Scratch That

Friday I woke up with what I thought were a couple of bug bites on my legs. After googling bug bites, I convinced myself that I had bed bugs. I returned home, stripped my bed, flipped the mattress and swept the room.

The itching got worse.

Saturday, I woke up with more “bites” and began to worry. How can there be so many bugs eating me alive at night and I don’t wake up!? More googling and twittering and asking friends. More worry. Then I went to my Mom’s house and she declared it a rash, not bug bites. No wonder it was spreading up and down my legs! Moms always know. Well, at least my Mom does. I trust her judgment and not only because she worked for a dermatologist for years. (Do not click that thumbnail if you are squeamish. That is my leg and it is gross.)

So I slathered on cortisone cream and took some Benadryl and drank three beers. I felt better. Better if not sleepy. Alcohol + Allergy medicine = passed out. It was warm in my bedroom. The fan with the window open was not sufficient in cooling the temperature. The bed is too small and the Fella and I were tossing and turning. I got up a couple of times because the itching was so uncomfortable. I was cranky and tired.

Then 3am came and over the hum of the fan I could hear voices. Jovial voices and raucous laughter. It continued. I got up, turned the fan off and listened. Someone upstairs was having a party. Whenever anyone talks on the balconies of the building, the sound carries. They are alcoves with great acoustics. But at 3am? No one wants to hear your drunken rambling. Disgruntled, cranky and tired, I hauled myself up to the top floor to find the balcony door wide open with four people smoking and an adjacent apartment door wide open with a party in full swing. I did not see anyone I recognized.

“Hey. I’m the building manager and you guys might not realize this but your voices carry in this alcove. It is also 3am.”

“We’re sorry. We’re sorry. We won’t talk.” Says the drunkest of the drunks wearing a hat.

“You have to keep this door shut because the smoke comes into the hallway, ok?”

“Sure. Yes. Sorry. We’re sorry. We’ll go home.”

“Is there a problem?” the party thrower and tenant appeared behind me, drunk and high by the looks of him.

“It’s 3am. You guys have to keep it down. And keep this door shut when smoking out here.”

“Ok. Yeah. Sorry.” to me. “You guys should probably just go home.” to them.

I return to my apartment, flop back to bed and grumble to the Fella. Still itchy. Still miserable and hot.

At 4am I hear the voices loud and clear again only this time they are standing outside at the front steps of the building. I wait ten minutes hoping they will just say their goodbyes and leave. Drunk people can’t comprehend the concept of time or whispering. I get it. It’s not like I’ve never been drunk. Or stupid. But these drunk and stupid people are probably disturbing half my building and me.

“Do you want me to go down there and talk to them?” the Fella asks me.

“No!” Because as much as I love my boyfriend, I’m the one with the de-escalation skills. I head out again, this time downstairs.

“Hey you guys? It’s 4am. I really need you to be quiet.” When the tenant sees me he starts to walk away like he knows he is in trouble- while carrying a classy 40 in his hand, I might add.

“Sorry. Sorry! We’ll go.” Yeah, I heard that one an hour ago. But within 5 minutes they disperse.

I am not anti-party but I am not okay with people being inconsiderate of their neighbors. And 3am is way too late for entertaining guests at that volume. I was really surprised no one called to complain seeing as how this tenant lives next door to Smell Lady. She must be out of town.

Now it’s Monday morning and I’ve had two nights of restless sleep thanks to the itching. The baking powder paste I slathered on my legs did make the itching subside to a tolerable level even if it looks as though it snowed inside my house. I am waiting to for 9am to call a doctor and hope that they can squeeze me in today. I can’t take any more itching! I need relief! I’m pretty sure the rash is an allergic reaction to a LUSH bath bomb. It’s the only thing new/different I have used in the last week. At least I am hoping it’s something as simple as that and not that I’m like, you know, dying or something.

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  1. Oh, Honey, that rash looks uncomfortable! When I was a kid, my mom would have me soak in a tub of warm water & epsom salts. That always relieved the itch.

    Moms RAWK!!! :o)

    Hope you achieve a non-ichy day soon!!!

  2. Urgh. Rashes are the WORST. But I’m surprised it would be caused by a Lush bath bomb because they’re supposed to be all natural ingredients and stuff. But I do hate how they clog up your drains with all of the flower petals and random scented detritus that they bake into those things.

  3. You poor thing!!! It does look like an allergic reaction and it seems maybe you need some specific medication for it. I hope the doc gives you an ASAP appointment. I have some annoying neighbors myself at times. They stay out on their balcony (which is super close to my bedroom window) being obnoxiously loud with friends over, smoking, drinking, squealing…all this until 3 or 4 in the morning.

  4. Itching is the worst… I’m prone to getting mosquito bites and it seems they always itch the worst during the night. Why? No clue. Second worst is the sunburn healing itch… usually to be centered on your back where you can’t reach.

    Hope you can get some relief quickly.

    The party? One thing I do NOT miss by living out in the country. However? When my neighbor starts shooting skeet at 10 p.m., well… I’m tempted to trade. πŸ™‚

  5. I hope you get in to see the doctor and that it is just an allergic reaction to something. Hope you feel better soon! I have an appointment with my dermatologist this afternoon and I would gladly give the appointment to you if you lived near me and couldn’t get one with your own doctor. Sorry that won’t help since it would be pretty far to travel!

  6. Oh man. last winter I broke out with this rash out of NOWHERE and I never get things like that. Turns out I am prone to Eczema. Maybe you should go to the dermatologist and see if that could be it? They provide you with this fab cream that cures it up within a day or two. Just a thought. πŸ™‚

  7. You poor lady! It looks like contact dermatitis, which can happen from bathy stuffs. I had it once like that all the way from my toes to my boobs and couldn’t figure out why — then my bathing suit bleached out and we realized that the chlorine in the jacuzzi wasn’t mixed right. Oh man, it burned BAD! As dorky as it sounds, the thing that works best is Vagisil. It has a really high concentration of lidocaine/benzocaine in it and you feel better immediately. My doc recommended it, actually. For the rash it was a “time will heal all wounds” kind of deal, not much they could do for me. I was thankful for the tip about the bajingo cream. πŸ™‚ OR, if you don’t want your legs smelling like underpants, you can use the aloe snot that you use on sunburns? Or Bactine, which also has lidocaine in it.

  8. I’m diagnosing you with this one thing I got after a trip to Lake Shasta. I forget what it’s called. But, it was a rash. That’s all I know.

  9. You poor thing! That rash means business. Do you know what you’re allergic to or do you have some allergy tests in your near future?

    (heeβ€”I like the title of this post!)

  10. I volunteered for a shelter that had a terrible issue with bed bugs. It was ugly. And nasty. And horrible. And I can only hope that’s not your problem. Eiwww.

    As I was reading about your drunks, I kept thinking drunks have the worst sense of time and then you said it. Hahaha. Glad they finally got their arses on the road!

  11. Since it’s just on your legs, I’d guess that it’s not the bath bomb, but something internal (something you ate or a virus). Aveeno makes a pretty decent anti-itch lotion and if it weren’t so wide-spread, I’d recommend white toothpaste (great for mosquito bites).
    You’re pretty tolerant of drunken neighbors. I have the cops on speed-dial. But then again, I live ‘hood-adjacent, so…

  12. Have you tried Aveeno Oatmeal Bath? It works on kids Chicken Pox and may help at least alleviate the itching.
    Sorry about the rash and the idiotic tenants.
    Feel better.

  13. Ack! That looks so awful and I am sending you bunches of “healing thoughts”. :O(

    I have sensitive skin on my legs and feet and have learned about it the HARD way. I can’t use any shaving cream. And any lotion has got to be unscented/uncolored. Same goes for the skin on my feet, even soaking them in anything but epsom salts makes me rashy.

    Get well quick!!

  14. People are so rude. We called the cops on the party house at 3 a.m. on a Sunday … then had the “pleasure” of listening to the guy try to tell off the cops. Nice eh? Glad the Man didn’t go over.

  15. Ugh, I had a mystery rash like that one time that turned out to be an allergic reaction to a new necklace. Weird, I know, but my grandma is allergic to all jewelry except 24k gold, so I consider myself lucky that it only happened that once. The good news was that it went away really quickly once I got to a doctor and got a cortizone cream to put on it. Also, that Aveeno oatmeal stuff that you put in a bath helps with the itching, at least temporarily, in the meantime. Hopefully you’ve been to the doctor by now and the itching is subsiding by now though!

  16. I am terrified and paranoid about bedbugs. I’ve convinced myself that they’re here, even though I have no bites or itch. I just know they’re lurking in the mattress…..waiting..

  17. Ouch.

    And why do Moms ALWAYS know what the problem is?

    Feel your pain (pun intended) about the loud neighbors. Had those before too with their loud, drunken friends. And even though I’ve been there as the drunk girl, it still is really annoying when people are so inconsiderate.

  18. Oooo, I’m so sorry! I hope you made it to the doc and s/he got you something stronger than baking powder paste!

    And good on you for shushing the party. I’m okay with neighbors being loud until about 12 or 1 ish, but then? It’s just rude. Congrats on sticking up for yourself (and others).

  19. It would be different had the party been contained within the unit, but when it starts to affect other people — and at 3 a.m. — that’s just plain rude. My unit is pretty close to the street and I could hear a party going on across the street at 3 a.m. a few weeks ago and it was so frustrating. Fortunately closing the window helped a lot, but then the place got so hot so I kept waking up anyway.

    I saw your other post — I hope you’re feeling better soon. Having a rash is so frustrating b/c it’s so hard not to scratch!

  20. Not to scare you or anything but last January I had a rash that appeared out of nowhere. I mean it. Nowhere. I blamed it on a series of things… a month later I learned I had Type 2 diabetes.. and a rash was one of the tell-tale signs… I highly DOUBT this is the case for you!

  21. Are you maybe allergic to something? You know what might help too? Milk of Magnesium. Don’t take it orally, just slather some one on your skin (I know, it sounds gross) but I get eczema from time to time, and it really helps! And so does Vaseline, but it’s also gooey and gross. But there are no side effects!!

  22. I have been racing thru the internet trying to find out what rash that is that you have. My son is 4, poor baby, and he just came down with the SAME THING! Only on his legs. He went to bed with a couple spots on his legs, thaught they were skeeter bites and he woke up 4 times in the night crying from the itch and discomfort. By morning his legs looked identical to yours. It is a wk end so I cant take him to his pediatrician til monday but debating the emergency room if he cant sleep again tonight because it just is getting worse. PLEASE please please fill us in on what that is!

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