Jacked Up

Do you ever think of something and then it happens?

Like, FOR EXAMPLE, you’re driving home from the grocery store and you think, “Hey, I haven’t had a flat tire in awhile.” Then your mind wanders to the last time you had a flat which was years ago when you were on your way to do something very wrong which would eventually lead to heartbreak so WOAH that’s not a time you want to remember so you start thinking about the pie you are going to bake. Fa la la la! Happy thoughts! Pie!

But then a couple of hours later you go out to your car and you have a flat tire.

Did my thoughts make that happen?!

Do I have ESP?!

What the?!

The bright side is: I was at home. My car was parked in my driveway. I had a spare tire. I have AAA.


59 thoughts on “Jacked Up

  1. This happens to me all the time! My mom likes to say that all the women in my family have a keen intuition, which I’m not sure I buyh (although I secretly like to think we’re like the sisters in Practical Magic). Sorry about your tire!

  2. Not to sound all mainstream media…its The Secret chica. The pie planning saved you…thats why it happened at home and not in some random ghetto and if you would’ve called the AAA guy he probably would have looked like Hugh Jackman or something.

  3. Which is exactly why I started having hot flashes again RIGHT after thinking, “You know, I’ve not had a hot flash IN AGES”

  4. Ugh! This happens to me too! One time, I was driving to the train and thought “I am so tired! I hope there are no deer out, I might not see it and hit it!”

    Then I saw one. Weird.

    Maybe it’s a car thing 😉

  5. I have thoughts like that when I am shopping all the time. For example, I think I want the perfect pair of shoes and they magically appear on sale. But only when I am shopping never when I buy a lotto ticket or something like that. I think you should channel your powers for good. Start thinking about world peace.

  6. This ALWAYS happens to me, as well.

    Typically when I mention speeding tickets and the fact I haven’t had one forever.

    Knocking on wood.

  7. Ugh. That sucks. But at least you were at home… it happened to me on a busy free way when I was waaaay over in the left lane. Fun! NOT.

  8. I do this with songs and movies. I’ll remember some old movie that I haven’t thought about in years and that night I’ll see a TV trailer for it. Scares the crap out of me when I do that! I haven’t given myself a flat yet but now you’ve got me thinking about it anything could happen ;o)
    Glad yours happened close to home!

  9. I’m going to keep thinking I’m on a nice, warm, beach somewhere in the Caribbean. I’ll let you know how that works out for me.

    But seriously, good thing you were home!

  10. I feel like this with my medical stuff. Whatever I look up and read about, I end up having.

    Or with my kids, when I am thinking that no one has hurt themselves or been really sick in a while, that is exactly when it happens. Maybe we are just super sensitive to what is going on around us and our subconscious knows before we actually know we know?

    I’m glad you were home when you noticed the flat tire though! And I can’t wait to read about that pie!

  11. I hate getting flat tires. When I was first learning to drive I had one for a full 30 minutes driving home before I realized why the car was shaking. By time I stopped the wheel was smoking. Not good!

    I’m glad you were able to have yours repaired quickly and easily. And for free! AAA rocks!

  12. This happens to me, too…for once, I’m going to start thinking about coming into a large amount of money and see how that works out. I’ll let you know.

  13. It happens to me all the time, I think it’s just a sixth sense or somehow maybe your mind’s way of preparing you for the hassle. Good thing you were out anywhere!

  14. Stuff like that happens to me ALL THE TIME. To the point that if a thought like that happens now, I pay attention. Too often I’ve not listened to my intuition and I’ve regretted it.

    Sorry about your tire. Glad it happened in the least inconvenient place it could…

  15. That is so weird! Maybe somehow you noticed that the tire was low or something, only you didn’t realize that you noticed it and thinking about flat tires was your brain’s way of trying to tell you? Or something?

  16. Argh! This very same thing happened to me – thinking about how nice it is that we bought new tires and they wouldn’t likely cause any problems for a long time and then BAM! with the flat tire.

  17. I think it is your intuition. And you have really great intuition – you should definitely pay attention to what its telling you! I have been reading your blog for a while but I’ve never commented, so, hello!

  18. I believe they call that a self-fulfilling prophecy. Don’t even get me started on how to flip that around and use it to manifest your every desire… 🙂

  19. I could write an Ode to AAA, for that is how much I love them, and how many times they have saved my car-driving life.

    (Aside: Why can’t I see your header graphic? Is my lame work PC eating the cuteness?)

  20. Crazy Karma. Think “Hot sex” and see what happens next. Cause really, I bet you are prepared for that too 🙂 Ha.

    I’m glad that it all worked out for you, I assume that your spare had air in it.

  21. AAA has saved me many times. As for the ESP thing…I’ve had it happen before too. Not recounting here, it was horrible…but I do believe there is some truth to the power behind it.

  22. What’s even worse is when you have this really great idea or invention and then someone else has the same idea but they actually act on it and getting rich.

    Like when I had the idea for Snakes on a Plane.

  23. That just happened to me last week. I was driving home and saw an ad on the side of a bus about Jury duty and how it was your duty and so on. I got to thinking about how I hadn’t been called since I was 18 and had to defer b/c I had a calculus class at 8am 5 days a week. What did I get in the mail that day? My jury duty summons. Eerie!

  24. This has happened to me a couple of times although usually harmless stuff. Sorry to hear about your flat tire, good thing you were at home though. The last time I changed my tire it was at night and raining. That was good times I can assure you 😉

  25. I had all these things to say and now all I can THINK ABOUT IS THAT FREAKINGLY AMAZING AND CALORIC GOOEY PIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Which really is how it should be, no?

  26. It happens to me a lot, mostly it is good stuff though. I always think it is a bit of both, thinking and imagining and also somehow a hint of what is around the corner. It makes me believe in magic :-). I am glad you were home and have AAA, makes it a little easier to have a flat.

  27. I had something similar happen recently.

    There I was; on my way to visit a Booty Call, and I thought, ‘nothing could fuck this up…but a flat tire’. Sure enough, literally within a minute, I had a flat.

  28. I blame pie, but even so, it’s still pie 🙂 Your house could be burning down, then you remember you have pie. Run inside, save the pie, life is good.

  29. Ahh I hate it when things like that happen. It’s like God’s forgotten all about it and then you go and remind him and he thinks, “Hmm, yeh, that could be fun,” and bam! it happens again! 😉

  30. This JUST happened to me, only with a good thing 🙂 The night before Seth proposed…I had a dream about it! SO WEIRD…but it was still a surprise 🙂

  31. Scott and I have been together for over 11 years. It ain’t shiny and new. It hasn’t been for a LONG time. And we’ve hit very, VERY rough patches. Patches that really just about sent us both packing. Recently.

    Sometimes one of us is strong enough to weather us through the other’s bad times. More often, we both have so much crap and stress going on that neither of us wants to listen to the other’s life.

    And I have to consciously make myself listen as if we hadn’t been through this for 11 years. And I realize that sometimes, we don’t like each other.

    And that’s okay. Because there’s more to love than liking everything about each other every day.

    And so I ask myself “Are our lives better becasue we’re together”, and eventually it all comes down to yes.

    So endeth Dr. Phil.

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