the candidate they are “debating”. And yet for so many people that’s all it takes.
    “A Fighter, Woo-Hoo!”

  34. I have a hard time watching any of them. I recorded Palin’s speech so I could fast forward through all the clapping and standing (which was really annoying). I liked her delivery but didn’t necessarily agree with what she said — if that makes any sense.

  35. I was actually in the process of writing something similar. Living abroad means having to answer for all of these types of things. people want me to explain all of this and I can’t… I so agree about the POW card. That was decades ago. I have total respect for someone that can go through that kind of ordeal and not let it ruin their lives. My dad was in Vietnam for three tours and I have seen first hand what that can do to a person- the drinking, the flashbacks… But enough is enough. It’s not like Vietnam was going to take the US hostage and he said “No, let them go. Take me…” Don’t even get me started on Palin. I think it is WAY beyond time for a woman in office, but she is just not the one. But on a lighter note, it is the weekend and I intend to do some liberal drinking and get me some Palin-style abstinence πŸ˜‰

  36. I seriously wanted to hurl while I was watching her. Yes, she has a vagina — is that supposed to be awesome? I could honestly give two shits if a woman is in power, unless it’s the RIGHT woman. I just want the right person in there — black, white, purple, male, female — whatever.

    I think McCain is a good man, and I (not being sarcastic here) respect the elderly, so I find it hard to say anything bad about him without feeling like I’m making fun of my grandpa. But I don’t want him as our leader. At all.

  37. I am scared too. I didn’t watch it, but even reading about it in the paper was enough to bother me.

    What really saddens me is that people buy into all of that… bullying? What is it? Nastiness? I have family who believe in all this… ridiculousness.

  38. I’m so impressed you could watch as much as you did. McCain was a POW and I respect that and I think that earns him our respect and appreciation and a nice pension but not the presidency. Palin appears to be a bit of a right wing loon but my husband and I have actually started talking about what we do if they win. I just don’t know.

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