I Got My Snow Day


49 thoughts on “I Got My Snow Day

  1. Not sure which I admire more: your voice or the fact you knew all the words 🙂

    I wished i’d brought my camera today — the sound is a white out. I’m bringing my laptop home today, as I have a feeling all this stuff is going to ice over tonight.

  2. Chris just paused his music so we could listen to you sing. (That’s a big deal in our house: the pausing of the music.) Also: we both think you sound lovely, lovely. (And snow! WOOT!)

  3. Yay! I love the snow! We live by the coast now so when it does snow it doesn’t stay for long… :/ I want a white Christmas! 🙂

  4. Do me a favor and call my boss- sing that to him over the phone so maybe his heart will thaw and I can stay home, will ya?

  5. Your voice is BEAUTIFUL!

    We have a ton of snow too and my kids had a snow day. Normally I’d be thrilled, but I was supposed to have a doctor appointment that I had to change since the roads were sort of undriveable.

  6. Man, I am so jealous. It never ever snows in SF, and if it does, it’s only a fluke.

    Is it bad of me to secretly hope for global warming so that it will snow regularly here? Probably, huh?

    At least I am going to be in Boston for Christmas, and it looks like they’ll have plenty of snow – hurrah! (That’s “hurrah” as long as it’s not snowing when I’m in an airplane descending on Boston. Then it’s not “hurrah” AT ALL.)

  7. I saw that video three times before actually hearing the audio. I then had to hear it a couple more times because I didn’t even think it was your voice. I read the comments and I’m very impressed. Well done. Sorry you had to trek to the office today. Our place was open today too, boo!

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