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I went to see a nurse practitioner yesterday who prescribed me Prednisone and a super powered topical ointment. Isn’t “ointment” a weird word? Ointment. My father took Prednisone to help when he was diagnosed with emphysema and he puffed up like Jiffy Pop Popcorn. Some of the risks are water retention, increased sweating, bulging eyes and my favorite- inappropriate happiness. I was told that I would be hyper and moody. I took the prescribed dosage (6 pills) and waited for the hyperactivity. I really had some chores I needed to attend to. . . but then I promptly fell asleep for an hour. Much like caffeine, I have the opposite response. EXCEPT when it came time to actually go to bed. I slept for two hours then woke up with a horrible migraine. It was like my mind was hammering thoughts into the backs of my eyes. I did more research and yeah, great!, insomnia is also another side effect. I’m on this stuff for two weeks and have to avoid alcohol. There will be no reprieve. BUT I am less itchy. You win some, you lose some. At least my eyes are not bulging. That wouldn’t be a good look for me. As it is I still can’t shave my legs. I feel like I’m back in my first year of college when I thought I would fit in with the UC Santa Cruz crowd by buying Birkenstocks and not shaving.

That lasted through winter and then I was done with that business.

In happier news, I would like to praise the miracle invention that is baking soda. Seriously, what can’t it do?

  • It calmed the itchiness of my rash.
  • It keeps my fridge or my shoes from being stinky.
  • It cleans up stains on rugs.
  • It helps me make delicious muffins and cakes.
  • It can put out a fire.
  • It absorbs cat odor.
  • It relieves canker sore pain if you use it as a mouthwash.

Oh right, it can’t get rid of a migraine. Damn it.


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  1. Yuck for migraines but hope you feel better soon! Do you drink tea? Try drinking some with caffeine because it sometimes takes away migraines and headaches.

  2. Can’t you catch a break already? Your body has to get used to the prednisone sooner or later and let you sleep, right?

    Oh, and my least two favorite words, ointment and goiter. Use them together in a sentence and I may barf on you.

  3. At least you are getting a little reprieve from the itching. I hate taking medicine, but sometimes you just have to do it. Glad to know about the baking soda remedy. Hope the migraine and rash go away stat!

  4. I think it’s also supposed to help whiten your teeth, but not totally sure.

    I get migraines periodically and have to use prescriptions or else I’m incapacitated for the rest of the day 😦

  5. Predinose is nasty but it works. My former boss used to take it for lupus. She’d go a bit manic when she was on it. Hang tough it’s only for six weeks.

    I do hope the headache goes away…

  6. I know you are going to beat this rash thing, but the prednisone is a funny thing for side effects! It took Spouse 2 days to turn into an emotional spazz, flaring his nostrils, trying to run around and do a billion projects…and it stayed with him until the last dose! He had trouble sleeping, too– racing thoughts to go with the spastic behavior, yeah. When it was over, and the stuff gradually wore out of his system? He crashed, and slept! (mercifully, yes)
    Some people get starving on it too. I think I’d rather be starving to death, than be puffy with retained water tho! Maybe that can be your side effect, and you can make those nice cookies you do.:-)

    Feel better, Sizzle. *smooches*

  7. I’m frequently struck down by migraines. If you want to know a shit ton about them, I’ve got loads of info. If you only get them occasionally, I’d suggest the following treatment – 800 mg of ibuprofen, plenty of water, caffeine (it’s a vasoconstrictor, and migraines have a really large blood vessel component – hence the throbbing nature of the pain!).

    If you get them semi-regularly, I swear by a prescription drug called Maxalt. I just had one this morning, and I’m sitting here 4 hours later feeling fine. Ask your NP about it, if you’re interested!

  8. Too bad baking powder can’t get rid of stinky butts. Because my fiance? And my dog? Have really stinky butts. If so, I’d dub it the miracle drug!

  9. Every time I have ever taken it, I have so much energy that I get tons of things done. I can’t sleep when I’m on it either, so I have a bunch of extra hours to do things. I’m sorry you had the opposite effect!

    Baking soda can also keep pool water clear. Frankly it scares me a little that it can do so many different things and yet we put it in cookies!

  10. Hope the rash clears quickly.

    Now, this is important so please be careful. Prednisone (like most steroidal meds) can have a dramatic affect on your blood sugar level.

    If you have any history of high blood sugar and maybe even if you don’t this can be a huge concern. Please do yourself a favor and check your blood sugar level.

    Always the best.


  11. What exactly is inappropriate happiness? Is it happiness about things you shouldn’t be happy about (Timmy fell down a well? OMG that’s hysterical…)or is it being happy when you shouldn’t be (ie being happy when you are contemplating the cultural meaning of 3rd world poverty)..?? I’d like a scientific explaination on this one…
    Oh.. and glad to see you’re feeling a little better.

  12. Hey Sizzle, I’m right in there with Trigger…Maxalt is AWESOME! I call it my little Golden Pill and I go nowhere without it. Exedrine Migraine works pretty well for the nuisance headaches also.

  13. Poor Sizz. I hope you are feeling better soon! I was given a prescription for the pack of 5 day steroids that you take in decreasing doses…might be the same thing…right before E. and I went to see my parents. It was for nasal allergies, because my nose was so red and swollen. I passed on filling it because I was feeling crazy enough before the trip. :p If there is a weird side effect to be had, I am usually the one to get it!

  14. With my back pain, I was given hydrocodone, and I’m trying to be very careful about not mixing booze + drugs. But, wasn’t that how most people got through college?

  15. I gained a shit ton of weight on prednisone, pretty much wanted to eat everything that wasn’t nailed down. Glad you are finding relief from the baking soda…hope you get better soon.

  16. Ouch!!!! I once did a gratitude post and added in coffee beans … never thought of being thankful for baking soda though ;-> Hope the itchies go away soon.

  17. I used to be like you with the caffeine – it just made me sleepy. Luckily, these days, not so much. Otherwise my morning coffee wouldn’t be so effective! But now, I have to remind myself that no, I cannot drink an espresso at 6pm and still be sleepy at bedtime…

  18. Your baking soda praise reminds me of My Big Fat Greek Wedding where the father sprays everyone with Windex. So true though. 🙂

    I’ve got an ear infection coming on, maybe I’ll just stick some baking powder in there. I’d try anything at this point.

  19. Aaaahhh Prednisone. My old friend. I get a yearly dose, sometimes twice a year for my tendency to come in contact with poison oak. Really it finds me, I don’t find it. I suggest on top of the weird drugs to invest in Zanfel. Yes I know it’s $40 a tube but it is worth every penny. Take it from the itchy expert it works and feels sooooo nice to scrub away the itch.

  20. Baking soda also does wonders in a hot bath for anything itchy on your bodice. It’s been an old fashioned remedy my Grandma Tillie passed down to my mom and to me.

  21. increased sweating and inappropriate happiness: how odd. If you drink will the alcohol maybe cancel that out…since you tend to react oppositely to directions? I’d try it! haha

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