Everything Else Is Just Fluff

Last night on my way home from work, The Universe shifted.

Or maybe The Universe shifted long before that but the effects weren’t felt until RIGHT THEN. Either way today is going to be interesting. Because the day after any big moment is always one to pay attention to.

I am sorry to be vague but decorum requires it. Hopefully I will be able to find a way to explain soon. To distract you from your curiosity, I’ll tell you a story that my sister might very well disown me for sharing.

When Dokey and I were young she had a favorite blanket. I’m sure it had a name but I don’t recall that fact at this moment. She would carry that blanket around everywhere. After time it began to pill. Sometimes she would pluck at the little balls of fluff peppering the fabric.Β  She’d take the fluff between her fingers and softly rub it against her nose. Back and forth. Back and forth. Then, when no one was looking, she’d take that little fluff and pop it in her mouth.

Yes. My sister ate fluff.

We used to tell her, in an effort to deter her fluff feeding, that if she keep swallowing all those tiny balls of fluff eventually she would have a big ball of fluff in her belly. Scare tactic! Alas, I don’t think that worked as we had hoped.

That fluff, man, it’s some addictive stuff.

I never ate fluff, personally. Or boogers. Or coins. Or bugs. I didn’t even like eating over at other people’s houses because I thought they had cooties. I was a very . . . particular child. I am sure my Mom could tell you stories but too bad for you, she doesn’t have a blog.


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  1. I just realized that I’m going to see you in just about a week. And, that makes me very happy.

    And, it seems to me that she would need something to wash the fluff down with? The thought of it makes my throat dry.

  2. You are in so much trouble for sharing a sister story like that one. To join you in the fun, my sister used to suck her thumb with her blanket wrapped around the sucking hand and with the other hand she’d pull her hair. It got so bad my mom had to chop her hair off because she was practically bald on one side. Good thing it was 1981 and the Dorthy Hamill was in high style.

  3. Alright, I’m distracted. Hopefully we’ll hear more later. πŸ˜‰
    Little ones have some borderline disturbing self-soothing habits. I knew a girl when I was a kid who had destroyed her blankie down to a nub of fabric, but she would still suck her thumb and stroke her cheek with the nub.
    A little girl I babysat for suckled on her Grover doll’s nose.
    As for me, I chewed on Barbie’s feet and ate paper in the first grade. I think I chewed my hair too…I seem to vaguely recall a hairball conversation with my teacher and my mom. πŸ˜‰

  4. I don’t have a sister so anything I wrote about her would have to be made up. However, I’m pretty creative, so I’ll give a go.

    But not right now.

  5. Nice try, still curious. I hope that whatever shift took place, it is one in the right direction.

  6. i had a blankie and sucked my thumb for quite some time (when i was little!)… i remember wrapping, what shreads i had left, around my hand so i could smell it while my thumb was in my mouth… ah, those were the days – not a care in the world… but the day my mom threw it away, i was devastated… and then i had to get braces… 😦

    i hope the universe moved in a GOOD way… πŸ™‚

  7. I am not distracted, though the story is cute. I think I was one of those kids. Both my teddy bears are missing their noses.

  8. your 2009 intentions are working magic already πŸ™‚
    this is *fabulous news*

    and i get to see you in 7 days! WEEE! GLEEE!

  9. If the thing you can’t talk about is something you want to talk about, you know where to find me. I’m a pretty good listener. And while I can’t keep fun secrets (surprise parties, presents) worth crap, I’m good at keeping things private that need to be.

    My one daughter sucks on her hair when it is wet after her shower. It bugs me like crazy but I have stopped trying to get her to stop. It doesn’t work anyway. Maybe one day her sister will write a blog post about her (if blogs still exist when they are old enough!)

  10. Lately, on a number of occasions, I’ve found myself saying, “our lives are fluid.” The world around us is constantly changing. We often change, too. So, I guess we really shouldn’t be surprised when our worlds shift. Maybe we should be more surprised when they actually stand still.

  11. Don’t worry, we don’t have cooties…although we haven’t had our youngest checked for them, yet.

    Oh, and I just signed your mom up for a blog : )

  12. I ate a bug once when I was a kid. I was opposite of you, and I liked to try everything. One of my favorite things to pop in my mouth was the light switch on the sconce by the couch in the family room. I’d unscrew it, and pop it under my tongue as I watched t.v.

    Until one day when I went to put it back, and it wasn’t under my tongue anymore. I had swallowed it without even thinking about it! Mom asked me to please stop doing that from that point on. (We replaced the switch…I wasn’t allowed to touch it.)

  13. You almost need a private e-mail distribution list for those stories you can’t share publicly.

    I was never an “eater” either — nothing went in my mouth that wasn’t supposed to. My nephew used to stuff his teddy bear’s stuffing up his nose (when a seam broke) and it got so infected that it made him stink, which is how my sister realized that something was wrong in the first place.

  14. Since your mom doesn’t have a blog, I’ll make up a story about you…

    So when Siz was about 3 or 4, her mother used to drop her off at Mrs. Jakob’s house before work. There was another little brat there that Mrs. Jakob used to watch, too. When he saw Siz, he’d come over and give her a big hug. And then he’d bite her. Hard. Siz, however, was very shy, and never said anything until Mrs. Jakob saw this one day and, horrified, put a stop to it.

    Oh, that silly Siz.

  15. My younger brother used to stuff his blanky’s fluff up his nose. Every morning he’d come a-stumblin’ downstairs with yellow fuzz peeking out his nose-holes.

    Oh, how much trouble I’d be in if he read this. Heh.

  16. New job? Moving? Not a single tenant has had a single complaint in three days? It’s not raining?

    I will get to the bottom of this revelation, eventually.

  17. What’s with kids and blankies? I had a crocheted one that I took everywhere. I sucked my thumb and stuck the corner of the blanket up my nose constantly. It was just weird.

    Interested in details but won’t push.

  18. I still have a blankie that I take with me everywhere (except work…well I have a piece of said blankie that’s pocket sized for very stressful moments at work), so I am completely there with your sister!

  19. In order to distract myself from wanting to know more about your Universe shifting I will share the following story about my sister:

    When we went out she would always crawl under the table……and eat ALL the gum she would find. Even the pieces that were already pretty hard and the ones that were still soft and spitty. We tried to tell her it would collect in her stomach but to her it was too damn tasty.

    It is interesting that now as an adult she doesn’t chew gum.

  20. hahaha, oh yes, fluff is addicting πŸ˜‰

    As for the universe shifting, hope it was a shift in the right direction and 2009 is shaping up to be better than the end of 2008…

  21. Like Marie up there, I ate paper as a kid, too. Except I liked it. I still get a craving once a decade or so, but I resist it.

    And, of course, I’m curious to know what the shift is about!

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