What I CAN Tell You

Remember how on Friday I mentioned that the Universe had shifted? Yeah. . . About that.

I wish I could give you all the gory details but I just can’t. I won’t and I can’t. When it comes to talking about work, it’s best to be vague. What I can tell you is that for about 6 months my entire department has been trying in vain to get on board with a new regime. It’s been a real struggle and not just because we’re a bunch of opinionated, hard working, kick ass women. For the first 3 months we tried the “she’s just new and needs time to adjust” excuse. In month four, our enthusiasm for making an effort dipped dramatically because seriously, what is wrong with this picture?! And why on earth am I being asked to read a poem at the start of a business meeting?! By the fifth month, we were starting to look for work elsewhere. It was getting that intolerable. By the sixth month, being driven to drinking copious amounts of liquor in our off hours, we were given a reprieve. As of last week, the “problem” is no longer a problem. Now we have an interim director whom we all know and trust who is fully capable of voicing an opinion when asked for feedback because OMG she actually HAS an opinion. We have someone we know will help us brainstorm, will have ideas, will support us in our endeavors to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars. Because to those of you not in fundraising, let me tell you, that is no easy feat.

I don’t mean to gloat in the wake of someone else’s sadness. She really is a very nice woman. But nice doesn’t equal a good leader. And sometimes hard choices have to be made for the collective good.

I could have written a scathing post about the nuances that drove me nuts but I’m trying (and possibly failing) at being somewhat diplomatic. How’d I do?


delurking2009-copyI heard through Aimee over at Greeblemonkey (who designed the logo) that today is Delurking Day and I thought, what the hell!, let’s just throw this out there in case anyone might feel inspired to comment when usually they wouldn’t. I know there are a lot more people who read Sizzle Says than who comment and that’s okay. I appreciate you stopping by to read my drivel just the same. BUT if you feel so inclined, I’d love to hear from you. You and your comment matter.Β  Besides, it’s Monday- do something to spice it up!


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  1. Well, I’ve already delurked before but am commenting again. I’m so glad that work is going to be much more tolerable now. Yay for the small things!

  2. Delurking to say hi! Ok, not really. Poem at the start of a meeting… good lord. It is just not possible to fundraise without a strong leader. It’s hard to imagine that your place had such a odd bird.

  3. Oh yay! Now can they please come and do the same for my dumbass manager? See I can say this stuff on your blog. πŸ™‚ Enjoy what it feels like to booze up by choice and not for survival. I hear it’s pretty nice.

  4. You can love your job more than life itself – but if you don’t have a good leader, it’s a STRUGGLE.

    Which is exactly why I’m moving on from my current position. Loved my job, can’t handle my boss.

  5. Delurking! Because you know, I’m such a lurker. The poem at start of a meeting? Totally inappropriate! Glad things are shifting for the better.

  6. Delurking, even though I should comment every day since I read every day. Commenting went out the window when the baby came along, it seems. Anyway, I’m glad to hear that things are getting better at work; it always makes a big difference in quality of live, at least for me.

  7. I’m pretty sure I worked for that woman back in the ’80s. Or maybe her mom.

    Nothing ruins a good job like a bad boss. Happily, I currently have the two best bosses EVER.

  8. Is it wrong that I’m a little curious as to what poem she made you read? πŸ™‚

    SO happy to hear that things are better and that you have a good, competent boss now. No matter how much you love WHAT you do, who you work for makes all the difference in the world. xo

  9. um, hi, i’m a lurker. i feel kinda dirty about it now that I know there’s a name. shame on me. dirty lurker….

    oh well. thanks for the great posts. u make my day! πŸ™‚

  10. Yay for stuff going your way, just for a change. I hope this is a good omen for ’09.
    I’m spicing it up by commenting WITHOUT a glass of wine in my hand! (Are you shocked??)
    Okay, it’s a tad early for wine yet, but I figured you’d get a giggle out of that πŸ˜‰

  11. I’m not a lurker, but I’ll say hi anyway. I am happy that it is happy change that is coming. All too often change to me equals “bad”. It’s nice to hear when change is good.

  12. Kind of delurking! I found your blog a couple of years ago, Sizz, and have been a regular reader ever since. When I first left a comment, you emailed me personally and it felt like I’d been written to by a rock star. Which of course, I had. Anyways, it cheered me right up and, well, you’re marvellous. Oh god, most English reserved comment ever. I appear to have turned into Hugh Grant.

  13. Very diplomatic post. I am happy for you and your team that you found someone more compatible.

    I worked with a woman (not my boss though) who behaved as though she had never worked in an office before. She was in her late 40s, but didn’t know how to work basic office equipment. In any case, it is really hard to get fired from where I work, so for MONTHS I would help her do things like make copies or do mail merges. She was a sweet lady, but the day she was fired I felt the tension leave my shoulders.

  14. I wholeheartedly agree – nice does NOT equal good leadership. I have worked with and for some of the BEST all-around people but they stunk as management… and mostly because they were too nice to be effective. You need someone with perspective and someone who can be friendly and cordial without being your BFF. That is just about the only thing wrong with my job… my boss is BFF with the Problem Child of our department so PC runs rampant. All of us have spoken up about it, but Boss doesn’t feel comfortable addressing PC (presumably, because nothing ever changes). Happy de-lurking day!

  15. ::delurk delurk delurk:: You rocked the politics in the office and on your blog, dear one. Glad you now have a clear path to productivity.

    As for me? Not so restrained, but no blog to out me either. I am now prepping answers to the world’s most cliched questions in advance of a strategy retreat from my new boss: “Who would you most like to have dinner with and why?” “What kind of animal would you be and why?” “10-word quote on life.” ::snoooooooort::

  16. You did well. I avoid blogging *anything* about work these days since a friend took the time to point out that my blog isn’t really awfully hard to find by co-workers & management πŸ˜‰

  17. I never ever comment here. πŸ˜‰
    It’s always a good sign when the upper tier see the problems with managers and take action to make it better.

  18. I’m glad you got that reprieve, but even at the expense of someone else’s sadness… I worked for a woman who was so nuts that 5 out of 7 people on her team were on anti-depressants just to be able to deal with coming to work… it was that unpleasant to have to put up with her.
    I hope things improve for you, I started reading your blog a few months ago, and I’ve noticed a lot of unhappy lately. Here’s hoping things are on the upswing. πŸ˜€

  19. When I was working in the non-profit sector we had a similar situation with a director who was fine, but, well: not fine! Which you already completely understand so I’ll just say: yay! And also: you were very diplomatic, and also: FRIDAY!

  20. I love reading your posts. My favorite was the love/snow analogy.

    I’m with you on the new regime. Our company went to a “new world order” about a year ago…I’m still adjusting. Ugh.

  21. Ok, but how do we all feel about someone bringing their recently acquired box of thin mints to a meeting? That’s ok, isn’t it? Because I plan to do it tomorrow, dammit. Hopefully, it’ll be more widely accepted than the poem-reading thinger. (To which I say, WTF???)

  22. You know Sizz, asking complete strangers to “do something to Spice it up” is an invitation to … well, no telling what.

    Hope things don’t get too spicy here.


  23. Love your voice and love hearing about my beloved city now that we’ve moved away. Why is it that bloggers in your most-loved cities are always the people you’re like, “why didn’t I know this person when I was THERE, dammit?!” about? If/when we move back, I can’t promise I won’t hit you up for coffee like the silly fangirl that I am. πŸ˜‰

  24. Love reading your posts! Was once forced to read out loud from “Who Moved My Cheese” during a staff meeting, and I peed myself a little from trying not to laugh. Poetry, though? There should be a law against that.

  25. I remember when I used to work for someone else that we had a “regime change” like that. I forced the other person to quit after pranking them so mercilessly that they couldn’t even function. Now that was fun.

  26. Grrrr there’s always someone in the office that for some reason or another, just drives everyone insane! Glad the office karma has been restored!

  27. i thought that may have been the case … call it fundraisers’ intuition! my friend at my old job is going through something similar … a new director who has definitely brought new life to the organization … and i am experiencing it at my new job, too, just working with new people. it’s great to feel supported, especially when our job is so stressful and you can sometimes feel like the weight of the world is your’s alone.

  28. New Directorship isn’t always a good thing is it? They just employed a ‘hatchet’ man at our site in the UK and within 4 months me and another 103 people will be redundant because he wants to move our operations closer to his family home!

  29. Good news about the job. As hard as it is to be happy about someone else’s loss (like her job) some people just aren’t cut out to lead.

    Our company has someone that’s kinda frew frew like that… with the poem and stuff. I remember one meeting where we were asked to share one good thing and one bac thing about our day. Um… just get the damn meeting over with so I can get back to life!! LOL

  30. I think you did a very good job of explaining the work situation vaugely enough to keep it real but also keep it safe. The leader who isn’t a leader is always a hard hard road.
    Hopefully, this means good things for your headspace about work in the very least.

    Also, poetry to start a meeting? I went to Evergreen and I would even cringe at that one. Ugh.

  31. Good things come to those who wait! Some people may not have been as tolerant and would have left a long time ago but you stuck it out. Kudos to you!

    And yes you did a wonderful job of being diplomatic!

  32. mmmkay. having dealt myself with bosses that are great people but sucky at management, i know where you’re coming from. and if you were even HALF as screamingly frustrated as i was when i worked for that person, then i think you did a very good job of being diplomatic in your blog post. i was so incredibly frustrated that i stopped blogging for months out of fear that i would end up blogging ten pages about the idiocy of my supervisor.

  33. i’m delurking…and a day late too (oops).

    i’ve read your blog for about a year and a half now, not really sure how i stumbled on to it. as a fellow seattleite, i love hearing your stories in and around the city (especially restaurant recommendations!). thanks for the great posts – you always make me smile and give me something to think about.

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