Whole New Meaning to Making a Deposit

Picture it: Sizzle’s apartment. 8am on Sunday morning. Over breakfast. . .

Me: I had a dream last night that we were going to an outdoor concert but you forgot the tickets and the money so I sat on a blanket waiting, pissed off at you.

Him: Hmm, maybe I was trying to make it up to you in my dream?

Me: Really? What was your dream?

Him: I was doing you in a bank office.

Me: THAT is how you “make it up to me”?

Him: What?! You seemed into it at the time. (Wink)

Me: (Eye roll. Heavy sigh.)

Him: What?

Me: I can’t believe you just said you were “doing” me. (Snort)


35 thoughts on “Whole New Meaning to Making a Deposit

  1. Well, isn’t it better for the Fella to say he was “doing” you than he “boinked” you? hahaha. At least there is humor in your relationship!

  2. Talk about an econimic stimulus package!

    Did he disclose the details of a possible pullout of his funds?

    Did you discuss any junk (bonds)?

    I bet he was thinking as he awoke… ‘ I wonder if I should teller’

  3. h’m…somebody already made the FDIC protection joke. Let’s see. How about: I hope there was a HIGH interest rate on that deposit… eh? .

  4. Um, that title? So awesome. (Go! PUNS)

    A few nights ago Chris rolled over in the middle of the night and woke me up to ask me if I was still mad at him. I hadn’t been mad at him so I was a little confused. Then he remembered he had DREAMED I was upset with him. Funny things, those dreams.

  5. Just spit my coffee out:) Awesome title and you and the Fella are hilarious together. “DID” you. snort.

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