Last night was the first Presidential debate. As if I am telling you something you don’t know! Like, DUH. We had a few people over to watch it because. . . misery loves company. No, no. Because building community during this election is KEY.

This website has done a great job of fact checking from the debate. I encourage you to read up. It appears to be objective and it’s definitely worth the read. It is up to US to be informed and to seek out the truth from both sides. Whether you are a Democrat, Republican, Independent or whathaveyou- please take the time to understand both sides before casting your vote in November.

Next up? Thursday night’s Vice Presidential debate where I am certain will have its work cut out from them based on the interviews Palin has been allowed to do thus far. Good thing we have a lot of booze left over. I have a feeling we are going to need it.

10 thoughts on “Debatable

  1. In my opinion Obama took that debate, with the exception of a few points scored by McCain. The VP debates, though, are going to be a laugh riot, if the recent coverage of Palin is indicative of what she’s going to bring to the table.

    Good God I hope Obama gets elected.

  2. Based on her media appearances thus far, I kinda feel sorry for Sarah Palin. She’s gonna be chewed up and spit out like a dirty Rolaids after the first VP debate. I’m still not sure who I’ll vote for in Nov, but, well, I still feel sorry for Sarah Palin. It isn’t gonna be pretty, no matter which side you lean towards. She’s just not Biden’s match…But I’ll watch every second of her demise, like a train wreck that you can’t help but watch…Sad, isn’t it? SIGH…

  3. I’ve been checking that site for a couple of weeks now, though I hadn’t seen it since the debate. I recorded it and am only half-way through it so far (I’m not feeling a big winner at this point yet). However, the VP debate should be pretty “entertaining” — have you seen the SNL skits on Sarah Palin yet?

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