Rage Filled Donuts Are Tasty

I was hoping my mood would have lifted to something lighter by now but honestly, that’s just not the case. I am, for lack of a better term, down in the dumps.

I took the last Prednisone yesterday but it still needs time to work its way out of my system. Meanwhile, coming in from the north we have a cold front also known as PMS. Heavy winds of irritability may cause damage in some parts. Scattered showers of remorse, guilt and shame may accompany the wind storms throughout the week.


I wouldn’t say I am wallowing but I’m certainly not feeling especially outgoing. Being around people these past few weeks has put me on edge. I haven’t trusted myself to keep my mouth shut. In many cases, I haven’t wanted to. I’ve let out a slew of negative spewing on occasion. Sometimes with an audience (sorry, Fella). My Fed Up Level was at an all time high. I have had no tolerance or patience for bullshit. In a way, it was refreshing but also quite scary. Not like I would have physically hurt anyone but my words could have caused some damage. For those of you following me on Twitter, condolences. My steroid rage knew no bounds there.

Since I have no happy, happy, joy, joy thoughts to share with you, I thought I’d just purge some of my disdain here.

Things That Piss Me Off:

  • Seattle drivers not knowing how to drive in the rain when we get SO MUCH PRACTICE.
  • Donuts at work. It’s not you, it’s me. I have zero willpower around a donut.
  • Flakes. You will push me to the point of never making plans with you again. Then you will cry. Stop being a flake!
  • The clusterfuck of traffic at 5pm near Kaply’s house.
  • When someone hears my (real) name multiple times and still thinks it’s a shortened version of it. A name which I hate! DO NOT CALL ME THAT NAME.
  • The Oxy Clean guy yelling at me through the TV. I am not deaf, you turd!
  • 1.5 inch roots of gray hair. Oh, the hawtness.
  • The bitch at the thrift store who had to execute her power by reminding me that I am only allowed 6 items in the dressing room. When there were NO other people waiting. When I only brought in 8. When she told me as I was leaving. I hope your feeling of self-importance was fleeting and later you had terrible gas pains. So there!
  • Cigarettes.
  • My mouth- it’s like the Pacific fucking Ocean in there. Salty! Ew!
  • Hairs on my chin. Why?! I hate you.
  • The fact that I can only wear stretchy pants (re: yoga pants) since I started taking Prednisone. Or skirts. Water retention or more fat? Hard to say! Oh, maybe it’s both!
  • Saying I am going to do something for myself and then not doing it. Self? You suck.
  • Public spitting.

. . . I am sure there are others but I don’t want to scare you.

62 thoughts on “Rage Filled Donuts Are Tasty

  1. Wow! I’m with ya on the Oxy Clean guy. I use my Quatro 5 blade to shave my chin hairs. (Kidding but WTF right?) I’m glad that donuts are across the office I’m in so I don’t see them. ACK!

    have a good one (try anyway)!

    Your real name? I thought it was Sizzalicious Hawticous Jones!! (make you laugh here?)


  2. I hope you get out of the funk soon. I won’t even start on my list of things that currently piss me off, but on the short list is shortened days and rain. Usually I love fall, but the impending doom of being stuck in a house for the next 8 months with two kids is making me a little loony!

    Hoping that everything starts looking better for you soon!

  3. Ms. Sizzle, feel free to list more things. I hope this Prednisone gets out of your system FAST. Seems like it is causing some pretty bad side effects.

    I know what you mean when you say being around people is irritating you. Try doing some things on your own, maybe even get a massage or relax with a cup of tea and a good book. Sometimes we just need time to ourselves.

  4. Doughnuts sound delicious right now. I am starving!

    I hope you feel better about everything soon. Except that stupid OxyClean guy. He annoys the crap out of me too.

  5. The prednisone may be making you rage-filled, but your list is totally spot on. Public spitting is pretty high on my list, too.

  6. I’m wondering if I should go on steroids just to get some unspoken things off my chest!
    Your list kind of made me giggle (don’t punch me). I hope it made you feel better to vent!

  7. It’s always good to purge out the annoyances in the world isn’t it? πŸ˜‰

    I hope your mood brightens soon. Being down in the dumps is never good. *hugs*

  8. I’m glad you posted again even if you’re feeling down. I had to take prednisone in June (my throat & ears were so swollen my dr. thought something was going to burst) and I gained about 15 pounds and was SO SO CRANKY but in a weird passive aggressive way. Don’t worry. You’ll start to feel like yourself again soon. For me, there were sudden bouts of clarity, which was kind of weird. Drink lots of fluids (water, cranberry juice) to help get the drugs out of your system sooner and just embrace your funk for the next few days.

  9. Oh gosh. I hate the rain/driving thing. And I HATE when it is the first time you get snow and people drive 20 mph under the speed limit because it is sprinkling snow.


    I always love your lists πŸ™‚

  10. My girlfriend had the same thing happen on Prednisone. She was practically inconsolable.

    Public spitting should be punishable by Chinese water torture or something. It’s so gross. I had an ex who used to do it and when I’d yell at him, he’d whine, “But my sinuses are all messed up.” Feel free to add him to your list of things that suck.

    I hope the sun comes out for you (literally and figuratively) soon.

  11. This weekend I had this thing that I would cry at the drop of a hat. Embarrassing, especially when one usually tries to keep a firmer upper lip than that!!! Oy. My poor ego. But here we are at Monday, the swing of things beginning again. Maybe things will look up, as the week’s secrets are revealed.

    I like the list idea, when things are upsetting. Vent, vent away dear Sizzle! (hugs)

  12. We now get doughnuts at work every Monday AM..I am of course eating one right now..and I will likely eat another..maybe I’ll even have one for lunch. Luckily, however, all the rage-filled were taken before I got in.


    turd. hee hee.

  13. Wonder if your real name and my real name sound the same. Cause I have that happen all the time. And then I punch those people in the head.
    Also, venting is good. So keep doing it.

  14. I so hear you on many of those points, including and especially the name one. My full name is Jessie, but people have called me Jessica my whole life. Seriously, just call me by the name I introduced myself with, right?

  15. here is a short list of things that piss me off.
    1.) the 10 pounds I need to lose.
    2.) people who text 700 times and will not pick up the phone to call me.
    3.) the hole in my roof
    4.) carbs! Why must you be in everything?!
    5.) late nights at work!

    I am totally feeling you this week, Sizzle.

  16. *hugs*

    I hear ya. I went for a beer at lunch. At Noon. On Monday.

    I have nothing positive to say and I don’t want to lose readers, so I’m not blogging. I’m afraid I couldn’t make it (meaning my hatred and bad mood) nearly as entertaining as you did :-/

  17. I’m hoping my pathetic Sunday will make you smile and realize you aren’t alone in your wallowing. So here goes-I have a puppy. He kept me awake till 2 a.m. Then I awoke to the sound of puppy puking at 5 a.m. Puppy felt yucky, so he wouldn’t be quiet and go back to sleep, wanted to sit on me. He’s a 60lb. mastiff puppy. It’s a lapful, so no more sleep for me. Did I mention it was a Sunday? Anyways, proceeded to make pancakes for hubby, who was hungover and bitched about having to eat them. Went to library to get book on hold for me, and the hold had expired, so I couldn’t get it. Went to store and forgot two things I needed. Got home, hubby started to make me a ‘feel better, you’re life doesn’t suck’ drink, which was sItting beside a full glass of water and one of my cookbooks fell from a shelf, knocked both glasses to the floor, they, of course, shattered on the tile. Glass, water, ice, EVERYWHERE. Took forever to clean up. I also found two hidden puppy puke piles in dining room, so had to clean those, too. Argued w/hubby over who was the idiot that stacked the cookbooks that way. NOT ME. Then I tried to make guacamole, the avocado would not cooperate, so I pulverized the whole deal, basically creating guac baby food. I was a tad aggravated by this point, so it was a bit dangerous to get close to me or you were liable to get an onion lodged up your nose. Guacamole tasted good, looked like crap. People don’t usually like to eat foods that resemble baby poop, but they were too scared not to eat my nice little snack I prepared. Dinner time came, puppy and older dog battled, leading to puppy with bleeding lip. All over the floor I just cleaned due to glass incident. And I burnt dinner dealing with the two of them. Finally got into bed with puppy suctioned to my hip to hear my husband whisper in my ear- “Honey, are you feeling frisky?” – Um, that would be a No.

    I’m hoping my Monday hangs on to be better, as I hope you keep your chin, hair or no hair, up. We’re right there with you!

  18. Hey there, it’s okay! Last of the Prednisone means this will be over soon, right? Hopefully? Possibly after the PMS? (Good grief I hate when the stars misalign like that!)

    If it makes you feel better, I’m totally with you on a number of those. Bad drivers? Just make me drive angry and use more gas. Totally their fault, though. And it’s the opposite, but all the nicknames for my name? So not allowed. And hairs on the chin? Are hereditary, apparently. I always get one that looks like it’s out to take over the planet. So does my mom. And Grandma. Damn.

    Just keep wishing terrible gas pains or other fun maladies on others until you feel better.

  19. We now get doughnuts every Monday AM at work…I ate two…and will probably have one for lunch. Luckily, all the rage-filled ones were gone by the time I got in.


    Cigarettes are one of top items on my P.O. list too. I just don’t get it.

    Hope you start feeling better soon.

  20. I totally *heart* that you said “piss me off” – it’s so British! ;o)
    I HATE public spitting! I think it should be mandatory to carry a gun and shoot dead people who spit in public. It is DISGUSTING so don’t do it!!!
    Feel better soon *hugs*

  21. Oh have I had days like these. Last Friday was one of them for sure. I hope you get out of it soon and the sun starts shining again for you. *hugs*

  22. Everyone has those times when it all seems to pile up to a colossal mess. Who wants to even look at it?

    Unfortunately facing it and moving on are the only things we can do to get rid of it.

    I can relate to a number of the things on your list including why people always assume my name is shortened for something even though I tell them otherwise. Speaking of which, my name is so simple to spell, it truly aggravates me when they mispell it.

  23. I HATE HATE HATE when people yell at me from commercials. I also hate the Beastie Boys, simply because they are constantly shouting.

    And I hate when people spell my name as though I am a home for monks and nuns.

    But I heart you! πŸ™‚

  24. I am all about hating hairs on my chin. WHY?!

    Your thrift store dressing room nazi would have a field day if she saw me take an ENTIRE CART into the dressing room.

  25. You are not the only one, lovely. I’ve been camped out in shitsville for a month and I think someone just voted me mayor.

    Hang in there. I don’t really know why, but some perky fucker will make a Hallmark card that says so.

  26. I just remembered a VERY DISGUSTING public spitting incident that I witnessed whilst driving to dinner on Friday night.

    I’m so mad at you right now for reminding me of it.

  27. Found your blog through Walking Punchline. Am hungrily reading all of your archives. I really admire your honesty and heart. You make Seattle seem wonderfully moody. Cheers.

  28. Prednisone is a bitch, no doubt about that. I’ve been on it and lived with a mother that was on it on and off for years for a chronic condition. It makes a mess of you and, without fail, the people around you. Hang in there, girl. It is not just you here.
    I hope the sun shines soon.

  29. Hugs. Hope you start feeling more normal soon.

    I know want donuts. Damn! I have little will power but thankfully we don’t have a drive-thru place or it would be harder to resist. πŸ™‚

    Hang in there.

  30. hang in there, Sizz. Perhaps try something new or that you haven’t in a long time to change up the routine. Maybe that’ll shake the grumps loose.

  31. I hate when people lengthen my name into some cutesie form.

    I also hate when the sun goes away for the winter.

    Traffic sucks everywhere from 3 – 7. There are special pockets of hell though.

  32. That Oxy Clean man needs duct tape. For his mouth. Makes me crazy too. Hope thing clear out and cheer up soon. HUGS (no those hugs are not yelling at you, they are just very strong hugs)

  33. I actually get a lot of crap about my name because it has different ways which it can be pronounced (all of which I find dumb and pretentious sounding). When I try and explain it’s just the normal and easy way to say my name people still do not say it right. So when I tell them they can just call me Andie since that should be easier, I sometimes get, “Why? Do you want to be a boy?”


    Also? I’m right there with you on public spitting. Who are these guys who must spit? Do they have a saliva gland problem? It is so terribly gross.

  34. I immediately envisioned a chart of sorts when I read ‘fed up level’. I think you’re on to something there, missy. I mean I measure everything else right? My heart rate, my body fat, how long it takes me to empty the dishwaster, my exercise delta…why the HELL not my FED UP LEVEL!?!?!?

  35. Hope you feel better soon! And donuts – yes. I was there with that one all last week. Perhaps that is why the scale hates me this week? Maybe…

  36. Hairs on the chin are the worst thing EVER! Why? Seriously. Like there isn’t enough to worry about without feeling a long dark hair growing on the underside of ones face.

    Clearly this is one I share with you.

    I ❀ tweezers. I have honestly thought of getting electrolysis on like 3 hairs so I never have to think about chin hair again.

  37. It feels good to vent these things out — I’m so with you on the Seattle drivers in the rain. They’re pretty bad in Hawaii as well, and it probably rains just as often there.

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  39. Seriously! Chin hair sucks! The older I get, the more I find. GReeeeaaaat.

    Mess, I hate mess.

    Cancer sticks, I hate them. But, I like them.

    Let me add… my yellowing teeth…. they use to be so WHITE!

  40. I am SO WITH YOU on the dressing room irking. And I’m looking at YOU, Target. Because really, does my two extra tops to try on really go against the morality of the Target dressing rooms so much that you have to be a wench when I am THE ONLY ONE trying anything on? Ugh.

    Oh, and also: I prefer my donuts with vexatious chocolate frosting.

  41. Mmmm. I kinda want a custard-filled donut right now.

    And you might growl at me for this, but I sometimes, a lot of times, find your vents funny and I sit here giggling like a crazy person.

    P.S. I totally know what you mean by the OxyClean guy!!!

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