Snowmageddon ’08

I don’t mean to state the obvious but IT IS SNOWING in Seattle. And it won’t stop. It just keeps coming. And coming. And coming doooowwwwwwn.

A wise friend taught me a valuable lesson two years ago:

“Snow is like a penis. If it isn’t 6 inches, there’s no point.”

For the record, we’re way past six inches. There’s a point to all this penis, I mean SNOW.


You know how I sometimes complain about vacuuming the apartment building? Yeah well I found a new apartment management task that I dislike more- shoveling snow. While it’s a good work out, I could do without it. This morning I went out and shoveled and shoveled and shoveled. I have photographic evidence:


Our building was the only one for blocks and blocks to have a clear walkway. That either makes me a very good manager or a stupid one. Because about an hour later, it started to snow again. At least there is salt down now so ice won’t accumulate. Or will it? What the hell do I know? I have never lived in snow before.

The snow is like creme brulee out there- a crunchy top layer of ice with soft snow underneath. Even though creme brulee is yellow in color, please do not eat the yellow snow. It’s not actually creme brulee!


I know I proclaimed to be a lover of snow and I *do* love it. I just wish Seattle was better equipped to deal with it. And that I had friendly elves to install chains on my car. And that I wasn’t such an ice pussy so that I could actually drive in it.

The good news is: I have booze. I am totally set. If you need me, I’ll be here drinking in my pajamas.


37 thoughts on “Snowmageddon ’08

  1. Could I actually be the first comment or perhaps the second? Wow, that’s a first. I too love snow, but hate to drive in it and really hate shoveling it.
    Have fun in your jammies :-).

  2. Dude, that’s amazing, because I, too, am in my pajamas, AND my happy socks (heavy wool)but I am not boozing, because nobody really wants me drunk and loose in Seattle.

  3. I wish I was hanging out with you instead of working.

    Excellent point about the creme brulee snow! I walked through 7 inches of penis creme brulee today to get to my bus. Guess it’s a good thing I’m straight and like desserts. :o)

  4. I’ve been watching the Seahawks game today and it’s insane how much is coming down! It’s comparable to our snow, and hello?, I live in Canada!

    Fingers crossed you stay safe and warm during this pretty snowstorm you’ve got going on!!

  5. You have Snowmageddon too?? That’s what they’ve been calling it on the news here. Ugh. I saw the Seahawks game this afternoon, and wondered if you were still enjoying the snow. Just stay off the roads. You are not the only one who is not used to the snow.

  6. Love the saying.

    Ok. I am not a snow expert. If they are calling for the snow to turn to freezing rain in the near future then you are best to leave the snow, it’ll crack under people’s weight and they it won’t be so slippery. As an added bonus, you can use that as an excuse to stay in your jammies and have another drink.

    Mmmmm… rum

  7. First I just have to say how incongruous the snow pictures look combined with your header. Second, what the heck is the rainbow thing on your tire? I can see the chains, but the other thing??? Third, it can’t last forever. Hopefully!

  8. I love a day when you wake up, shower, and then put your pajamas right back on. What I do not like? TWO DAYS like that in a row. I just want to GO SOMEWHERE.

  9. Me? I do not love snow. I do not love this particular snow because it RUINED my plans to move into my NEW house. So instead, I sit in my pajamas, in my rental house, and drink. When I should be packing.

  10. we’re at a foot plus here and it’s still coming down. ive been doing a lot of drinking and still haven’t showered yet today. productive.

  11. Yay for snow! In Minneapolis, there’s a lot. I love it. I love that we are snowed in and may be that way until Christmas. If we could use it as an excuse to stay home and not travel to visit family (I’m looking forward to the family part, not the travel part), I would love it even more!!

    Nice job shoveling. I felt really bad for our resident manager who has been shoveling for four days straight! I took her cookies, but I’m not sure if it was payment enough!!

  12. OMG, thank god for the liquor cabinet! And, for the record, I wish my pj’s looked like my two year old’s footed jammies because it is FRIGID! Enjoy the cabin fever!

  13. Can you believe this??? I thought I missed snow, being from Chicago, but this absotively sucks. It’s just not stopping!!! I ended up staying home on Friday, but there’s no way I can do that tomorrow! Ugh. I can’t find a street that gets me downtown that isn’t packed ice and a 35 degree angle … I have a feeling my funeral will be within a week …

  14. I have to admit I’m really happy I don’t live in Seattle anymore and that is a big reason. I do feel for all of my friends and family though. However, we did get snow in Vegas last week and that was crazy cuz it hadn’t snowed that hard since the 70’s! Good luck and stay safe!

  15. I love snow… alas, I live in south Florida! Drinking while in PJ’s with snow outside… sounds pretty darn good!

  16. We have a lot of snow too. I am very good at shoveling and, because I am a freak, I sometimes enjoy it. Except for when I am shoveling and it starts snowing again and accumulating where I just freakin’ shoveled! Gah! Ahem. We have a lot of snow.

  17. Dammit, I have chains installed, but no booze in the house. I think I need to get my winter priorities straight! 😉 Oh well, at least I actually get a snow day today, so I’m spending the day in my jammies baking cookies and watching movies.

  18. I was checking out the snow on top of my car: a good 3 inches, then a big old plate of ice and another 3 inches.

    If snow is like a penis.. Seattle is a porno right now. The news said 9 1/2 inches this morning and more to come. (cum?)

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