Right Timing

I left work later than usual, stopped off at the bank and then went to my usual after work hang out only to find the parking lot packed. I took it as a sign that I should go home and eat pie so I took a circuitous route back to my apartment.

As I came down the street toward my building my headlights beamed on a woman standing in the middle of the road. I continued to drive and saw that she was hovering over a lump in the road. I swerved to pass her and caught a closer look. A cat had been hit by a car.

My heart leaped in my throat. Even though my cats are indoor pets I always assume they got out somehow. I am perpetually worried something tragic is going to happen to them, my little bundles of furry fluff who eat rent checks and sweaters and socks.

I parked my car and walked over to ask the woman if she needed help. I could see that this cat was dark gray and covered in blood. It was twitching, helpless, as the life leaked out of him. The woman’s friend had gone to retrieve the owner. Apparently they found the cat’s collar not far from the body and went to the apartment door. The owner walked with a cane and made slow progress towards his pet. I asked if there was anything I could do and then ran to my building to retrieve a snow shovel.

By the time I got back they had wrapped the cat in an old towel. The blood soaked through in parts. More people had gathered in a somber circle. We scooped the bundle up in the shovel and took it to their yard. I came back to my building, put the shovel away, ran up to my apartment and picked my cats up in a tight embrace.

Maybe I didn’t help that much but I’d like to believe that I arrived in time. That I was supposed to be there. While it was horrific to watch that poor cat die in the street, I walked away with a reaffirmed belief that people can be good. People don’t always pass on by. People do care.

We can help each other get through life if we just reach out a hand.


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  1. 😦

    My kitten’s soon to meet the outside world beyond the back garden and I’m terrified something bad will happen to him.

  2. Makes me sad that the guy lost his little friend.

    You are so sweet. It would make me feel better if people stopped and helped me.

  3. I don’t have any pets, but can relate to the momentary freak out about it being your cats even though that doesn’t make any sense because whenever I hear that a child was hurt or see a hurt kid or ambulance, I ALWAYS freak out that it might be one of my kids. Even when it doesn’t make any sense that it could possibly be.

    I am so happy that people were there to help. It’s things like this that need to be repeated to remind people that most people are basically good and a small few ruin that by not being so.

  4. i got teary just reading this! as much as my king eli kitty makes me nuts…OMG i don’t know what i would do if anything happened to him 😦

    We can help each other get through life if we just reach out a hand

    yes…so thanks for the call Monday

  5. I’m glad you were there for the poor cat, the owner and the other people who stopped to help. It just reaffirms that there are still good people out there.

  6. How sad for everyone. Unfortuantely, as hard as I try, my ‘lil Reese finds a way to run around the neighborhood a couple times a year and scares me to death that someone might not see him and hit him. When we were driving to the airport from my mom’s to Charleston (80 miles), there was a dog gallivanting on the freeway and my brother pulled over to help but fortunately someone else was already pulled over and agreed to try to track down the owner or, at the very least, get him off the freeway where we were all driving 60 mph.

  7. 😦

    I hate seeing animals dead on the road because I can’t help but always think that someone just lost a member of his or her family.

  8. One day, on a busy LA street in front of my apartment at the time, I had to slam on my brakes, because the car in front of me suddenly came to a stop. I went around it, and then realized what had happened. The woman driving it had hit a cat.

    I went around the block, and came back to it, parking my car in the lane and turning on my hazards. (The woman had since pulled onto a sidestreet.) When I got out of my car, she was bawling – BAWLING – over the poor kitty. I got a towel out of the trunk of my car, and we moved the kitty to the dirt between the street and the sidewalk. The woman couldn’t stop crying. She was so upset over what she’d done.

    I’d found the kitty’s sister in my parking lot 2 hours earlier, and had tried to feed it. It was ferral, though. They both were. They were meaowing loudly across the busy street at each other. Apparently, this woman hit it when it tried to cross to meet up with it’s sister.

    I’ve hit a cat before, too. It was awful.

    You did a good thing, Siz.

  9. This happens to me too. People do care. It’s easy to say that we don’t but I have seen things like this happen a lot and every time multiple people have stopped to help. We can all stay connected, and most of us try.

  10. That is so sad. I can’t stand to see animals dead by the side of the road. I almost always cry. That was a very nice thing of you to do and it is nice to know there are people who care.

  11. *sniff*

    When I was about twelve years old, our cat buffy was waiting for us to come home as he always had. He had this habit of playing chicken with the car. When the lady who carpooled with my mother mentioned that she thought he had been hit with her car, my mom assured her that although he enjoyed darting from one side of the driveway to another before we pulled in, this was the daily routine and was sure he was fine.

    She had, in fact, hit the cat. I stepped out to look and saw that same exact thing that you described. Bloody and twitching, it was minutes before he finally died. It was devestating, and my mom still feels so terrible – even though it wasn’t her fault.

    To this day, I’m still so grateful for our neighbor who came to scoop him up with the shovel and bury him in our backyard. Even today, I would never be able to perform such a gruesome, somber task.

    Thank you for being a good neighbor.

  12. So hard to watch something die, but to watch someone’s pet? I’m glad it wasn’t your kitties, and that you hugged them extra hard.

  13. My LaLa lives indoors for this reason. I hate to hear/read stories like this. I have no idea what I will do without my kitty.

    You are a good neighbor. I would not have been able to do anything but cry.

  14. I have this inherent fear that my dog will be hit by a car. That she will be happily walking along, see something in the street, not hear my command and end her life. I cry every time I think about it. Because in Chicago? I’m not so sure someone would stop.

    You, my dear, are good people.

  15. I hate these situations. Just two days ago I came across a cat who had been hit by a car on a busy 6 lane street. I stopped the car, scooped the cat up in my jacket (ruined now, but don’t care) and drove to the nearest vet. The vet said the cat was not able to be saved and put him down so he didn’t suffer further. I sobbed as I drove the rest of the way to school and just wanted to be home holding my dogs. I think the universe puts certain things in our path knowing we would be the ones to take action. It still hurts my heart to watch an animal die. You are my hero for trying to help.

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