You Know You’re Out of Shape When…

I replaced approximately eight light bulbs in the building on Saturday.

I climbed up and down the ladder sixteen times.

Today, my right butt cheek hurts.

That’s how I know.


43 thoughts on “You Know You’re Out of Shape When…

  1. Whatever, I run races and I still get winded going up and down the 4 flights of stairs at my fella’s apartment building!

  2. I think I pulled a tricep the other morning drying my hair. Thinking of going with my Grandma’s stylist for a once a week styling at this point.

  3. I worked out 6/7 days last week, no pain. Today I swept two garages and a driveway with a pushbroom and I cannot fricken move. Apparently my sweeping muscles have been dormant.

  4. Siz, GIRL! I’m feeling your pain. I chose to wear the WRONG boots to my museum today and spent 3.5 hours talking about the Civil War on my feet. Lucky my Handsome is one of the best foot massagers in the universe. 30’s suck, girl!

  5. Oh girl, ouch. The muscle pain in the ass is well, just that. Do you have to alternate putting weight on different cheeks?

    I had that same ache a few weeks back and I had to lay on my side.

  6. First, good for you for taking living together seriously. And for waiting for the right reasons to do it. Too many relationships fail because people move in together prematurely and for the wrong reasons.

    Plus, from what I’ve been told, people who get married WITHOUT living together first are more likely to STAY married. Now, is there scientific proof? I’m not so sure, but I can understand the sentiments behind it. People who take moving in together seriously will take the commitment of marriage seriously, too.

  7. how about when you slide down the stairs, bruise your ass black & blue all because you’re out of breath due to the shoes you’re wearing?


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