Check That List

Yesterday before 10am I had:

  • Scheduled the plumber to check out the leaking pipe in the laundry room, the backed up drain in one apartment, and the shower head/tub malfunction in another.
  • Scheduled the heater repair man to come out today to make sure one woman’s heater was safe since when she turned it on this weekend she woke up to smoke billowing out of it (and subsequently called the fire department after I did not answer my phone) (because I left my phone in my car while I was shopping at Target).
  • Scheduled the locksmith to make a mailbox key for a tenant who lost hers and to replace a door knob missing all its mechanism (you could lock the top lock but the door knob did not latch or turn since it was missing all its parts).
  • Ordered blinds for three units.
  • Figured out what weather stripping is and how one goes about installing it.
  • Stopped by the locksmith to get keys copied.
  • Faxed the rent sheet to the landlord because, yes, that tenant STILL has not paid rent.
  • Called the tenant with the heater problem to notify her of repairman’s visit.
  • Talked to the maintenance guy about the scheduled light repair in one unit, ceiling repair in another and broken mirror removal in another.

Then later that day I:

  • Spent thirty minutes on the phone with the landlords going over the law regarding notices for not paying rent and not keeping a unit clean.
  • Wrote up and delivered my first three day pay or vacate notice. (Not fun at all.)
  • Dropped off a copy of a mailbox key only to find out from the tenant’s visiting mother that she lost ALL her keys and needed an apartment key too. (This is the third set she will have had.) (I was JUST AT the locksmith this morning, damn it!)
  • Heard from tenant that he measured inaccurately and the five blinds I ordered for him are wrong. Argh!
  • Wrote up a ten day compliance notice for a tenant whose apartment is SO MESSY that it is a fire hazard.
  • Left a voice mail for a tenant to discuss an incident that occurred on Friday night between a friend of his and a tenant. Apparently she was trying to ask him to turn his music down and the friend, who might have been drunk and/or high blocked her way back down the stairs while saying threatening things. Once she passed him and got back to her apartment, she could hear him saying she attacked him and they should call the police.  (How I sleep through this shit is beyond me.) That will be a fun conversation, won’t it?
  • Fielded an email about an electrical outlet problem in an upstairs unit. Added it to my growing list of things to take care of.
  • Second-guessed giving my tenants holiday treat bags with home baked goods.

When it rains, it pours. Seriously, they aren’t kidding!


35 thoughts on “Check That List

  1. Do tenants have to pay for extra keys? I live in a large complex and am scared to death to lose my keys because of how much they threaten to charge us.

  2. oh, man. i don’t know how you do it. really. i give you mad props for having to deal with tenants. i don’t think i could do it.
    (i wonder, really, what ‘mad props’ are. angry set decorations? like a violent glass of wine, a vicious hat, perhaps a malcontented walking cane?)

  3. I’m exhausted just reading all that. You really do have to have people skills to do your job don’t you? Mine just wouldn’t be up to the task.

  4. Your building caters to tenants so much more than any apartment I lived in. Seriously, and they still take advantage? That amazes me. I don’t understand how people do that… I was such a perfect tenant and now I hold my breath every time I have to make a new lease for my rental property. You’d think Karma would come into play, but oh no.

  5. This sounds more stressful than being a parent. Because you can’t really ground your tenants or anything can you? (I actually don’t believe in grounding kids, but that’s a whole different story)

  6. The amount of babysitting that these so-called adults require is mind bending. Seriously, how you manage to get through a day without spontaneously combusting is beyond me.
    The stories you tell about your tenants make me want to start fires.

  7. My parents own two condos (two units) and they are a handful to take care of, even now that my dad is retired. They’ve had some of the worst luck in terms of tenants.

    We had to evict one for not paying rent but she turned around and filed for bankruptcy so that we couldn’t make her move without more legal orders. When she moved out she left all of the crap she didn’t want. We spent two weeks cleaning that place. We replaced the 1-year old carpet, repainted the entire place, and had to get rid of everything that she had left. To make matters worse, she ended helping the lady who lived in our other condo move out… WHILE we were cleaning HER PLACE.

    I hope my story makes you feel a bit better and I hope that things get better from here.

  8. this one freaks me out:
    a tenant whose apartment is SO MESSY that it is a fire hazard.
    second…i’m surprised they let you in enough to see it…

  9. Wow. The apartment complex where I live misplaced my rent check in August. Rent is due by the 5th of the month. On the 7th of the month, I received a letter stating I had to make payment within five days or I was in danger of being evicted.

    You’re bending way over backwards for your tenants, methinks. 😉

  10. I totally wouldn’t give your tenants holiday treat bags with home baked goods. That gesture is just way too nice and would the appreciate it? Seriously, aren’t you the one that should receive this in return?

  11. Oh, my. I had to call my resident manager two days ago and I felt so bad about it. (I’m sorry! It was 80 degrees in our apartment and we couldn’t control the temperature! Someone had to be notified.)

    I think this post made me put our RM on my holiday cookie list. She’ll get a plate of cookies for sure!!

    PS We definitely will get charged for losing our keys. It’s like $40 for an apartment key, $80 for the key to the outside door (I guess because it’s so unsafe to have a bunch of those out there in the world), and a gazillion dollars for a mailbox key. I don’t know why the mailbox key is so much, but there you go!

  12. Wow. You would achieve sainthood in Chicago for managing a building the way you do!
    Uh…I am also wondering about the fire hazard apartment… *coughs*, *looks around innocently*…

  13. I think we need more details on the fire hazard messy apartment. Pictures perhaps.
    Seriously, tenants don’t get gift bags, they get you them, cause you are nice and don’t kick thier asses for being lame.

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