Today Counts

I have been having a hard time getting out of bed lately. Until today. Today, I was awake at 3:30am thinking it was 6:30am. Today, anxiety and excitement overwhelmed me to the point of restlessnesvisit-009s.

On the six block walk to my polling place, the rain pouring down, the leaves scattered and soggy on the ground, I thought about what it takes to bring about change. I thought about how there was a time when I would not have been allowed to vote because of my gender. And I felt so incredibly grateful for the women who stood up for themselves, for me. Because so often all it takes is someone saying “we can do better” or “that is unfair” and taking action.

Today, my vote counts. Today, all of our votes count.

I am, by all accounts, an often overly-emotional person. It is both a blessing and a curse. I’ve made my peace with it. Before 8am this morning, I had already almost cried three times. I am certain that at some point today I will actually cry because I am overwhelmed. Overwhelmed by the record number of voters turning out. Overwhelmed by the amount of people who have actively participated in this campaign. Overwhelmed by the sheer volume of people who are standing together. Overwhelmed by how much I care about this election.

Today we are not just one person- we are one person with one vote that together can change this country.


40 thoughts on “Today Counts

  1. Are you going to find the time to go to Babeland too? I wish I lived in one of those cities, but I might have to be content with a free cup of coffee and perhaps a free donut.

  2. It is an exciting day – when I was at the registration office a few weeks ago to register to vote for the first time in Washington state there was so much enthusiasm and joy expressed by all the people standing in a line that was looped around the office three times – no one cared that they had to wait – no one cared that they were in a long line – everyone was helpful and excited to be there – no one knew who was voting for whom – it was the joy of knowing that change is on the way and we can make a difference. You were thinking of woman being able to vote – just think of black American’s today – 40 years ago this day was not even considered – It is a great day to vote!

  3. I finally heard a No on Prop 8 (which will uphold the same-sex marriage law in California) commercial that was sensible — about how women couldn’t vote and we used to tell people of different ethnicities and colors who they couldn’t marry and we imprisoned the Japanese and how ridiculous it all seems in hindsight — so why would we discriminate against gays marrying? I’m hopeful that California can set a good example for the rest of the country.

    And don’t forget your local politics! Everyone is hot under the collar for the presidential race, but don’t forget you’ve got mayors to choose and judges to vote on, which is important stuff too!

  4. Even though I can’t vote in this country, this election has been very exciting for me. I’ve been following the campaigns since the very start and I am so excited about today!
    I just hope everybody goes out and votes today!

  5. Amen, Sizz. I haven’t felt an energy like this in a long long time. And it’s an energy of promise, not an energy that saps me of mine. Let’s hope we get what we’ve been working towards at the end of today!!!

  6. Today is so exciting! I’m sure that I will cry today, too, because you’re right– it is overwhelming and amazing that we get to be a part of this historical day. It feels so weighty that, from this day on, the country will be different…great, now I’m already misty.

  7. You know after 2004, I was disillusioned. Part of me is seeing all this unfold, and I have hope… cautious hope. But it’s a far cry from the anger, I felt in 2004.

  8. I’m on the other side of The Pond (as you know) and I feel incredibly emotional about all of this. There is so much passion and desire for something new, for ALL of us. Come on America – do the right thing!! ;o)

  9. OMG! The same thing happened to me! I woke up at 3:30 and had a hard time getting back to sleep, I was so excited.

    And then I did fall asleep, and I had a dream that the Twin was here with me, and we were trying to vote, but we were at the wrong polling location for me, and she’s not even allowed to vote in Kansas! It was a weird dream…

  10. I hear ya on the waterworks. I know I’m going to be crying tonight (hopefully tears of joy). I wrote a post about prop 8 today and I was tearing up the entire time I was working on it. That one gets me to my core. Cross your fingers that the majority of Californians are in their right (err left?) minds on that one.

  11. I’ve been tearing up all day. I cannot decide what to eat for dinner, or if to eat at all. I’m all over the place, and right there with you.

  12. YEAH OBAMA!!!!
    Sorry to hear about your crappy weather. My hubby is going to Seattle this weekend to visit family. I’m not sad I won’t be going!

  13. Please explain: Prop 1000 passed here (right to die with dignity) – what does this mean?

    I am NOT trying to start an argument… I believe in assisted suicide, and yet realize that this can be HIGHLY offensive to others.. I am just not local and do not understand what you mean and am curious. I like to know and understand. Does this mean patients now have the right to die with dignity? Meaning something like assisted suicide? Or something else…?

    Yes… I could probably look it up on the internet, but I am interested in the answer and your opinion.

  14. argh! darn internet … too many users and it is finicky as heck tonight – hit the screen and my comment was sent! I wanted to add that you aren’t the only one fighting tears. It’s been a happy and emotional day… in a very good way.

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