42 thoughts on “Proof

  1. I just had a flashback to sorority picture day, wherein we all were wearing these black fake dress tops. I had completely forgotten about those pictures!

    I haven’t had super long hair since ever. The longest it’s ever been was about two inches past my shoulders. I like my hair shoulder to chin length best.

  2. Wow. I didn’t realize you went to my school.

    I think you look better today as the high-falutin’ gal-on-the-go that you are. But, I also think I look better than the mullet-wearing, skinny-tied guy I was in my senior college picture of 1989 …

  3. wow check out your locks! That hairstyle was so fashionable then, wasn’t it? I did notice how your hair is a completely different colour now though… 😉

  4. It wasn’t just long hair, it was kinda big hair. Rock on.

    (I’m impressed that your picture is cute enough for public display. My readers would never visit my blog again if I posted my senior picture. 🙂

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