‘Tis The Season

I was witness to two proposals this weekend.

christmas08-003The first one occurred while we were volunteering at the Wonderland Carousel. The man popped the question while they sat on the bench of the merry-go-round – the seating was obviously a ruse because who would pick the bench when you could ride on a pretend horse? A guy who wants to get down on bended knee that’s who! I was in the ticket booth so I didn’t see the actual proposal but I heard a lot of cheering and then the announcer saying “She said yes!” That’s a relief because can you imagine how shitty that guy’s Christmas would have been if her answer had been different?

Then last night my sister and I were at Rosie Thomas’ annual holiday concert (she is hilarious and talented and you should go see her if you have not, really, truly, seriously- do it! And while you are at it, buy her Christmas album!) watching the opening band, The Beautiful Clarks, when the lead singer got down on his knee in front of the entire crowd and asked his cohort/fellow singer to marry him. I’m assuming that’s what he said. We couldn’t hear any of it but she looked shocked then gleeful then very, very happy. They kissed and hugged and he informed us that she said yes. From the sidelines of the venue, Rosie was clapping and jumping up and down. They had a lot of friends in the house and it was touching to see.

‘Tis the season to get married.

And to bake. I was a baking fool this weekend. Thankfully, I gave it all away because I do not need fudge and cookies sitting around my house taunting me with their deliciousness. I refuse to buy (any more) bigger pants and wearing my sweats to work is just not an optionchristmas08-019.

I enlisted my nephew who, despite his very bad cold, was quite the helper. Don’t worry, I gave him his own cookies so that he’d be the only one eating snot-tainted germ cookies. It was more for the experience than getting actual edible eats out of it.

Side note: Apparently earlier in the day before coming to my apartment, Finn told my sister that he wanted “to be alone with TeeTee.” That little statement is so adorable I could not refrain from sharing it. It’s the nicest thing someone has said about me in weeks.

And YES I gave 28 little gift bags of baked goods to each of my tenants. I know some of you will give me flack for it but honestly, it’s CHRISTMAS and it’s the season to be generous and kind to others. I might tell you stories about my managerial annoyances but really and truly, my tenants are a good lot of people. I’m grateful for this gig and what it’s teaching me. Most days. Except when they wake me up with noise complaints at 2am or leave their cigarette butts littering the front walkway or lose their keys (again!).

As I was dropping off the treats, one tenant was coming home. She gladly took the treats with thanks and gave me a hug.

See? Find the good and relish in it.


44 thoughts on “‘Tis The Season

  1. The proposals made me tear up a little. I’m such a sap! Also, I think it’s great you made treats for your tenants. Maybe your act of kindness will persuade them to be more considerate to others. See? Total sap! πŸ˜‰

  2. You know what, I think you did the right thing. Maybe they’ll think twice next time before doing something stupid because they know their kind, caring, cookie-baking building manager will have to clean up their mess.

  3. I’m with Keely, I’m teary-eyed about the sweet proposals. Now, just let them muddle through the first year of marriage…..

    I’m very proud of you for going to all the trouble for your tenants. I was one of the grumblers but know, you truly right about the reason for giving.:)

  4. I can’t believe you saw Rosie Thomas be proposed to. She is one of my favorite singers! I have never seen a proposal, but these both seem sweet. Though no one better propose to me on a carousel! I also agree he was taking a pretty big chance doing it right before Christmas.

    Cookies! Yum!

  5. @sparkliesunshine- Just to clarify- Rosie was not the one who got engaged but the singers from The Beautiful Clarks did. She is friends with them and was joyous on the sidelines.

  6. I wish I was one of your tenants. I have never had a landlord/apartment manager give out cookies. You could gain fame and never need to work to rent out apartments again. So, see it could all work out in your favor.

    Are you guys getting the proceeds from the carousel? The last few years it seems like it was going to NW Center.

  7. You are such a wonderful person to give to your tenants. Maybe if they start to see you as the wonderful person you are, they will think better of it before they do something they shouldn’t. Either way, it was a very thoughtful thing for you to do!

  8. i missed her show on Saturday night here in the PDX because our snowstorm. 😦

    finn is the cutest. really.

  9. That’s awfully nice of you to give all those cookies to your tenants! Something tells me that any guy that’s willing to do a public proposal has probably already gone ring shopping with the woman. As for me, I already told Ted, “no proposal in front of others.” I’m just too private a person and want that moment to just be between the two of us.

  10. You are so sweet. Me, I’m not that big. I would have considered giving the snot cookies to those I didn’t like so much. hahaha..
    (That photo is adorable. I love that he clearly has a thing for you.)

  11. OMG, sorry to be a party pooper, but if one more person asks if the fella and I are getting engaged over Christmas/NYE or even MENTIONS the possibility I am going to scream. Inquiries along those lines are at an all-time high. :p
    Can I borrow Mr. Finn to finish my holiday baking? I bet he’d love helping with my gingerbread people! πŸ™‚

  12. What a sweet (literally!) gesture, sizzle β€” I am certain it brightened everyone’s day. Now, how about baking up a bunch of stuff for your readers πŸ˜‰

    (totally joking)

    (well, maybe it wouldn’t be a joke if we lived in the same country.)

  13. Aww… holiday proposals! I remember coming back from holiday break in college and hearing all the stories πŸ™‚

    I love that photo of Finn! He’s concentrating so hard!

  14. OMG. I long for the day when my niece and nephew can talk well enough to request alone-time with me. But…what if they don’t know me well enough to do so, since I live so freakin’ far away??? GAHHHHH. I just keep telling myself that the sheer force of my love for them will be enough for them to remember me. Besides, I can’t imagine not wanting to hang out with someone who thinks they are the greatest people in the whole wide world. Right?

    Also, I am muy impressed iwth your baking and generosity.

  15. Love the photo of your nephew, he looks so intent on making sure those sprinkles stick.

    I suspected that the BF would propose during the holiday season but he did it in the middle of October so I would not be on to him. The sneak!

  16. I’m going to be a baking fool this weekend! I’ve already picked out the cookies I want to make. I plan to give some to our building’s front desk staff and bring the rest to work. And possibly eat a couple myself. But ONLY A COUPLE.

  17. That would totally suck to have something elaborate planned and get turned down.

    The humiliation on top of the rejection would be enough to make you try and throw yourself under the carousel…

  18. You are such an amazing landlady! I know I’ve said this before, but if your building took dogs, you could count on me being your neighbor. Speaking of dogs, I’ve always said that if anyone who proposes to me wants a prayer of an affirmative answer, they’d better propose with a schnauzer puppy, not a diamond.

  19. Now that is the true Christmas spirit! How sweet of you to look past the other 11 months a year of annoyance and give treats to your tenants. You’re a good example for the rest of us.

  20. I love that despite all your antics about some of your crazy ass tenants, you still go out of your way to be kind to them this season. Just goes to show how amazing you are to others. Now, the only question that remains is whether you’re that good to yourself? Hopefully, you’re working on it! =)

  21. I was more than slightly annoyed at the mass of humanity at Wal-Mart last week while I was trying to assemble my own baking goods supply, until I helped two older gentlemen find the vanilla and wax paper that their wives had sent them after. They were both so sweet and thankful…it made me feel like maybe there was a reason I was there right at that time. You know what I mean?

  22. I want a giant, expensive diamond for my next engagement! It’s so materialistic.

    (Oh crap, I thought this was that site that you post your anonymous thoughts..postsecret, or some shit..oops)

  23. Me, too, getting misty about the proposals … I have my “down-on-bended-knee” moment planned for, well, someday.

    And I wish I lived in your building and got treats. πŸ™‚

  24. Awww. Sweet little guy. My niece doesn’t ever want to be alone with me because I make her behave (She’s really, REALLY NAUGHTY)

  25. You are the best apartment manager ever.

    I’ve been requested to bring my from-scratch fruitcake on Christmas, so I hope my baking bug bites real soon! Like, tomorrow.

  26. Aww that last picture is too adorable! Nothing like little ones, up to their necks in food colouring, is there? I’ll be making a gingerbread house with the Lil Nephews on Christmas Eve (apparently) – wish me luck!! ;o)

  27. You are such a nice person…I’m trying so hard to get into the spirit of the season, but money is so disgusting right now…ugh…that’s not what it’s about, but I can’t even afford to make cookies! Oh well, I just need to enjoy my family and my hubby and not worry about presents that I didn’t budget for because I’m a simp…sigh. Merry Christmas! Ho ho ho!

  28. I’ll have some cookies! πŸ˜‰ I made some biscuits the other week actually… first bit of baking I’ve done since moving here actually. I’ve now been asked to make a cake for Christmas… hmm…

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