You are SO grounded.

election-023I walked in the door to discover an envelope with teeth marks all over it and ripped to shreds at the corner. A tenant had slipped a form under my door for me to sign and Dash had obliterated it. Imagine my chagrin when I had to go knock on the tenant’s door and tell him my cat ate it.


Dash does this to rent checks too. I’m convinced he’s actually a dog in a cat’s body desperate for reassignment surgery so he can change his name to Chomp.


45 thoughts on “You are SO grounded.

  1. Boris likes to chew on all things paper. If I leave me tote bag within his reach, he will try to search it for things to chew. Natasha is partial to plastic.

  2. That is an unimpressed cat if ever there was one. Not a bone of chagrin or remorse in him.

    I don’t get what it is with cats and papers – Mellen loves to shred my papers too. Although, I’ve also said Mellen is a very canine-like feline…perhaps they’re both waiting for dog-reassignment surgery.

  3. My cat does the same thing! He’s big on fetching…he has even “fetched” my underwear for me one day when I threw it toward my closet. I got in the shower, turned around and he had retrieved it for me. Siamese Retriever, who knew?

  4. Are you sure that my daughter Makenna isn’t in your apartment, eating paper?

    I know it’s not funny, in a practical sense.. but this gave me a good laugh. I think it’s the picture of the cat with the evidence of his crimes.

  5. ha! that is too funny though i’m sure it wasn’t at the time you found it… max likes to chew on my rubber flip-flops and on the edge of my lamp shades, next to my bed… he’s never been a furniture scratcher though so i feel blessed… šŸ™‚

  6. My cat goes for house plants and plastic bags. And he went crazy over a plastic-y Reese’s wrapper the other day. In his mind, the only combination better than chocolate and peanut butter is chocolate, peanut butter and plastic.

  7. Yeah we have a bunny that will chew on anything. Fortunately no one is slipping rent checks under my door. I’m sure the bank loves you. šŸ™‚

    That is too funny.

  8. Woops!! He doesn’t even look mildy sheepish huh? ;o)
    I am thinking about grounding Monty because old age is catching up with him and I am sick of cleaning up “presents” but then grounding him may well defeat the object huh?!

  9. LMAO…I’m sorry this happened Sizz, but this is funny as heck!!!! My cats have literally eaten my son’s homework before and even I had to see proof before I believed him. Nevertheless I made him do it over and he was late for school that morning. Didn’t want him to look ridiculous at school telling his teahcer his cat ate his homework.

  10. I once had to turn in a paper that my rabbit had chewed on. I got it back with an arrow pointing to all the teeth marks and the questions, “Small dog?” So I let him chew up the next one, and wrote next to it, “No, Rabbit!”

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