Round Two

I was asked back for a second interview today along with two other candidates. I was also asked to bring collateral materials from events or ask letters that I have worked on in the past. That caused an internal panic because I had NO IDEA where any of that stuff was. I tore my storage unit and closets apart this weekend and managed to find one newsletter. ONE. I’m worried it will count against me that I didn’t haul that stuff from California to Washington. Or maybe I did and chucked it in my last move. I mean, I’ve done all that stuff- helped design invitations, written fundraising letters, edited content for an agency website, etc.- but all I have is my word. Lacking these materials has shaken my confidence a bit.

Also, do you know how difficult it is to find a suitable second interview outfit when you have already worn all your outfits to your place of business previously? When you don’t want to fork out more money for another outfit, it’s pretty difficult. I think I found something suitable and newish. I just wish I didn’t have hormone face. I was JUST noting how clear my skin was last week and then, wham!, zit city. I’m going to try to ignore it so my confidence doesn’t take any more of a beating than it already has. I am definitely not feeling as “unapologetically me” as I did last week.

If you have any good vibes, please send them to me at 10am PST. I’ve been overthinking this whole thing so interviewing mojo is faltering.


52 thoughts on “Round Two

  1. It’s in the bag. Everyone but you knows that. If you wear something you’ve worn before, throw a scarf over it, something big that you can drape and is so beautiful they don’t see the rest of the outfit.

    You’re going to be fine.

    At least you found ONE item. Just tell them, that you weren’t allowed to take anything from your last job because even though you did all the work, they owned the rights to it and that prevented you from removing said items from your previous employer’s custody.

    Yeah. That’s the ticket. Sounds good to me.

    Good luck. (Not that you need it.)

  2. Good luck, Sizzle! I’m sure you will do great – and I think if you can give specific examples of what you’ve done (i.e., name, date, and place of event, etc.), they will be more likely to believe that you legitimately did the work even if you don’t have the materials to prove it anymore. You could also offer up a reference name and contact person at your previous employer(s) to verify the work you did.

  3. You are fantastic, babe and I’m sure most if not all of them already know that. Talk confidently about your experience, and everything you have done, and like Jimmie said, references (that are good, and can verify the work you did) are awesome.

    Thinking of you!

  4. From my calculations, you are behind me an hour, which makes it 8am there. Which means I have 2 hours to send all the good wishes and positive thoughts your way. You are fantastic Sizzle and I’m wishing you the best!

  5. You are going to do just fine! And you most definitely will knock them off their feet! Put a bit of cover up makeup over the zit and it will be fine (I think we notice them more than others do). As for the outfit, mix and match something that you haven’t before and maybe wear a piece of clothing you haven’t worn in a while. Lots of good thoughts flowing your way!

  6. You’re going to do AWESOME, and a big move like your is a perfectly reasonable explanation for not having materials. People are understanding of that type of move. Turn the brain off and let the mojo flow! You’re GOING TO KICK ASS!!!

  7. GOOD LUCK!! You are going to be amazing.

    Is it possible someone at your old job could email you some of the files you worked on? I know we keep stuff for years in our database. Either way, I think you are fine- they already know the quality of your work.

  8. I’m feelin’ ya. I wonder if there’s any way to retrieve some of that stuff and have it faxed? But no matter, don’t let ’em see you sweat. You know you did that work, and the quality of that work. Go in there with that knowledge up front and center. Consider the newsletter but one shining example that, along with your worthy and compelling self, your merit is over the top for this gig and they’d be foolish to pass you up. Which they would.

  9. I’m pretty sure that 2:00PM Eastern Time is 10 AM Pacific time…. so…..
    I hope you have unwavering confidence today!! I’m sending good vibes your way…. wow. that rhymed… so yeah. GOOD LUCK!

  10. Poo! I read this too late to send some awesome mojo your way. I’m sure you didn’t need it though. You’re fabulous, like duh, I know, right?

  11. Big ol’ good luck!

    I guess I should be happy I’m a guy in that I wore the same suit for subsequent interviews just with a different shirt and tie (and socks and undies, of course!).

  12. For what it’s worth, I’ve always seen you as the strong, confident type.

    And I have never met you in person.

    I am POSITIVE that, if I can see your strength across the country – ON LINE – that your co-workers are aware of it as well.

    It’s in the bag, my dear. If they DON’T hire you, it’s only because they are morons. [In which case, we will not be angry with them; we will feel sorry for them.]

  13. I’m reading this way too late, but I hope it went well. Do they give you a writing test? If so, maybe even if you don’t have many prior samples to show, you will be able to write a sample ask letter to show them what you can do.

  14. Darling one, you will be great, please, for me, quit telling yourself stories that cause you to feel less than perfect for this job, you will wow them and already have or you would not be back for the second interview! Be brave and kick butt!

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