The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

I got the coolest box of stuff this week from Nicole over at More is Better. I won a Williams-Sonoma give away on her blog. Can you believe it? I won! When I opened the box I found:gift-005

  1. A pink apron (I love pink! I love to cook!)
  2. A jar of Tupelo honey (I love that song “Tupelo Honey” by Van Morrison!)
  3. A box of Numi flowering tea (I love tea! And flowers!)
  4. A package of chopstick holders shaped like edamame (I love all things sushi!)
  5. A bag of chocolate peanut butter bread mix (Chocolate and peanut butter is my favorite flavor combo!)

It’s like she reads my blog or something. šŸ˜‰ She picked out things that she knew I would like which made it the most thoughtful package of wonderful gifts.

Thank you, Nicole!

In the spirit of the holiday season and following Nicole’s lead, I’m going to give away a box of treats to a lucky someone. All you have to do is leave a comment on this post between now and Sunday, Dec. 14th at midnight (PST). I will randomly pick a winner. If you leave a comment, please be willing to trust me with your address.

And while we are at it, tell me: What’s your most favoritest thing about the holidays?


103 thoughts on “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

  1. My most favoritest thing is to see my nieces and nephew open their presents on Christmas morning and to eat my mom’s good food! Ham, Kielbasi, Potato and Macaroni Salad, Pickled Eggs, Pickled Beets, Homemade Raisin Bread…yummy! She didn’t raise any skinny kids, I’ll tell you that much!

    HO HO HO! Happy Holidays to all!

  2. My favourite thing about this time of year is the Starbucks eggnog lattes.

    No, I kid (mostly). Seriously though, my favourite thing about this time of year is that we spend more time with family, not out of obligation but because we really want to (at least, in my family we do…) And I love trying to find that perfect gift for people – something unique and unexpected that will be appreciated…It’s fun!

  3. I am jealous! That stuff is cool!

    My favorite thing about the holidays is baking cookies with my kids. It isn’t so much the actual cookie baking (though that is fun too) but the way they all talk about things they never would think to tell me while we are mixing and rolling the cookies. The togetherness is my favorite.

  4. Contests all over the place!

    One of my favorite things about the holidays is all the lights…they jazz up the all the dreary brown in the landscape.

    I also like all the parties šŸ™‚

  5. My favorite thing about the holidays is seeing how happy others are when they open their gifts. I love being able to give things to people – and it’s even better when it’s something you know they’ll love.

    On a more frivolous note, I love twinkly lights and gingerbread lattes and holiday-themed movies and wrapping paper and singing Christmas songs and having the license to wear lots of sparkly accessories.

  6. I love all of these contests, and I’m glad you got all that neat stuff!

    It would seem I am way behind in my quota of eggnog lattes for the season, so I think I should head over to Starbucks for my annual treat!

  7. I totally trust you with my address! ;O)

    Okay, call me sappy but I really love watching kids’faces as they enjoy sights and sounds of the season. Their laughter perks me right up.

    Thanks Sizz! :O)

  8. That is awesome. I loved my prize box I won last time. (see Ms.Sizzle blog readers, you really can win.) I started a blog list yesterday about my favorite things (think Oprah) but got busy and didn’t finish.

  9. no treats for me…but if i am randomly picked, i’d rather a donation be made (of course :>)

    favorite element of the holidays? a non-work day and time with friends and family…

  10. Whoa! You hit the mother-load! That’s a fabulous windfall.

    My favorite thing about Xmas is getting far far away from work. Two weeks this year. It’s one of the reason I stay at this job. I live for those two weeks.

  11. I love finding the perfect gift for someone… knowing that when they open it they might just cry a little it’s so good. I can usually only manage one of these a year. I’m just not that imaginative. Also, if I am randomly picked, just move on to the next. I’m participating in Operation: Comment Your Balls/Boobs Off! (Depending on your gender). Merry Christmas!!!

  12. I absolutely love giving gifts! I love to shop for the perfect thing, the thrill of victory when I find it and then seeing the look on their face when they open it. The whole process is a selfish rush for me!

  13. Well I have a new son, so I have a new favorite thing about the holidays – getting to be Santa! Of course he had to come with me when I did all the holiday shopping, but I’m sure he’ll still be surprised when he sees all his presents under the tree šŸ˜‰

  14. My favorite thing about the holidays is the free time off and family time. And presents.

    Also, that package is worth a fortune! W-S is pricey!

  15. They have pink aprons??? Dude, I know what I’m asking for for Christmas!

    And how lovely of Nicole to pick special stuff out for you. šŸ™‚

  16. Congratulations! That box looks awesome. Yum, chocolate peanut butter bread. I happen to also love tea with flowers let me know how that one is.

    My favorite thing about the holidays would have to be seeing people’s faces when they open up gifts I carefully chose for them.

  17. What a great gift basket!!

    I can not wait for two whole weeks with my husband. Neither one of us has to go to work. We’ll be traveling and with family, but we get TWO WEEKS together. Even now, as I type this, I’m getting all shivery just thinking about it. In these last week or two I’ve been insanely busy and I’m so excited about the time off that I don’t know how I’m going to make it through the next week, but I will because of the great reward!!

  18. My favorite thing about this time of year? Well, in no particular order of preference.

    – Alcohol.
    – Cookies.
    – Seeing other people’s faces when they open gifts.
    – Alcohol.
    – Everyone takes vacation at work and it’s quiet so I can play loud music.

  19. My favorite part of Christmas right now is creating new traditions with my husband — traditions for our own family.

  20. An Apron!!!! I love aprons. When I actually have the space, I’m thinking about collecting them. (right now, 60 miles away, my boyfriend is having chest pains.)

    My favorite thing about the holidays is walking my dog at night and soaking in every one’s christmas decorations.

  21. I love love love the smell of christmas morning. I’m not sure what it is, but I swear Christmas morning smells different than any other day of the year (and not just inside where all the goodies are, outside just smells…magical).

  22. OOOOH, I love me some give aways. Sign me up! =)

    My favorite thing about the holidays is twofold: (1) Giving to others and (2) Spending some quality downtime with the people I love most!

  23. Awesome gifts. My favorite thing about Christmas… besides the obvious Christ’s birth and all… I just love being with my family. We go to Dallas every year. Christmas Eve is spent with my dad’s side. We play games and dirty santa and eat way too much and open presents. It lasts all day and by the end we’re exhausted. Christmas day is spent with my mom’s side where there are lots of little kids and I’m no longer the center of attention. It’s still lots of fun though because I love my family. And I love all the stockings full of presents I get. Plus I love to shop and give presents so it’s just all around a wonderful holiday for me.

  24. I am a crafter come holiday time. So my favorite thing is sitting down figuring out what everyone would like and how I can make it super slamming. I also like the fact that when I’m making their gift it’s sort of memory time for me (things we’ve done together, etc).

  25. I am envious of your Tupelo honey.
    My favourite part of Christmas is shortbread. Nope, not family or love or joy … just shortbread. And candy canes.

  26. What a lovely idea! And what a fabulous bounty of yuletide booty! My most favoritest thing about Christmas? Cooking and baking with my family, laughing about old stories and lovingly sharing new ones. The warmth of my mother’s kitchen and the laughter of my baby cousin running under foot is the bestest thing about Christmas!

  27. There are so many favorites – watching my daughter open her presents, decorating, baking, being with family eating Christmas dinner, I love this time of year!
    Awesome gifts – I love the pink apron!!

  28. favorite thing about this time of year: peppermint hot chocolate from starbucks, the music, the decorations, snow, and the open bar receptions šŸ™‚

    count me in for the giveaway! thats so awesome!!!

  29. Coolest gift box ever!

    Favorite thing is having a different focus . . . everything just feels different and everyone takes a minute to stop and notice. That and being with my family šŸ™‚

  30. My favorite Christmas things: Christmas lights, particularly streets where everyone has decorated. Christmas tree. Watching the wonder on children’s faces… Christmas morning, but also throughout the whole season. Hope. There always seems to be such optimism. Christmas cookies, baking and eating. My husband’s Christmas fudge.

    My least favorite things: The let down, and at work the mania.

  31. what i love: parties, straus eggnog, christmas movies, hot chocolate with bourbon…best to keep the alcohol a flowin at this time of year..

    what i dont love: crazy customers, and hanukah! im a jew, my holiday is just not as much fun. the latkes are cool though šŸ™‚

  32. What nifty treats!
    Favorite things: planning Christmas dinner, shopping for my niece/nephews, KW’s Christmas party.

  33. I am not feeling it this year. It’s all about the children and the look in their eyes. That can’t sleep it’s Christmas tomorrow.

    I love egg nog and rum with a touch of nutmegs, and killer short bread cookies. I love snow and snuggling up real tight.

  34. The little ones! I can’t wait to see my cousin’s kids rip open their presents, especially that they are now old enough to really appreciate the gifts and not just want to wander around the house playing with the paper. šŸ™‚
    I love to wrap presents and tie them up with pretty bows.
    I love getting cards in the mail–it is so nice to get REAL mail and not just bills. Plus it is fun to see what kind of cards people pick out & how it reflects their personalities.
    I will be happy to give you my address, especially if it means you show up at my house during Blog Her 2009!

  35. That is such a sweet package!

    Hmmm…my most favorite thing is seeing my parents. I only get to see them about twice a year (they live far, far away) so this is one of the times. šŸ™‚

  36. My favorite things about the season are hot apple cider, snow (oh wait, I live on the west coast now), wrapping presents, having an excuse to bake a zillion cookies, houses with christmas lights, and that warm snuggly feeling that just takes over everywhere you go.

    That is a sweet package, yeay for knowning what you like!

  37. Can I only choose 1 favourite thing??
    I love seeing the kids get something they waited for all year (I don’t buy stuff for my kids during the year, just essentials). I love being around a big table with family and food and lots and lots of wine! šŸ˜‰

  38. That’s so cool! I love it when bloggers are generous. And I love WS. I bought their red aprons for people this year. We’ve had ours for a long time… they are SO NICE! I love the pocket in front.

    Anyway. My favorite thing about the holidays is sitting down to play rowdy games with a bunch of family members. There is always so much joking and laughter that we are still teasing each other about it throughout the year!

  39. Yay! Who doesn’t love treats? My favorite thing about the holidays is singing Silent Night by candlelight at a Christmas Eve service. Second – by a long shot – is my grandma’s Christmas tree cookies!!

  40. You lucky girl! WS is one of my favorite stores ever.

    I love that I’m going home for a couple weeks. w00t!

    But more than that, I love that people act nicer this time of year. Kindness and generosity show up a little more often.

  41. My favorite thing is seeing my kids eyes light up at Christmas. I love watching them get excited over the lights and presents. I also like teaching them the reason for Christmas.

    daniwilliams30 AT gmail DOT com

  42. All cool stuff! My favorite part about Christmas how it seems to bring the best out of most people. I just wish that feeling would last all year.

  43. The smell of my house on Christmas Eve when I was a kid. It was the only time my house had that particular smell. And once I got older it went away. Makes me nostalgic every year. Christmas is magical as a child but I still love the season.

  44. My favorite thing about the holidays is buying presents for other people. Ever since I was a kid I’d get so excited thinking about how the receiver would react upon opening my gift that I could barely wait. It takes all my self control not to blurt out what I bought (or made) or to just hand it to them right then. Sometimes I honestly can’t stand it and give stuff “just cause” and have to start over on the holiday shopping.

    (Yet in terms of birthday and holiday gifts, I frequently get forgotten by others.)

  45. I love the quiet that seems to descend on Christmas Day. When my husband and I lived in NY City, we would walk to the park on Christmas Day, and sit and look at the Hudson River and enjoy the cold and the calm quiet of the day. At that point, everything is done and you have some time to savor the day. Now we live in California so we will walk on the beach, but there will still be that feeling of peace.

  46. Yay!! I’m so glad you loved your package šŸ™‚

    My favorite thing about the holidays is the lights. Sparkly lights everywhere just change the mood so much.

  47. Woo, I love commenting for a chance at stuff! Most favorite holiday thing: looking at all my old ornaments which all were bought for a reason (no shiny balls at this house!) and remembering what they represent.

  48. my favorite thing was always watching a christmas story as many times as i could take it. my favoite (new) thing is watching my daughter try her hardest to not touch the “BALL!” on the tree!

  49. I *just* got that same apron in black. I’m a big spill-and-splatterer and expect it will go a long way in cutting down on the amount of laundry I have to do.

  50. Sizz, you are the biz! How fun is this?

    The thing I love most about the holidays is decorating with the kids and having a tree where all the ornaments are cramed in one spot near the bottom….oh, and I love our family elf who creates so much havoc and mess every night in Dec. that it makes the kids fly out of bed for 25 days straight, and then there’s my Hunk, I love how he be acts all goofy with the kids….and he totally buys them toys that HE really wants and we all just play all day on Christmas. WHEW, and I love long sentences, can you tell? I also love Sizzle Says, all year long…..and kittens, but please don’t mail me one. šŸ™‚

  51. Ooh, fun! My favorite thing about the holidays is spending quality time with family, both mine and Roth’s. This year is different in that we won’t be seeing any family until after the baby is born, so it’s a little emotional for me. But the waiting will be worth it, because we’ll soon be presenting our families with a most special gift – a first grandchild!

  52. Favorite Christmas thing: There is a huge tall tree on my street that our neighbor puts lights on every year. I’ve come to really anticipate that lighted tree (and I don’t know that neighbor but always think about writing them a thank you note because I always smile when I see that big tree lit up when I drive down our street!) And the song “White Christmas” – I always get a bit teary eyed hearing that song…!…

  53. What an awesome gift box! I think my favorite thing about the holidays is friends, good food and music. I also love the song Silent Night and the upbeat cheerful mood of everyone.

  54. My most favorite thing about the holidays is driving around the neighborhood, looking at everyone’s lights and decorations. Some are a bit Griswald-y, but even those put a smile on my face.

  55. My favorite thing about the holidays? A big toss up between cozy days spent watching it be blustery outside while I sit inside with a mug of hot tea and a good book, and my family and our boisterous & festive get-togethers. Oh, and dressing Iggy in a Santa suit is pretty damn entertaining.

  56. That gift box is so awesome! I LOVE the pink WS apron. I thought they only came in red or black.

    We have a Christmas tree for the first time this year, although it’s our 6th Christmas together. And now I have a NEW favorite thing about the holiday season: making love on a quilt spread by the twinkling tree, no lights but those and the bayberry candles, holiday tunes playing softly. Sooo romantic. ***sigh***

    And then a cat jumped on us.

  57. Sounds like you are going to have some fun with your gift box… I am enjoying the collection of “hobo” gifts that I am putting together… I have a counter full!

  58. This is cool to receive a special gift from Sizzle Jones herself and not only is it X-mas in 11 days but it’s my b’day in 10….but even if I’m not your random pick whoever wins is a lucky person…what a great idea!

  59. Favorite thing about the holidays for me is the whole she-bang: The tree, the decoration and the family and friends. I just have trouble with the mall shopping… but for some reason its not as bad this year.

  60. My favorite thing is picking out what i think is the perfect gift for people and watching them opening it!

    And I totally thought of Van Morrison’s song when I read “Tupelo hone” as well.

  61. What a haul! And how very cool (and Christmasy) for you to pay it forward! (I think I’ll steal that idea if I get randomly elfed here or elsewhere!)

    My favorite things about Christmas? The traditional stuff — lights, the tree, the way our church is decorated, family, food, togetherness. You know – the good stuff.

  62. Nicole is my favorite. No really she is awesome! That’s such a great box of treats.

    My favorite part of the Holidays is tamales. My big Mexican family makes a big batch in the weeks before, freezes them and on Christmas day I eat like 3 million of them.

  63. Being off work for so long and really kicking back.

    The films that are on the telly between Christmas & New Year.

    Reading in front of the fire.

    Christmas trees lit up with fairy lights in dark rooms.

    Stilton and mayonnaise sandwiches

    Having lots of chocolate around the house

    Catching up with family and friends, all the old stories and new memories

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