And So It Is

Thanks to Twitter many of you already know what I am about to say but I have to say it anyway.


I wasn’t convinced I was going to be offered it. Seriously. Even when my new boss called me into her office and my old boss was sitting there waiting for me. . . I thought maybe they were going to break the news that I didn’t get the position. What is wrong with me!? But then they both beamed happy smiles in my direction and asked if I would like the job. Yes! Yes, I accept!

Going through the whole application and interview process was good for me in retrospect because now, knowing the job is mine, I know that I earned it. It wasn’t something handed to me. I competed against other qualified candidates and was selected. I’m definitely going to be challenged but hopefully in a good way. The next month of transition is going to kick my ass because basically I will be working both positions simultaneously while also being on the search committee for my replacement.

Today, we talk money. It’s hard to know what I am worth when there’s a dollar sign in front of it. Here’s hoping negotiations go well.

Seriously though, you guys, thank you SO MUCH for having my back, being my internet cheerleaders and providing me with all that sage advice. It really means a lot to me.


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  1. I didn’t want to jinx it yesterday, but I got this ‘vision’ — wait, that’s too strong a word — I just knew it. Yesterday afternoon, after your interview, it just hit me that they were going to offer it to you AND that it would be the same day. (I’m freaky-weird that way.)

    CONGRATS CONGRATS CONGRATS! I’m so happy for you! Awesome!!!

  2. ((Happy Hugs))
    Congratulations Sizzle! A new challenge for you at work, and compounding self esteem!

    You offer alot to that company, and their good taste is in realizing that, and the possibilities you bring. Keep smiling girly.

  3. I am TERRIBLE when it comes to talking money- but I’ve watched my husband over the years ask for what he wants and he almost always gets it. Be BOLD. 🙂 And congrats again.

  4. I am not at all surprised :-).
    Don’t be afraid to ask for what you really want, all they can say is no, but they won’t.
    Congratulations Sizzle!

  5. HELL YEAH!!! I knew you would get it. I just had a feeling. No doubt that you outshined the others and are deserving of it.

    Good luck with the negotiations.


  6. Congratulations.

    Can I uncross all my fingers and toes now? They were getting cramped.

    Negotiating a salary … don’t undervalue your worth. You know darn well that they are always going to get 110% from you and that you are talented, qualified, hard working, and will always have your bosses back.

    My DIL recently got promoted at the same place she’s been at for two years. She was orig. hired as a temp-to-perm. When they asked her what she thought the position was worth, she never batted an eyelash and said the position she was leaving behind should have been at a higher salary to begin with … she told them the new position was worth twice what she was being paid. They agreed, minus 10% (so they could still feel like they were in control) and gave it to her.

    She went from $35,000 a year to $63,000 a year. And THEY never batted an eyelash either.

    Here’s my life’s philosophy: If you don’t ask, they’ve already said “no.”

    Think about it. Good luck.

  7. Oh yay! That’s really exciting news. Fingers crossed all goes your way today. And be sure to celebrate to your hearts content this week. You deserve it!

  8. Congrats! And when you’re talking money, don’t sell yourself short. Be confident in this part of the process too – if you value yourself and your talents, they will too.

  9. Yay Sizz, you did it! Congratulations!! I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for good salary negotiations. That’s the part I dread the most!

  10. Congratulations! Not that I’m surprised. 🙂

    Re salary negotiations…Speaking as someone who has hired people, employers generally expect the person to ask for slightly higher than they want to actually get, and employers’ initial offers are often lower than they are willing to give because they expect you to negotiate up.

    So if they offer first, make a reasonable counter offer. They’re expecting it. And if you think their offer is very low, don’t be afraid to tell them what you think you’re really worth. If they want you to suggest first, I would suggest asking for higher than you think you’re worth, because chances are they will work down from whatever figure you give. and also because women ALWAYS significantly underestimate the true value of their job.

    Also, it always helps to do a salary search for your job type in your area on one of the job sites (if I remember right, has one of those calculators, but there are a few sites that do). This will give you the low, mid, and high ranges for your job, based on amount of experience. Then you have a guideline of what may be reasonable to ask for, and if they ask you what you’re basing your figures on (or if you want to volunteer it), you have a way to show you’re being fair and balanced and “just staying competitive with the industry.” (Of course, only do this if the salary range you discover is within the realm you want.)

    Hope that’s helpful…

  11. Actually, instead of, “So if they offer first, make a reasonable counter offer,” I should have clarified:

    If they offer first, they’re expecting you to make a counter offer. Counter higher than what you want. And they will come somewhere in the middle, which is where you REALLY want, secretly.

    That’s quite often how it works.

  12. Heh. Unless of course they offer exactly what you want from the very beginning. But if they do, that probably means they’re actually willing to give you more; so you’ll have to decide if you want to go for it because you can or not.

  13. Oh my God that is FANTASTIC!!!! Well done you!!!
    (Not that I ever doubted for a second…phew!)
    Seriously – good for you! Now, how are you going to celebrate??


    And you’re worth a heck of a lot with a $ sign–let them work that number down. But not too much down!

  15. Wow! Congratulations! And it’s really great that your old boss was supportive of the move as well. Sounds like you’re working with some good people. Knock ’em dead!

  16. Congrats Sizzle! I knew you would do well. Good luck with negotiations. I have a bunch of stuff about salary negotiating that I got from a class I took…. if you haven’t settled on a salary, I would be happy to share. Good Luck!

  17. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!

    You are Sizzleiscious. As always.

    You know, I saw someone at my office today that I SWORE was you for a second. I thought you’d entered another world. I think it was a sign that you were movin’ on up. 🙂

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