WTF Friday: Just Eat It

I am going to tell you something that may or may not change your opinion of me. I’m willing to risk it because I feel THAT strongly about it.

I hate Subway sandwiches.

There. I said it.

Now I am not adverse to sandwiches in general. Oh, no! It’s just that Subway sandwiches are not at all what they advertise them to be. In the ads you see bread stacked high with a bunch of meat. In actuality? You get about two meager slices of your meat selection. If I wanted a bread sandwich, I’d just have toast.

Near my office there are limited restaurants to walk to. We’ve got: Subway, McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s, Taco Time and the cafe in our building. Also, Baskin-Robbins and 7-11 but those don’t count as restaurants even though I could easily make a meal out of Banana Royale. But the thing is- I don’t actually LIKE fast food. See my dilemma? See why I try to bring my lunch?

Do you go out for lunch or do your bring it from home?


76 thoughts on “WTF Friday: Just Eat It

  1. I agree. That’s why I LOVE Subway wraps.

    Especially the Chicken Bacon Ranch wrap, mmmmmmmm. Pickles, lettuce, melted shredded swiss cheese, mayo…..

  2. I’m about half and half. Today, however, is Jamba and Auntie Ann’s Friday, wherein Kali and I go to the mall and get a smoothie and a pretzel. It’s a TRADITION.

  3. Eating out at lunch is definitely a thing of the past for me, as it’s just too expensive and like you, I also avoid fast food at all costs. Luckily, we have a full kitchen at my work, so lately I’ve been bringing boxes of mac ‘n cheese, or sometimes I’ll bring the makings for a grilled cheese sandwich. Last week I tried CPK’s pizza for one, just 15 minutes in the oven, which was only OK. This week I ate an onion bagel with cream cheese a couple times. But most of the time, I’ll bring leftovers, like pasta or chili or soup.

    I also use the kitchen at work to make breakfast, too. This week’s gem was some frozen organic blueberry waffles. Couple minutes in a regular toaster, a smear of butter and dollop of syrup. Delightful! But most mornings, I make some instant oatmeal or pour a bowl of plain Cheerios topped with sliced banana and vanilla soy.

    Not that you asked about breakfast … Jeez, I must be hungry!

  4. I dispise Subway sandwiches but for some reason, I’m totally into Burger King lately.

    Mind you, prior to this pregnancy, I hadn’t eaten at one for at least 15 years.

  5. There’s a Subway at street level of my building. Their $5 sammich deal lured me in once…once. Ick.

    At work, we have a freezer full of Costco crap. I rarely eat out, but rarely remember to bring lunch…which means…frozen burrito, anyone?

  6. yeah you have to get a double stacked sub or pile that f*cker with veggies to make it a hearty sandwich. And most of those veggies I do not want on my sandwich.

    But still most days I go out to lunch. There is a cheap cafe close by where I can be alone and read on my lunch hour, which is what I like to do. It also allows me to have breakfast for lunch if I want. And sometimes a girl just needs her bacon and pancakes.

  7. I have a cafeteria in my office and we are captive to it. My choices are to eat from the fast food windows (Taco Bell or Hamburgers) for under $3 a meal, or get a salad from the salad bar at approximately $18.45 per ounce. Through the pricing they actively seem to be encouraging us to be fatasses.

  8. I bring my lunch 99% of time. Going out for sushi today though. lol.

    My first job ever was working at Subway. Be on notice that my subs brings all the boys to my yard!! lol. It really depends on the sandwich maker. I always added more than was allowed which of course makes a big difference. I love their chicken teryaki and their steak/cheese subs.


  9. I’m usually eating at my desk through lunch… so bring something from home or skip lunch (I know, that’s not a good option).

    Subway is kinda eh around here, too. Do you have Jimmy John’s? They’re better.

  10. Amen!! I hate fast food too! Can’t stand any of it! I’m trying to eat lunch made at home because 1. it’s healthier and 2. saves money. If I happen not to, then I’ll usually have a salad or sandwich at a non-fast food place.

  11. I don’t hate Subway sandwiches… I just hate dumbass Jared Fogel and won’t support a restaurant that hires him to lie, exaggerate, and be a whore who will say anything for money about their competition.

  12. I am equal parts bring my lunch and go out to lunch girl. If I bring it you can see on my blog that I eat some weird stuff, and of course cucumbers every single day. If I go out to lunch I have way too many choices and often drive someplace to get away from the same old thing. I have the Whole Foods flagship store across the street from my office. Now before you get all excited about it. Think about this, how would you feel if you had to eat there everyday for lunch for 10 years…. First off, I do not have the pocketbook for it. WHOLE Paycheck is nick name we have for it. Secondly, some days I would kill for a plain old burger with real yellow mustard and dill pickles. You forget who good it really is until you have a veggie burger with nautral mustard and sprouts. (don’t get me wrong I like that too just not all the time.)

  13. I almost always bring my lunch to work. There isn’t anything very close to where I work, and parking is kind of pain so no one likes to move their car.

    Generally, I try to stay away from fast food (and Subway is fast food) except for the occassional Sonic run because Sonic has cherry limeade and tater tots.

    Also, it is a lot less expensive to bring a lunch, and that definately factors into the decision.

    I don’t hate Subway but I always make sure that they pile on the veggies so that the sub is more filling and healthier.

  14. If I was smart, I would always bring my lunch as my choices are more limited than yours and time is scarce. As it is, I get crap for lunches pretty consistently. Or I don’t eat, which is totally worse.

  15. Funny you bring this up…the husband and I are in a 31-day (October) challenge to not buy anything except for gas, bills, and groceries once per week. What brought this on? Oh, ya know, spending in excess of $500 last month on going out to eat. We both were going out for lunch 3-4 times per week, and then dinner probably 4 times a week, as well, which added up way faster than I had ever imagined.

    So, no more lunches out for me. I’m relegated to sandwiches, dinner leftovers, and the occasional Healthy Choice French bread frozen pizza. I have to admit, though…I *love* eating dinner leftovers for lunch…it makes me feel like I’m eating a “real”, balanced meal, as opposed to deep-fried crap or non-filling and fake frozen dinners.

  16. We have a really good variety of places near my office but I very rarely eat out at work. I usually bring in a small sandwich and fruit or some home made soup if I’m being strict about calories. If I go out I have zero willpower and head straight for Burger King!

  17. Quiznos all the way! Though seriously, I don’t mind Subway when they put enough vinegar on the sandwich. But I always bring salads for lunch to work because it’s cheaper to bring than buy and also I don’t get carb loaded and sleepy after eating a salad.

  18. I am limited to bringing my own lunch or eating the school cafeteria food.

    I bring my own lunch so as to keep things healthier than the heavy, starchy institutional food they serve at my school.

    I am, however, the only teacher who brings lunch. Teachers can eat for free, so they all seem to think free=good enough, so they gorge and give me funny looks when I bring out my lunch.

  19. Thank you. I have always thought I was alone in this. I absolutely hate the sandwiches from Subway. They have too much bread and it isn’t really good bread.

  20. I refuse to spend any time at work that I’m not explicitly getting paid for. So I almost always go out. I hate spending the money, but if I stayed at the office I’d probably have to kill someone.

    I try to get something reasonably heathly most of the time. Salads and such. But the #1 rule? NO SUBWAY! Their meats are all slimey. If I want slimey meat I’ll just spend my lunch hour with Jim from Sales.

  21. I hate Subway too, if I’m going to have a sub sandwich it’s only Quizno’s for me! I bring my lunch every day, except when I attend Sushi Thursday. There’s no where even near my office for lunch so it’s just easier to bring it from home anyway.

  22. There is ONE McDonald’s 22-25 min away (actual drive time, no traffic.) Beyond that it’s 40+ minutes to any fast food. I don’t hate Subway, persey, but I’m not a fan either. DH is though.

    Personally, I’m not a great fan of fast food anyway… except for a chocolate frosty (I miss Wendy’s, oh and I really craved arby’s while pregnant – but there are ZERO out here.) Want to hear something really stupid? I totally freak out at drive-thrus OR calling on the phone for delivery. I get uber-shy. So, I was never that girl who could pull in on lunch break, or call up in the evening for a pizza anyway.

    I’ve always bag lunched it.

  23. My daughter begs for subway all the time. She gets meat,bread and cheese and that is it and I feel like I am totally wasting money buying what we could make. ANd could make better than what they give you.

    When I used to work, we were really poor so I brought my lunch every day. I would have loved to go out once in a while but I would have spent more than I made that day if I did.

  24. I think they’re okay, but there I can get get a teri plate around here for the same price and I’d rather have that. I bring my lunch and then go out maybe once or twice a week. Sometimes, I just feel the need to “get out” and it’s also sometimes the best way to see some of my friends tha work in the area.

  25. I don’t really like eating out period. The only fast food I indulge in periodically is Baja Fresh and In ‘N Out Burger. They are the only ones that don’t make me feel sick afterward. I would definitely bring a lunch if I worked elsewhere. šŸ™‚

  26. I almost always bring lunch. I feel more in control of my diet that way.

    I like subway, but I had a really bad experience there last Friday. All I get on my sandwich is cheese, lettuce, pickle, tomato, and spicy mustard. Well… the girl dressing the sandwich was just being a total bitch. She put about 10 pieces of stringy lettuce on my sandwich (a 6″). I asked for more, and she put a few more pieces. It was ridiculously… empty. There wouldn’t even be lettuce in each bite! I almost lost it. She put the tomato and pickle on, then I said “That is ALL I am getting on my sandwich. Can I please have more?”

    Then, when I asked her for light spicy mustard, she squirted a ton all over the damn place. I almost left right then. Arg.

    They’re not all that bad, but I agree that their ads are deceiving. Especially when you call it healthy. It’s not healthy if it is piled with cheese and mayo people! (duh)

    (Thanks for letting me rant)

  27. My laziness and extreme procrastination preclude me from making my own meals most of the time. Subway’s not bad, but Jimmy Johns is better.

  28. I bring lunch. Eating out is expensive and is a special treat for us. I mean, say you spend $5 a lunch during the week. That’s enough for a nice meal out with my honey on the weekends.

    It kind of suck because we don’t have a fridge or a microwave here, so it limits my lunchtime options. I bring in an insulated lunch bag with a sandwich, yogurt, and piece of fruit most days.

    And fast food…hurts my stomach. It turns out that all those attempts to eat healthy have made me unable to process all the processed foods!!

  29. Most of the time I bring something from home but at least once a week we go out to eat at a restaurant. Nothing in walking distance so we all go in cars. And thankfully, no fast food šŸ˜‰

  30. I hate Subway, too! Because the smell of their bread makes me want to puke! I try to bring lunch to work, though I do end up going out maybe 1-2 times per week.

  31. I do not like subway either:)
    Not a huge fan of fast food – haven’t eaten at a Mickey D’s in over 8 years.
    I usually try to bring my lunch but on days I fail, I either survive on the yogurt I ahve in the fridge or run down the street to a little cafe for a salad.

  32. I couldn’t agree more! I hate Subway with a passion and will starve before I eat there. The sandwiches are just gross! I live a mile and a half from work so I go home almost every day but still buy lunch out to often! šŸ™‚

  33. Subway sucks. I think they make their cheese out of powdered milk and paper mache.

    I eat a salad almost every day, out if I have a business lunch or from a grocery store bag if I’m in. Or I eat popcorn at 3 when I say “Why do I have a headache?”

    It’s entirely not fair that I’m not the size of Barbie, seriously. I blame Ben. And also Jerry.

  34. Man, I need to upload an avatar because that purple monster on my comment up there looks like a butt, which makes me feel like Ben is mocking me about the ice cream line item in my budget, when he shouldn’t, because it keeps Jerry in kayaks and hemp, doesn’t it?

    I’m scared of what my avatar will be this time.

  35. Subway upsets my stomach almost as much as McDonald’s. Even if I get some simple, with no oil or mayo, I get a terrible stomach ache, so I don’t eat there if I have any other options.

    I don’t know if this factors in to the ‘ick’ or why it doesn’t sit right with me, but most, if not all, of the Subway meats are turkey based (turkey ham, turkey bologna, turkey salami, etc.). Maybe it’s the weird hybrid of smashing turkey into every imaginable shape that doesn’t agree with my stomach.

  36. When traveling in unfamiliar territory, Subway will do in a pinch, but I never eat there when I’m home. We have a little local chain of grinder shops that kicks Subway’s ass out of the park. Besides I like being able to just order an ‘original.’ Subway has no equivalent to it… sort of their BMT, but not really.

  37. For 3 dyas a week I bring lunch, one day i go out with a friend and on Fridays I make lunch of whatever is in the fridge since I get to work from home.

  38. I quite like Subway but prefer Quiznos. Not a big fan of fast food at all. Sodium/fat/blood pressure issues.

    Work. Well, I work in the middle of nowhere and parking is an issue. So the low-life employee parking (aka non-management and brown nosers) is about 10 minutes from my actual office. So it’s either my lunch of the cafeteria. Which is not bad but expensive. I try to bring my lunch four days a week, usually left overs.

  39. Also not a huge Subway fan, but I’ll deal if necessary.

    I bring my lunch every day and, in the last year, have made a habit to only go out about twice a month at most. This month is different because people want to take me out, though, and who am I to argue?
    But, yeah, it saves money and has helped me cook more. Yahoo.

  40. I actually love Subway! There’s not a lot of places to eat (at least not those that take a short amount of time so you’re actually back to the office within the hour) around my office either, but since I started WFH the past few months I don’t have the dilema of “packing” or “buying”.

  41. I almost always bring my lunch. Like you, I’m not a fan of fast food. I also hate to take the time or money to run out. My lunches are way yummier for much less money!

  42. oh thank you, thank you, thank you. I would rather eat fast food than the crap at Subway.

    Do they have Togo’s up there? The ones in LA are not as good as the originals in the Bay Area, but still hella better that subway.

    ….oh there’s one in Bellevue.

  43. No hurt feelings here. The older I get, the more Fast Food makes me sick (literally).

    I don’t like Subway, either.

    I either bring my lunch or stock up on Lean Cuisine/Smart Ones at BJ’s. We have a freezer at work, so that helps a lot.

  44. I try to bring my lunch… cheaper and healthier. Though I will eat subway, but I love quiznos. And I am definitely going to have to agree with Renn, as I get older fast food does not agree with me at all.

    I used to work next to a 7-11 and it scares me to think how many times we ate lunch there. Especially since it was 6 blocks from wallingford…lots of yummy food.

  45. Whoa! Not much of a non-grease attack option for you? I usually bag my lunch, because I use to spend way too much on a simple deli sandwich and chips. If I run out of food to bring, which happens half the time… I go to my local grocery store and eat a non-healthy salad from the bar. YUM!

  46. The problem I have with Subway is that they’re all franchise owned and there is no consistency in preparation from one locale to the next. Even though they are all supposed to have been trained the same way, this is never the case. I’ve found maybe a handful of great ones while the rest border on mediocre to poor. And the bad ones are the majority. I hate that. Drags the whole chain down.

    Oh, and typically I do love Subway.

  47. I like Taco Time but overall prefer to bring my own lunch. I can bring whatever I can create and sometimes it’s fun to get together with coworkers and have, say, salad Thursday where every person brings one ingredient for salad and it’s a surprise what the salad looks like when it’s done.

  48. Spouse sometimes eats out, and mentions he gets Subway upon occassion. Idk, I can’t ever seem to bring myself to go in there. There isn’t much to a sandwich’s lure, unless it’s melted.(Mmm, melty!)
    I see they have those on the TV, and I think, “Oh, sounds gooood!” but yeah, never go there. I’ve been too disappointed in the past, as well to make it worth the special trip. I favor McDonald’s Drive Thru’s, on the fly!

    Yes, me likey fast food. But sandwichs I can have at home for nothing.

  49. I can’t say I love the subway sandwich, but the company is supposedly the best (where best equals non-asshole) to franchise from. And, at least you can make a reasonably healthy choice there.

    I eat out every single day. It sucks really, but I’m not very disciplined about packing lunch. But I have lots of choices. It’s just that $10 a day really adds up.

  50. Subway does suck but…This is where “I” suck. I bring leftovers but leftovers are boring, and I want the novelty of “buying food” but the commissary is too crowded and taco bell has safeway chicken, so I go to Subway and hope it will be different.
    And guess what, it is.
    It’s always worse.

  51. I don’t mind Subway sandwiches but mostly because I don’t dig a lot of meat on the sandwich anyway, I like all the other stuff better. Meat is secondary to me. I’m weird, I know. LOL But both of us work from home so lunch out just isn’t an option really.

  52. I live exactly 1.2 miles from my gig. I drive home every single day as I only have a 30 minute lunch. I eat whatever I have in my fridge. However during blizzards, I still try to leave…

  53. I’ve been a Mystery Shopper for the very same place you just mentioned for nearly 2 years. Every single time I get ill off of the required order I am forced to place. I try to be as diplomatic as possible but it’s really hard when I see stupid college students working behind the counter with dirty fingernails and unwashed hair just going thru the motions just to make a sandwich.

  54. Strangely enough, we don’t have a McDonalds nearby (remember I’m in SA) or most other fast food places, we have coffee shop and boy, are they pricey … my fella makes lunches everyday … for all four my children, me and himself. Isn’t that awesome? lol.

  55. I love pub-lunches or pasties from the bakery. I don’t much like Subways either; they always seem like a bit of a letdown.

  56. HATE subway. So, so much. Hate the food, hate the stores, hate the business practices.

    I dislike fast food in general, and will actually only eat at In & Out and Panera. Luckily, I live a mile away from work, so I just go home for lunch. It’s AWESOME.

  57. I too! LOATHE subway sandwiches. I have for years and years. I think it goes back to high school, when they changed their bread, and quite possibly their turkey. But, yeah: EWH.

  58. I couldn’t agree with you more! I really can’t stand Subway. We have a ton of restaurant choices around here, so I can be pretty picky…but it’s so damn expensive that I try to bring my lunch.

  59. I bring breakfast and lunch (or store it in the freezer at work). There are all kinds of fast foods withing driving distance, but I like to think I am saving money by not going out somewhere.

    I do allow myself one fast food breakfast and one lunch out per week, so I try to make sure it’s something really tasty. Most of the time I am disappointed.

    I worked for a short time at a large hotel/casino, and we all had passes to eat for free at the help’s hall. OMG, what a layout. You could get just about anything you wanted (there was even a short order cook if you wanted a grilled burger or grilled cheese), and a humongous buffet every day. So much food makes for potential bad choices, so I pretty much stuck to the salad bar.

  60. I pack mine at home….as a teacher, I only have 30 minutes for lunch. That’s barely enough time to eat (without wolfing), much less running out to grab something. I agree with you that Subway is pretty meager in the ol’ meat department, but I’d take them any day over Burger King, Wendy’s, or any of the other fast food giants.

  61. Subway rocks! Versus Big Mac (no fries or Coke), a foot-long Subway turkey on wheat contains 6g fat, 2 g sat. fat, and 440 calories. The venerable Big Mac sports a hefty 560 calories, 34g fat, 11g sat. fat. I could eat three foot-long turkey sandwiches (and have!).

    Now I’m hungry.

  62. While I do like Subway (I’m a veggie, and make sure they put enough o’ the veggies on my sandwich, plus for the veggie one you get double the cheese… mmm… cheese…) – I bring my lunch from home, at least 9 out of 10 days šŸ™‚

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