What Went Right

  • My Mom came to my work and did the rest of my data entry.
  • My presentation was a hit at the Board of Directors meeting.
  • Both available units are rented as of 6pm last night.
  • Everything I ordered on line from Old Navy fit.

And maybe the best of the rightness:

  • My replacement was hired as of 4pm yesterday.


Don’t mind me here on the floor. I need the rest anyhow.

** I still have to work this Sunday but still, I can see the horizon.


75 thoughts on “What Went Right

  1. Your Mom? She’s a saint.

    The replacement? Finally!

    The clothes? Awesome.

    The rental units? Breaking in new tenants is always fun.

    Things are starting to ease off a bit. You’ll be able to put a smile on your face and really mean it.

    Yeah Sizz! (where ARE my pom-poms?)

  2. It’s about DAMN TIME! I’m glad the reinforcements have finally arrived.

    Now, go and celebrate with cocktails. I don’t care if it’s like 7:27am there right now.

  3. Is your mom the person you hired to replace you? haha just kidding. You’re not a glutton for punishment. (no offense to your mom, I’m sure she’s lovely. but no one wants to work with their mom)

    And you tweeted “mark my words I will rent these apartments” blah blah. Well I marked them. And look what happened! Yay!

  4. Congrats on your presentation and everything you’re accomplishing!

    All of the stuff I ordered from Old Navy just shipped. Kind of nervous about the fit as a plus sized girl, and I don’t really own any of their plus sized line, but we shall see!

  5. W00hoo!!! Drinks are on me!

    Can I borrow $50 for drinks until the end of the month?

    Haha, still, that’s great you finally get some good news. Way to hang in there.

  6. “Don’t mind me here on the floor. I need the rest anyhow.”


    Hope things get better and better and better. You certainly deserve it, you hard-working beyotch, you!

  7. FREAKING-A!!!!!!!!!

    No, Seriously!

    The thought of the relief you must be feeling made me well up.

    Now, after Sunday…I want to see Sizzle doin’ the happy dance!

  8. Yay! *does Snoopy dance*
    Things are going RIGHT! Relief is on the way. Just lie there a moment, and enjoy the satisfaction of that thought. πŸ™‚

  9. I need a day like this… it’s really quite amazing when everything you wished for happens all at once. Faint, indeed!

  10. Who would have thought that reading about someone else’s good day could cheer me up? I guess that’s how much you rock.

  11. YES!!
    I hope someone brought you some wine while you were on the floor, and that you stayed there for at least 20 minutes. πŸ˜‰

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