That’s A “Look”

My friend Jenny Two Times tested the bounds of my love for her yesterday when she posted a photo on Facebook. This photo:


You can understand why she might very well be cut out of the circle of trust, no? Hello! LOOK AT ME! Wait! Don’t! It might burn your eyeballs.

The comment section of this photo goes something like this:

Me: You want me to hurt you. I see that now. HA HA HA HA! I am amazed I had a boyfriend. THAT IS THE WORST HAIR STYLE IN THE HISTORY OF THE UNIVERSE OF HAIR.

Her: We were possibly drunk here :}

Me: Being drunk does not excuse my hair. I was sober (though grief-stricken) when I did that to my hair.

Tomato: HA. I threatened, and Jenny followed through!!!!!!!* It hurts how hard that perm makes me laugh.

Her: Oh there are more…do I dare post them????

Me: I swear if you post the crazy clown one of me I might disown you.**

Tomato: I think I need to hook up my scanner…

Me: It’s like you guys don’t love me.


Tomato: Oh it’s total love. Andrew thought something was wrong with me because I was laughing so hard.

I will admit that seeing that photo made me laugh until I cried. It’s just so hideous and ridiculous. It was a horrible time in my life. My father had just died. I went to get a body wave in my hair and the hair stylist (using that term lightly) used the smallest rollers on the face of the planet. When I questioned her about it, she shrugged it off saying it would loosen.


I basically wore a beanie on my head for weeks until I was able to get it professionally straightened. How there are photos of me with my hair actually showing is beyond me. But at least we can all laugh about it now.

* He actually did threaten to post perm photos on FB of me just last week. Jenny Two Times totally did his dirty work!

** And NO you cannot see the photo of me closely resembling a crazy clown.


44 thoughts on “That’s A “Look”

  1. I can’t stop laughing. That hair is just awesome…and yes, I had the same ‘do (although, I’m pretty sure that’s what I asked for, some sweet ass tight curls).

  2. I wish I had a photo of the time we crimped my mom’s VERY CURLY HAIR. It would make you feel WORLDS better about this hair do.

  3. Oh I love and hate when people do that! But what’s worse than the old pictures is when people un-tag themselves from them – maybe I have a stronger tolerance for self deprecation than my friends…

  4. This cracked me up! I’m in the middle of a love-hate relationship with Facebook right now. So many good things, some not so good effects.

  5. That hair is … awesome! All I can say is I’m very thankful the people who have old, awful pictures of me do not have scanners. Nor Facebook!

  6. My friends are so lucky my scanner is not cooperating with facebook. I’m okay with looking a fool as long as we all look ridiculous together. The 80’s-90’s were not cute for any of us!

  7. Oh my god, I totally had that VERY SAME STYLE (again using the term style loosely). It was 1988 and some terrible strain of the freaking-crazies made me believe “wash and wear” hair was all the rage.

    I’m so ashamed for you. (As only one with mutually bad hair can be.)

  8. The awful perm strikes again! My older sister got her hair cut and permed much like this. When she got home I didn’t recognize her and actually hid behind a couch crying when she tried to pick me up. Poor girl, as if she wasn’t scarred enough by the awful stylist she made her own little sister scared and hysterical.

  9. I have scary hair photos as well. Something to do with going to HS in the 80’s. You can’t kick them out of the circle of trust… they will post the clown photo for sure.

  10. But we really really want to see the clown photo!

    I have worse photos. I don’t think the late-80s were particularly kind to me.

    My scanner is broken. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

  11. How awesome are you that you posted this here? I love when people can laugh at their past self! I do it all the time! (at MYself, not at YOURself!)

  12. Ha! Thanks for sharing! I second tori – I love it when people can laugh at themselves.

    But I always wonder, why are people digging up old photos and scanning them and putting them on facebook? 😉

  13. Haha! Couldn’t stop laughing! I’m pretty sure we all have those photos somewhere lurking around. I know I do!

    Still though, you are just so adorable!

  14. Oh Sizzle. We all have evidence that we looked rediculous at one point or another in our lives. Well, except me. I don’t. nope. 🙂

  15. Hehe. I think I have too many stories of an awkward hair phase, but probably the one that really gets my family is when I had permed hair and sprayed up bangs like a wall.

  16. There are some crazy photos of me from college floating around on FB. I was just big poofy hair and a tiny little body. I looked like a friggin’ old school Strawberry Shortcake doll!!

  17. Um. What year was that? That gives an excuse. There were many things done in our youth that don’t need to be justified later… trust me. I think you have seen some of my bad past pix.

  18. Childhood friends on Facebook are the meanest ever! My best friend was just recently waving around a hideous white man’s overbite picture of me from high school, threatening to post it on Facebook.

    Kudos to you for embracing the embarrassment and posting the picture on your blog!

  19. I used to have the Joe Elliot (Def Leppard) mullet. The style looked great on a thirty something year old back in the 80s.

    Not so great, however, on a chubby 12 year old girl.

    There. Feel any better?

  20. aaahhhahaha! There should be a social networking rule: NO “ugly moment” friend photos without prior approval! It’s so unfair, especially when they KNOW the photo gods were NOT shining on you!

    Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  21. Don’t even TALK to me about hideous pictures. I spent my entire childhood wearing AWFUL gigantic coke bottle glasses, and every one of the pictures from those years need to be burned.

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