I once went to a baby shower where baby diapers were passed around. In these diapers were melted chocolate bars like Snickers or Mounds or Pay Days and we were supposed to guess by looking and smelling which diaper held which candy bar. I think some guests might have taste tested with a finger.


This is not that kind of baby shower. This is a surprise virtual baby shower thrown by a bunch of us bloggers who wish we could be there in person to shower our friend, our very pregnant friend, Gorillabuns with baby shower love. Since she’s all the way in Oklahoma, this post will have to do.

I can’t remember how I met Buns- did she find me or did I discover her? Regardless, over the years she has become a dear friend. Someone I have exchanged lengthy emails with, gifts and mixed cds. Buns is the kind of blogger friend that comes to mind when someone asks me why I blog. Because I get to meet people like her! I can only hope that one of these days we’ll meet in person. (And she won’t be with child so we can have some cocktails and be inappropriate and talk trash.)

In the spirit of being inappropriate and participating in the party, how about you share with us the worst baby shower game you’ve ever had to play. Gorillabuns would get a kick out of hearing those stories. She’s the kind of girl you can sit next to and say what you’re REALLY thinking.


Buns, I hope you feel the love today coming to you from all across the U.S. (and Canada!) and that the gift we’ve gathered together for you reminds you that you are cared for. I hope you have a safe, easy birth and a beautiful, healthy baby.

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32 thoughts on “Shower

  1. That’s horrifying!!!
    I haven’t been to a baby shower yet, but I think that if they started playing that game I would have had to tap out.

    I love the virtual shower idea – have fun!

  2. I don’t think I can top the baby poo tasting game. I did go to one shower where everyone brought the (very reluctant) mother-to-be cigarettes and booze…that was delightfully trashy. Great post!

  3. Ive never had to play the poo-tasting game, but I can undoubtedly say that if I did, it would be the worst shower game in the history of anything, ever.


    I still can’t believe you all would go to such lengths to make me feel so happy and blessed.

    In other words, I’m totally speechless and this doesn’t happen very often!

    I’m so glad all my favorites are at the party and don’t know how to thank all of you but other than, THANK YOU!!! So, excuse me, I’ve gotta go and cry some more. Mainly due to tears of happiness that I don’t have to have anyone measure my damn belly for a stupid game!

    Sizzle – I can’t wait to have drinks with you and trash talk. I think we would be a totally lethal combo.

  5. I once played a game where we had to guess what kind of baby food was in labeless jars. Baby shower games suck in general, though I think yours takes the cake. Congratulations to Gorillabuns!

  6. Well you already know I love this, but seriously, there should be a support group for botched baby showers. I swear we have all! been to one. Or twenty. Why are people out to make them so ridiculous? And not ridiculous hilarious or awesome, like this one is: ridiculous SCARY.

  7. That poo game sounds SICK. I hate the baby food guessing game too. Barf.

    I’m so glad that you and Kim organized this. Shana deserves the lovin’ πŸ™‚

  8. This is so sweet! It’s like my virtual bridal shower, which was AWESOME.

    I’ve never been to a baby shower, actually… so I can’t answer your question. I think that’s a good thing.

  9. See, that game is one reason why I don’t like to play party games! Blechhh. No, nope, no way.
    We measured the mother-to-be at one party I went to, and I was really embarrassed for her. She hated it, as only an ungainly super-pregnant mother would, and yet she smiled like hell. Poor dear. (Nobody measured me at my own baby shower, prolly because they couldn’t find a tape that went big enough…heh.)

    CONGRATULATIONS, Gorillabuns! I have seen your name on blogrolls for years now, and am happy to be able to wish you all the best of luck.

  10. I’m with you on that chocolate-in-the-diaper game. TERRIBLE! I think it’s hilarious that many of us — independently — felt the need to mention that game. It really is THAT BAD.

    Thank you once again for thinking up this shower. It’s been a fun day, and I’m not even the honoree!

    Shana is awesome, I can’t wait to meet her for reals.

  11. Whenever I get invited to a baby shower, I ask if they are doing that disgusting diaper game. If so, I refuse to go. That’s just nasty!

  12. I hate shower games. I prefer to go to parties: baby, new home, bridal… visit with ALL of the guests, eat great food, drink perhaps and just be there for the person of honor. She then can open her gifts and we all have a great time. The games are so 1950s.

  13. I was the first pregnant person among my friends. At my shower, the host wanted to play a “Guess Sara’s weight!” game. I said that was fine, so long as we got to guess his weight too.

    I refuse to believe that chocolate-in-a-diaper exists, or any other shower game either. Surely by the time we’re having babies, we’re too old for that crap.

  14. Oh, what a great post (though that diaper game is a bit disgusting). I’ve been lucky enough to be spared from stupid shower games. And I’m hoping the streak will continue.

  15. I pretty much hate all shower games equally. Except for once when we had to make words from the letters of the baby’s full name–I rocked that! Even worse than the games is the ritual passing of the gifts. Blech.

  16. aw what a cute idea! i think the worst game i had to play was figure out the baby food and what it was, yeah there was some tasting and it was nasty, haha.

  17. Sizz, no! OMG that is AWFUL. *still gagging*

    Confession? I’ve never been to a baby shower. More appropriate to say I’ve never been invited to one? UNTIL TODAY. πŸ™‚

    Yay for doing this Sizz – I completely adore you and your awesomeness.

  18. I’ve not been to many baby showers (guess they know better than to invite me) but the worst game was asking questions along the lines of what do you do when…and I got every one of them wrong. Then I was told I would never baby sit the baby being born despite have married the parents! Oh, uh yeah, I’m a minister. Ahem, anyway, best words I’ve heard. Babies seem so fragile!

  19. I like baby showers. That’s probably because I totally rock at the games, especially the melted candy bar in the diaper one. And no, I do not taste test. All one has to do is look and smell. I say if someone hates the games, it’s because they suck at them. Just means more prizes for me.

    Now if I was an expectant mother? I would completely hate the guess my girth in toilet paper squares game. People would be seriously injured by the end of that one.

  20. Hello beautiful!
    So, re FB invite – is this the real first name? If so, LOVE IT!

    And I just issued you an invite on my blog for advice… hope you dont mind, I gave you some link love along with it!

  21. Yeah, that game and all the other shower games are uber-stupid. I hate that one and the one with the label-less baby jars. Ugh. There’s the game where you wear the diaper pin and you have to give it to the person you happen to say “baby” in front of. The person with the most diaper pins wins. Yay.

    I agree with other commentors–just have a party where you and the expectant mom can chat and enjoy each other. My baby shower was like that and it was quite nice :).

  22. There are certain games that keep getting played at baby showers and I have no idea why! There are plenty of great games out there that don’t get played – don’t be afraid to try something new! It will make the experience memorably and unique.

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