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I went to bed at 9:00pm last night. How old am I again? I slept for 9 solid hours. I still feel like I am fighting off the beginnings of a cold. I keep chanting: I WILL not get sick. I will NOT get sick. I will not get SICK. Do you think that will work?

It figures that I would have the day off and not feel good. Isn’t that always how it goes? Today is supposed to be a fun day, not a day of laying low to fight off a cold. Hey immune system? You’ve got one hell of a sense of humor.

I was hoping I would wake up gloriously refreshed and with a sparkling, sunshiney attitude. I can no longer afford to wallow in my discontent. I don’t have time! Tomorrow I need to be ON because I have an interview.

Yes, an interview.

Remember when I told you about the internal position at the agency I work for? Well, I applied and they are interviewing me tomorrow. Don’t get too excited- they are interviewing lots of people for the position. While it might work in my favor that I have two years working in that department at the agency, it also might end up being a deterrent. What if they think I’m better suited for the role I have been playing? What if they can’t see what I am capable of? What if someone from the outside comes in and wows the pants off them? What if . . .

Deep breath.

The only thing I can control in this situation is how I present myself. So today, along with lots of rest, I plan to give myself numerous internal pep talks. Feel free to chime in because I can really use all the pep I can get.

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  1. You can do it! Bring your best game and don’t even think about the competition. Do your best and they’ll wish they had two of you-one for the job you’re doing now and one for the new job.

    One thing I’ve found in my limited experience is that organizations often want to promote from within, even if it means losing someone in another department. I think you track record will work in your favour in this case.

    Good luck!

  2. Feel better! It’s the stupid time of year- the changing of the seasons. It ALWAYS gets me with a cold. But I’m sure you can fight it off today by relaxing πŸ™‚ (& drink orange juice!)
    Good luck at your interview tomorrow!

  3. Have a positive attitude about yourself and your capabilities. Let that shine through and show how dedicated and wonderful you are as a person and of course as an employee. And it’s yours.

  4. You’re great, Sizz. Most companies love to promote within. Why would they want to train someone else and not promote the wonderful gem they have already?

  5. You are AWESOME and you are going to be the one who wows the pants off of them (just don’t do that literally)! Best of luck!! You are going to do just fine. πŸ™‚

  6. Ugh on the sick – I hear ya on that, I’ve had a cold for weeks now, so the 9pm bedtime? Not so unusual round here…

    And – GOOD LUCK tomorrow! Exciting!!!

  7. Of COURSE you can do it. You know the agency, the ins and outs, you have already established relationships internally and with the other agencies they work with. You are diplomatic and charming and dedicated. They would be stupid not to choose you.

    p.s. do you have zinc and C lozenges? I rely on them.

  8. Here’s a shot in the butt of Sunshine, just for you Sizzle! Optimism and positive thinking I have in regards to you, and all your limitless potential…
    yes, I do.
    Just smile at them, and the job will totally be your’s for the taking.:-)

  9. Listen to your body! You’ve had a stressful few days and it’s telling you to rest up. Tomorrow is YOURS, baby, and don’t let anyone make you feel differently!

  10. You are going to be amazing tomorrow. You are going to advocate for yourself, and convince them, if they are not already convinced, that you are the best person for the job. Because you are. No doubt about it.

    Good luck and I hope you feel better!

  11. I say that lots of rest, a trip to your favorite deli (or seafood place of your choice – whatever) for a fun lunch and just anything that will put you in a good mood is in order. If you surround yourself with ALL your favorite things, it’s almost impossible to not get in a better mood, no? πŸ™‚

    P.S. You’re going to rock their world tomorrow! Eres la mierda! (You’re the shit. Now you know another Spanish swearword ;))

  12. Be bold and walk in like you already have the job! Internal candidates are infinitely more meaningful to most non-profits, and you have put in your time. If you are still jazzed about the future of the place and of your mission, you bring teh Awesome!

    Buy a temp tatoo, or write one in ink tomorrow, that gives you a Super Sizzle power center somewhere only you know! Like the bottom of your foot, just above your belly button, or on your left tit! Pown them!

  13. What if you blow their socks off? Here’s a little trick I learned from my aunt when going into an interview. I never say, “If I get the job…” Instead I say to myself, “When I get the job…” Here’s the thing. Whenever I go in with that attitude, I get the job.

  14. Thoughts create reality, say what you think, do what you say. Now think this: I am strong, smart and perfect suited for this new position. I am well prepared for my interview and am well on my way to success. Now go get your new job!

  15. Girl, you know you can do it. You wouldn’t have applied and they wouldn’t be interviewing you if you couldn’t. The one question I might be prepared to answer if I were you is how you plan to rollover duties from your current position to a new person should you get this job. It’s the only question they can ask internal candidates they can’t ask someone from outside. And it’s worth thinking about …

    Keep your chin up. You’re going to rock that interview!

  16. Try chanting “I will stay well!” rather than “I will not get sick!” Positive language is excellent meds. Apply liberally πŸ˜€

  17. Go Sizzle GO!

    Why SHOULDN’T it be YOU who knocks their socks off? You knock the socks off your readers all the time, it’s just who you are!!

    This is YOUR time to shine and you really deserve it. :O)

  18. I apologise if I duplicate what anyone else says but I rarely read the other comments first *blushes*
    A pep talk? Just be YOU! You’re fabulous, just as you are. You’ll knock ’em dead, I have no doubt about that.
    PS Umm you may have caught that cold from me – it’s a virulent little bugger – spreading all over the place – sorry about that!

  19. You are doing to do great! You will knock their sox off. Rest up today but try to get out and enjoy the day. Nothing makes one feel better that getting outside and breathing some fresh air. Good luck tomorrow!

  20. You are awesome, and also much more awesome than everyone else they’re interviewing, and they are bound to notice that because they’d have to be blind not to. So you’re all set.

  21. I will think positive thoughts for you for both the not getting sick thing and also the job. What ifs are annoying…I hate when I get caught up in them and get too paralyzed with fear to do something because of something that could happen. What about the great stuff that could happen? Why don’t I ever get stuck obsessing over that?

  22. I’m rootin’ for your immune system and your interview. Just remember – the interview person or panel should act like they don’t know you in the interview. Most of our internal candidates fail to remember that and they don’t sell themselves enough and they don’t suit up or look as professional as the other applicants. You will do great!

  23. Go get ’em, Tiger!!! Good luck on the interview. I think there was a blogger out there somewhere who talked about how she likes interviews because WHERE ELSE can you spend time talking about how great you are, without people thinking you’re crazy? I thought that was a really good way to approach it.

  24. Rest today and maybe you can fight it off. Might be nerves.

    So here’s what I’m going to say, if you are as you blog, they’d be insane to pass you over for a promotion/transfer). You come off as a strong, intelligent, fun person to have around. Really. I’d want to work with you.

    Chin up. You rock. Get The Man to tell you how wonderful you are. Believe. Sizzle rocks.

  25. Take lots of naps, drink lots of liquids, do some quite fun stuff–read, watch TV, poke around on the internet. Get your mind off tomorrow and your body resting.

    As for tomorrow: If you are in person in any way like you are in writing here, you’ll do fine. I know sometimes it’s easier to put faceless words on paper (or, you know, a website) than it is to be who you really are in person with someone who holds your life in their hands, but go do your best to show that that you really are the best damn person for that job. Here, you’re strong, sassy, funny, hardworking, intelligent and a good writer. Go show them all those things!

    You! Can! Do! It!

  26. Talking about yourself and how awesome you are, yet without sounding like an arrogant ass is always hard for me. I have to do my own performance evaluation and I can’t stand it. Good luck with the interview and I hope you feel better πŸ™‚

  27. Remember, you’ve done that job before! And you have internal knowlege of the workings and style of your current employer. They’ve accepted you as the right fit in that place, and so all you have to do is show them you have the skill and ability to change roles. Into one you are perfect for. Before you walk into the interview remind yourself how awesome you are, how you’ve proved yourself over the last 2 years, how lucky ANY company would be to have you, and then go in and let them know all that. I’m crossing fingers all day tomorrow and sending you get the job thoughts.

    As for today, just rest and watch tv and eat ice cream. That’s what days off are for anyway.

  28. call me. or i will call you in the next 3 days.
    see how that works?!
    seriously lady, we both could use a peptalk!

  29. I just went through this at work. I worked in the dept. six months, a leadership position opened up, I was asked to apply, I said no. They said, Yes you will. I did. I interviewed.

    My interview (I was one of five, and the least qualified) was HORRRIBLE. My supervisor was all, “You are a sh*tty interviewer.” (He is right.) But, they offered me the job. It had to do with prior competence, positive attitude, and …OK, some people really like me (I don’t know why). But, after two months, I’m getting great feedback.

    I wish you the BEST!! YOU CAN DO THIS!

    PS: I love your blog.

  30. What if you bought a lottery ticket and won?

    Oh, wait. You don’t buy lottery tickets, right?

    And, um, why is that Sizzzzzzz? Hmmmmmmmmm?

    Because you don’t believe in “what ifs,” that’s why.

    So take those multiple momentary doubts about yourself, write them on a slip of paper, and flush them down the commode (I just love that word).

    Be yourself. Show ’em what you’re really all about and you’ll do just fine.

  31. Woah, I was just thinking about this today. Rest up and go in there confident tomorrow. You’ll do great, I’m sure!

    P.S. Don’t have broccoli for dinner. πŸ˜‰

  32. Good luck in the interview tomorrow, I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you : ) Hope you feel better soon. I’ve also been chanting that “I will not get sick” motto to myself, It’s the change of season, there’s no escaping it.

  33. Tonights put VICKS Vapor Rub on your chest/neck area and cover with a thick towel and keep it there till you wake up. So what if it smells? It actually WORKS!! It also works to rub the same stuff on the bottom of your feet and put on socks. I do it anytime I feel a cold coming on and it works… learned it from my late granny Matilda.. then be sure to drink plenty of hot tea with honey!! Good luck!

  34. hey, you and I know you’re capable; if they can’t see it you can always look elsewhere, so don’t stress out about it. Just be the best you you can and good luck tomorrow!

  35. Here’s what I would do (enter unsolicited, or sorta solicited, advice): Start the interview by thanking them for seeing you, literally telling them you want to wow the pants off of them, ask them to look beyond the comfort zone of your current position to see your bright potential. SAY THAT! I bet that right there would wow the pants off of them…

  36. I hope you feel better soon, in spirit and body.
    You will have a great interview, I know it.
    Quit thinking of the worst that can happen and think of the best. Big hug. XOXO

  37. Go you! You’ll be fine, you’ll do great and they’ll love you πŸ˜€

    I hope that cold holds off another day for you. If it’s the one I had it’s heavy on the snot :/

  38. Just sending you some last minute good thoughts! Good luck, you can do it.

    (I think I forgot to submit my last comment…oops)

  39. ANy chance you could get a close friend to mock interview you perhaps? My friends and I use to do it, after googling typical interview questions, and it really seemed to help.

    ANyway, you’ll do GREAT!

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