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My friend Brandy over at It’s like I’m . . . magic does this series post called “I Choose” and because I a) think it’s a great idea, b) am incredibly tired from working three jobs and c) would only be whining about being tired and not having any time to take care of myself, I’m totally borrowing stealing it.

  • tea over coffee
  • bed head over flat iron
  • Grey’s Anatomy over ER
  • the book over the movie
  • the Jackson Five over the Keating 5
  • dahlias over roses
  • acoustic guitar over electric guitar
  • the theater over the sports arena
  • talking to the crowd over sitting in the audience
  • tacos over burritos
  • yoga pants over running shorts
  • Twitter over IM
  • West Elm over Pottery Barn
  • painted toenails over painted fingernails
  • silence to noise
  • sunrise over sunset
  • American Idol over American Gladiator
  • getting wet over using an umbrella
  • peanut butter over jelly
  • Jon Stewart over John McCain
  • humming over whistling
  • Clinton over Stacy
  • breakfast over lunch
  • Autumn over Winter
  • Henry Rollins over Henry Fonda
  • dresses over pants
  • leading over following
  • mornings over nights
  • my nephew over everyone
  • dancing over sitting still
  • the beach over the desert
  • smiling over frowning
  • freckles over tanned
  • brain freeze over brain fart
  • being in a pickle over eating a pickle
  • making people laugh over making people cry
  • birthdays over Christmas
  • organization over chaos
  • being behind the wheel over being the passenger

What about you?


41 thoughts on “Life Over Blogging

  1. Yeah, my blog post was a robbery I cooked up as well – a punny email about the death of the Pillsbury Doughboy.

    I choose:

    – Blackberry over iphone
    (For now)

    – eggs over easy

    – under over over

    – women over 30

    – Obama over there

    – McCain over here

    – l over s

    – mayo over mustard

  2. So many good memes this week–I guess everyone is busy. πŸ™‚ I will be hitting this one sometime next week methinks…
    I will eat your pickle, I would much rather eat one than be in one!

  3. milk chocolate over dark chocolate
    summer over spring
    jeans over anything other piece of clothing

    That’s pretty much all my mind will let me squeeze out right now.

  4. I agreed with so many of yours – especially the nephew line πŸ™‚

    raspberries over blueberries
    gmail over hotmail
    one good friend over a dozen acquiantances
    forgiveness over grudges

  5. I’ll take tea over coffee, and my niece and nephew over anyone, any day too. I’ll take sweet over salty, and sleep over work as well! ; )

  6. i loved the Henry Rollins part.

    Coke over Pepsi
    Trader Joe’s over Whole Foods
    sleeping in late over pulling an all-nighter

    i may have to steal this myself…

  7. I agree with a lot of these. Particularly: the book over the movie, dahilias over roses, beach over desert, mornings over nights, and organization over chaos. And pretty much anything over watching sports on tv.
    Also: Eastern fall over Seattle fall, West Coast spring over spring anywhere else and Colorado winters over winters anywhere else. Peanuts over plain. And commenting over working.

  8. What’s this Twitter nonsense? Ugh, I should really give it a go.

    Brandy is full of good ideas. You have three jobs now? Man, your life is very interesting.

  9. I’m in agreement with you for about 3/4 of your list.

    blue skies over smoggy ones
    drive over fly ($ and time permitting)
    Dr Pepper over booze
    sapphires over diamonds

  10. I should just subscribe to your blogroll… (Liked that one.)

    Tea over coffee eh? I like you in spite of that. πŸ˜‰

    I can’t think of any right now.

  11. I’m so with you on the peanut butter over jelly one. I have no idea why, but this week, I cannot get enough of the peanut butter. My mouth is watering just typing about it. I need a self help group.

  12. Winter over summer
    Caffeine over alcohol
    Children’s lit over memoir
    Gilmore Girls over Sex and the City

    Making yourself choose is revealing, I think. I may run with this on an uninspired day.

  13. Sleeping in over sleeping late
    Shower over bath
    Red over blue
    Chopped almonds over chopped liver
    Slipper over socks
    Jammie pants over suit pants
    Cheesy sci-fi movies over cheesy romance movies
    Halloween over Easter
    Lunch with friends over Lunch with Andre

  14. The Tragically Hip over a broken hip

    Dogs over cats, but death over dog farts

    Strawberries over Barry Manilow

    Planes over Catapults

    Jimmy Dean over James Dean

    someone else’s spontaneous combustion over my spontaneous combustion

    Bacon over anything

    Fall over falling

    being poked over being in the pokey

  15. I like this one. Maybe I will steal it πŸ˜‰

    I agree on Clinton over Stacy!

    And mine are…

    Talking in person over phone calls
    Sex over sleep
    Movies over TV
    Star Wars over Star Trek!

  16. I’m ready for Sizzle to make her big come back. I vote for just spitting it out. Whether you actually hit “publish” or not, you need to write about it.

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